Sunday, June 10, 2012


12-year-old Mongolian boy singing "Mother in the Dream"

A 12-year-old Mongolian boy- Uudam (乌达木 Wudamu in Chinese) who lost his parents at the age of 8 in a road accident singing the song-"Mother in the Dream" (梦中的额吉) to his mother in heaven. He seldom talks about his story but when he misses his mother, he will sing this song. Besides, he always dreams about his mother, sitting beside him.

The song is in Mongolian, therefore, not everyone can understand the lyrics. However, his singing touched the judges and audience in the hall. He sang out all his love and thoughs to his mother.

A touching song, performed by a boy who got a sad story behind, a voice comes from far Mongolia sending his though to his mother in heaven. A great performance by a 12-year-old boy! He got an interesting and beautiful dream which is to invent a kind of ink that just need a drop to drop on the ground, the whole world will cover with green grass. One more thing to add, his mother had wished to see him singing on the stage when she was alive.

the translation of lyrics as below:

In the stillness among the vast lands

I dream of Mother praying for me

She looks afar and gives precious milk to the heavens

As offering for my well-being

My Mother, so far away.

Stars twinkle above the grasslands while

In my dream I see Mother's caring face

As she prays to the heavens to wish me godspeed My Mother, so far away.

In my dream I see Home basking in golden sunbeam

While Mother softly sings an enchanting melody

There in the grasslands lies my everlasting home

My dearest Mother, wait for my return.

My dearest Mother, wait for my return.


Anonymous said...

So touching. Tks Zorro.

cin2tan said...

HOW do Tuya's kids & siblings react when they watch this video !!??

Anonymous said...

This song remind us of Altantuya , dont we ??

Ah Jib.

cin2tan said...

Use this for PR's election campaign !!

wandererAUS said...

Who will cry for FAT MAMA?
Mother of all evils!

najib manaukau said...

A most touching song it is !

Zaid said...

Uncle Zorro,
Nice song, need a break from politics and economics. It is the emotional angle which is sorely missed in this world today

wandererAUS said...

Yes to those who still having a mother...treasure her! A lot of children today, take things for granted. You never know how dear your mother is to you until you have lost her.

Jong said...

I like to dedicate this song to #1Malaysia PM and his Fat LOM to remind them of the gruesome murder of Altantuya Shaariibu; her death deprived two Mongolian boys of their beloved mother.

cin2tan said...

Simply cant stop my TEARS apabila watching it again & again ...SIGHS !

Rise Yatim said...

RTM should show this video!

Anonymous said...

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