Saturday, June 23, 2012


I don’t get angry often but mildly annoyed mostly. But I do hit the roof occasionally when educators, more so school principals, Mdm Chong Chew Yoong being the most recent, can stoop so low as to administer a draconian judgment over her mini-skirted student, or inevitably blow my top when I gathered that this principal in 2011 was Vice Principal of an illustrious school I had the opportunity to teach in, St Francis Institution, Melaka!

How long in SFI I am not sure. If she was long enough, she evidently was not imbued with the spirit of the Franciscan values. If she was parachuted into SFI in view of leapfrogging into the Methodist Girls Secondary School, it does say a lot of her recent suspending of one of her students Stephanie Tan, a Leo Club President, from classes between June 18 and 25 after she was alleged to have smeared the school’s reputation following her “indecent” attire incident in March by wearing a mini-skirt.

Off-handedly I would tar Mdm Chong as a PRUDE. It intrigues me how far she has come, or how far she has left to go in her pornified thinking! Would she see ruffled miniskirts, hot-pants, low-rise jeans and thongs as dirty? Does Chong see miniskirts as an invitation to rape or is it just her puritanical stance to promote her own inexplicable sense of how a school principal should administer! Does she see porno in every aspect of her charges’ lives? At a click porn sites jump out of our computer screens. Strangely in America, rape has declined 85% in the past twenty-five years and Slate reported that, if anything, porn has led to a decrease in violent crime! Of course prim (did I say proper?) Chong cannot digest this!

This invariably brings to mind the late screen siren Marlene Dietrich who volunteered that “In America sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it is a fact.” Not far from the truth is also John Irving (The Cider House Rules) proclamation “If pride is a sin ... moral pride is the greatest sin.” And wasn’t it Friedrich Schlegel who declared that Prudishness is pretense of innocence without innocence. Women have to remain prudish as long as men are sentimental, dense, and evil enough to demand of them eternal innocence and lack of education. Innocence is the only thing that can ennoble lack of education.

I would without any hesitation pin Mdm Chong as a person who affects or shows an excessively modest, prim or puritanical Taliban attitude, especially regarding attire and sex.

Every harlot was a virgin once, so what is wrong with that?

If you are as innocent as a dove you will harm no one, but if wise as a serpent no one will harm you! She thus reminds me of the hungry hen who sees every opportunity to be in a padi silo coveting in the fact that her job is safe if she upholds the morals of one recent government bozo who said that schoolgirls should wear thicker cotton blouses to ensure that their bras cannot be seen! Dang, if you don’t stare you will not see their bras!

Madame Chong, you will have to take unrecorded leave without pay because where I am sending you is not a government correctional institute – THE FART ROOM

currently superbly supervised by the nude Madam Mem-geesok-mem. Be warned that you do not make reference to her nudity or body mass as she takes great pleasure in sitting on (the face of) any recalcitrant inmate, school principal or otherwise.


anzani said...

Having been an educator myself I take umbrance at this principal's action which has caused untold emotional damage to an innocent girl over the so-called "mini-skirt" issue. Obviously I sense there is something more than meets the eye. Was the principal really trying to enforce a dress code? If she was then why pick on just a mini-skirt. Why doesn't she wage a war against short pants/hotpants, tight jeans, flimsy baju kurung, etc etc. This principal should be re-educated on the maxim "beauty lies in the eye of the beholder", similarly for a lecher even a lamp post with a sarong around it will be an object of sexual fantasy.

najib manaukau said...

Take one look at this educator and you would understand why. She is envious of anyone wearing a mini skirt or anything that appeals to men. Simply because she has no appeal at all and she just wants the whole world to be like her.
Instead of sending to the fart room she should be sent to a cosmetic surgeon for a complete change over. If there is anyone that needs a complete make over she is an excellent example.
If she needs one badly send her to me I would have one provided for her free.

baDBoyzs said...

