Friday, June 15, 2012


"It was my silence that has brought us here.

It was your silence too.

It is our silence that has made this land groan under our feet.

We are the cause Malaysia suffers.

We are the reason our rich and poor divide widens.

We are the reason we practice a civilised, governmentally endorsed racism."

WHAT does it mean to be Malaysian?

For CW Vong, it was growing up listening to tales of corruption and racism.

But does the recent rise of civil society movements signal times are changing – as are the people?




Malaysia Baru1 said...

Father of Corruption, Cronyism, Nepotism, & Decadence……..

Mahathir’s UMNO-BN 22 years of dictatorial, tyrannical & oppressive reign of evil regime was widely known and well-documented as the era of excessive opulence and extravagant decadence.

This era of rampant and endemic corruption resulted in the pervasive-evil system whereby government servants comprising of ministers in the cabinet, top and high-ranking Govt. officials and the evasive UMNO warlords and cronies, in the 2mil. civil service Govt. employees, are simultaneously and covertly holding outright positions in the corporate world as directors, in public-listed companies and other related businesses, when they have NO BLOODY business to be involved in, as per their contract in the government service.

The shocking revelation is that all their family members and relatives are appointed as nominees and directors in the aforementioned businesses.

To complicate matters and permeate the problem more complicitly, is the involvement of the royalty and monarchs and sultans in businesses in the corporate world.

The evil business of largesse and patronage unforgivably breeds nothing but contempt and disgust from the Rakyat.

So the logical and rational thing to do when Pakatan Rakyat takes over the helm of governing the country, the first priority is to nationalize all the criminal acts and illegal wrong-doings by the UMNO-BN elites.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Mahathir who put Anwar behind bar for conviction later overturned by courts on appeal, is actually afraid of being jailed should Pakatan come to power. It makes good studies of the psychology of a criminal mind.

nstman said...

damn good article, Zorro.

Anonymous said...


Malaysia Baru1 said...

Tindak Malaysia - Towards a 2-Party State System and A Fairer Deal for All.

Then again it's almost common knowledge that illegal immigrants from India and Indonesia in particular, are granted citizenships within 6 months - 2 years coming into the country! (Now your Great Grandparents from China who have been here for umpteenth years are still red I.C holders!) with the criteria that they convert to Islam and be Umno members.

This is to ensure that the Umno-led BN Govt. have sufficient votes to overcome the ever-increasing new generation of dissenting, disiilusioned & discontented, highly educated & knowledgeble newly registered voters for the next G.E. due in 2013 or earlier!

How many 50 years in a man's life span?

What 1Malaysia? You think Tunku's time NO 1Malaysia? Merely Slogans & lip-service only lah! Najib is forced to REFORM becoz' like he admitted, "it'll be political-suicide NOT to REFORM!"

So Govt. of the day (Servants), NO choice but to LISTEN & WORK for the tax-payers! (Masters) i.e. if they still appreciate & remember who are paying their salaries & elected them to their posts in the Govt.! Kata Tak Nak kepada BN! (Barisan NAJIS! Barisan NERAKA!)

If it's TRULY 1Malaysia, I would like to ask the Honourable PM Najib, "Can a Non-Malay be the PM of Malaysia one fine day? That is THE question everyone should be asking, IF you are so Damn Proud to be a citizen of this Country?

In my lifetime, I may not get to live to see a non-Malay PM, but for my children's generation they could all live to see a Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, Bajau, Kadazan, etc gets elected by the People to be PM of MY!

Now, this is truly democracy as enshrined in the Constitution, truly 1MY! Thank GOD! Bless you Good People!

For this historical event to take place, we as responsible, law-abiding citizens, must make a wise decision to vote for a corruption-free Govt - PR Govt.

The PR Govt cabinet line-up comprises of the PM (PKR) , 4 Deputy PM's - respectively 1 each from PKR, DAP, PAS, Sabah SUPP.
When the new Govt of the day is set in motion, then it will naturally evolve & a non-Malay PM will take his rightful place!

On the other hand, if UMNO-led BN Govt were to desperately clings on to power, then change will Never Ever happen in 1000 years! Malaysial!

Anonymous said...

Thieves Galore. There is a story about a farmer and his wife. They had a farm and there was a huge lake in front of their home. They will sit and enjoy the fresh air and the sunset everyday.
One day the wife noticed a waterlily growing in the pond. it looked so lovely she said and the farmer agreed. The next day there was 2 and the next day there were 4 and after some days there were a bunch of them. WHile the lilies were colorful the wife was concerned and said that they should cut the lilies. The husband said ok...will do it tomorrow..when tomorrow came the wife was worried and told the husband you must start to clear the lilies. The husband took a look and saw that there was more than half was still clear water..ok we will cut the lilies tomorrow..
So the farmer prepared his boat and his equipment...well when tomorrow came the farmer saw that the whole lake has been filled with lilies, there was no water left....
Are we in the same state? Is it too late for our country too? What will happen tomorrow