This is another solid example of a so called "overzealous"/"put on" Islamic/religious bigot trying to score big points with the powers that be aka Perkasa/Ridhuan Tee/Zulkifli Nordin, in line with his/her devious ulterior motive not related to his/her religious "beliefs" (or lack thereof).

Its all the same, from Afghnistan, Pakistan, Uberkistan Khazasthan,Libya, Egypt, Syria to 1Malaysia

What else is new ? Just get rid of them one by one(like terrible lice) when the time comes

passion1 said...

Uncle Zorro, she is not the only principal who acted as such.
When my daughter was in secondary school, she came home one day, crying, because her principal told her not to wear her uniform, because it was one inch too short.
She had to skip school for 2 days, because mother had not bought her new skirts.
Question was, as an educator, why must they apply the 'FEAR' factor instead of being more CARING ?

Karen Lee said...

I beg to differ on this issue. To be a good leader doesn't mean getting a string of As and you can do what you want.

When you are representing your school at a function, the way you behave, your mannerism, attire etc reflects the identity of the school.

If you are at a formal function, then by all means, dress appropriately. All the more since you have been told and advised to do so.

Imagine if you are to attend a black tie event for your company and you come in jeans...... What kind of impression will you be giving to your bosses and customers?

Similarly, what Stephanie has done was to show that she was able to defy the authority and if we were to condone such behaviour, like her parents did, then sadly, w have missed an opportunity to teach her the meaning of respecting others and her school.

Or perhaps she has just washed her one and only black pants and thus had to use her mini skirt....

salahuddin said...

Berdasarkan apa yang saya baca melalui akhbar... saya bersetuju dengan tindakan yang telah diambil oleh Pengetua ini. Ini kerana pihak sekolah telah memperingatkan kepada pelajar ini tentang apa yang sepatutnya dipakai pada majlis tersebut terutamanya sebagai WAKIL SEKOLAH. Kegagalan pelajar ini mematuhi apa yang telah diarahkan bagi saya adalah sesuatu yang DISENGAJAKAN dengan tujuan mencabar pihak sekolah. Perkara in memang tidak boleh dibiarkan kerana ianya akan menjadisatu contoh yang tidak baik dalam memastikan masalah disiplin di sekolah terkawal. Kita sepatutnya menyokong Pengetua sebegini bagi memastikan masalah disiplin di sekolah terkawal. Percayalah, pihak Pengetua sebenarnya berat hati untuk menjatuhkan hukuman sebegini tetapi demi kepentingan semua pelajar, beliau perlu mengambil tindakan sedemikian. Cuba kita sama-sama faham apa yang sebenarnya berlaku dan kalau dapat.. Tuan sebagai orang Melaka boleh mengambil sedikit masa untuk berhubung dengan pengetua ini untuk mendapatkan cerita sebenar. Jangan terlampau cepat memberi reaksi yang kadangkala menimbulkan suasana yang tidak tenteram kepada golongan pendidik.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is amazing .... rampant corruption ... ok. Miniskirt ... not ok

bruno said...

Is this skinny and beautiful lady actually the toady faced Madame Chong.Hahaha.

bruno said...

Zorro,has anyone heard from Brig. Gen Arshad yet.It has been a long time since his last article been posted.Hope everything is fine on his end.

Anonymous said...

Not a gentleman of you to criticize the female principal this way. She has her own opinion & it's only fair for us to respect her as the principal & head of the school for the decision she had made. Although her decision is different with yours, it doesn't mean you can stoop so low to publish her face & then make all sorts of criticism a gentleman would 'never ever' do. What more I believe you're quite a senior person now & I wonder where had all those wisdom gone in you? "Big Shame on you"!!! Pls. kindly show us some gentleman ethics in you, possible???

The issue might be a shame but what you don't realize is that your article condemning the principal is even a bigger shame. One may excuse you if you're just a naive schoolboy writing this but to see this from a man like you would mean a big shame to your kids & grandchildren.

Time to instill some gentleman kindness in you before it's too late.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

There's always more to a story than what we read being reported by the media. Being fair and objective is to judge the facts.
Fact 1: Basic school rules since Merdeka until today is that students are not allowed to wear fashionable clothes (mini skirt included). Its school uniform, sports attire or formal conservative "office" wear for formal functions. (That goes for civil servants too)
Fact 2: Students must obey school rules. Its basic training, educating young citizens to obey and respect standing rules.
Fact 3: Students who fail or refuse to obey rules must learn to accept consequences.
Fact 4: The principal did her duty within her means and responsibility.
While the principal may seem hash, we do not know the other minor facts that had lead her to such a judgement as it had not been reported.
So judging the principal based of our personal values, assumptions and speculations would be unfair and irrational.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zoro, I think I have to disagree with you on this one...maybe you should talk to the principal directly to get her point of view and talk to the student..


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Malaysia !

We waste precious time & scarce resources to solve miniscule "problems", while the country rots from inside out ! Check out the facts & figures from outsiders !

Therein lies the real fundamental problem,Islam da religion has become the forced pillar of Malaysian lives. Look at the mess in Egypt, Afghanistan,Libya, Syria~ all Islamic countries.

There is no escape, unless Malaysia evolves into a Turkey, NO ?

Not easy, Zorro not easy at all

sad realist from Kelana Jaya

Anonymous said...

Must be from a certain political party to become the schoolong and behave like that.

wonder why said...

She has never wore a mini skirt, during her student days, that's why she was jelous.An old fashion,lady trying to bring back the old memories during her student days. Sour grapes.

Anonymous said...


... 在马来西亚,原来我们人民穿黄衣是“犯法”的!


他因为在阿Jib Gor今午到马来亚大学与华青对话,因为身穿净选盟黄衣出席活动,结果在对话开始前就遭到警方逮捕!


elizabeth said...

One cannot have the cake and eat it too... when they enrol to the school they are aware of the code of conduct etc. They chose the school for its academic excellence. Same for MCKL. If u want to wear mini skirts and dresses that reveal more than it covers, go enrol in many other colleges. I wonder if stephanie had deliberately went against school orders. This is defiance and cannot be tolerated.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who are these holier-than-thou so-called 'Guardians of Morality'? If we condone such draconian action then we may as well praise the Taliban because I'm sure they have similar school regulations on dress codes. To these puritanical prudes incarnated from witch hunting Salem, I say, "Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone".

Antares said...

Chong Chew Yoong is the one who deserves our sympathy. She comes across as a cold-blooded, humorless, joyless, pedantic, prudish drudge of a terminally faulty robot running obsolete software. She belongs in the 19th century - not the 21st. I can only conclude that she suffers from deeply ingrained sexual guilt and that's why the thought of any student showing a bit of leg horrifies her. She belongs to the category of close-minded traditionalists who stand in the way of human dignity, freedom, openness and maturity. I wish her and her ilk a speedy extinction.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a personal grudge against this principal? You sound so, calling her a Taliban and what not. You think you speak for everyone? If you think her punishment was harsh, so is your labeling. One of these days someone is going to sue your sorry arse. Please change your blog to Fart blog or sth and don't taint Zorro's noble cause by abusing it.

zorro said...

Anon1239pm....sorry lah, this old fart is beyond change. I am close to 7 million hits and it is too late. But you can change if you want....go read blogs on how to make cream puffs. That is less aggravating I assure you....or a more challenging read: a cesarean section on fire ants.

Concerned Mum said...

Zorro, I disagree with you. I agree with what Ms Karen Lee says.

zorro said...

Concerned Mum, of course it is your right to agree with Karen Lee. I am not infallible and capable of making misjudgments and mis-steps.

zorro said...

Concerned Mum, it is OK if you disagree with me. I cant force you to be right, can I?

malchindian said...

I feel there is more to this than meets the eye.
My guess is some parent(s)/student(s) of influence and clout breathed down the principal's neck to act on Stephanie. This sort of petty needling happens all the time in schools and govt offices, yes?