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A SULTAN IN WAITING accuses civil society of being uncivil and that it’s been a take and take for 50 years. Nazrin sounds like the civil society is asking too much for justice. But is asking too much for justice uncivil? What is there to give for righting the wrong?' This take and take is OK when UMNO took back Perak courtesy of……..

It is our advice that the less you make your thoughts public the less spanking you will receive from civil society. This advice is given GRATIS!

Bet you his audience was affable and kissed his hands after being lectured….but not these readers from Malaysiakini:

Kingfisher: Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah's erudite lecture is much appreciated for the concern he demonstrates for the well-being of the nation.

Perhaps he should be alerted, considering his relative youth to some of us who are twice his age, that Malaysians have exercised commendable civil obedience for the last half a century since Independence.

The consequence, by and large, is that conditions for the discontentment of the general population has become widespread and people are now aware that they are discontented and are aware also of the reasons for their discontentment.

The diffusion of information in the last decade has exposed the lamentable flaws in governance and the spontaneous expression of dissent against bad governance is an attempt by well-meaning ‘nationalists' to persuade the wrongdoers to a path of righteousness.

Obviously, there are a few bad elements in the fringe who want to exploit and create confusion and trouble, but the majority of dissenters are well-meaning ordinary citizens.

Anonymous #36465711: "Civil society is rapidly becoming uncivil, and the spirit of give and take is being replaced with the spirit of take and take" sounds like the civil society is asking too much for justice.

Is asking too much for justice uncivil? What is there to give for righting the wrong?

Pemerhati: Most of the royalty in Malaysia are beholden to BN because they have done something wrong and could be punished by the authorities or they want some favours or negotiated contracts and make some easy millions.

We know of a sultan who lost several millions at a casino overseas and was bailed out by the BN government.

We also have read of the problems of a hospital contract given to the close relation of the sultan of another state. This sultan now makes statements which are somewhat critical of Pakatan Rakyat and are designed to make PM Najib Razak happy.

Now Nazrin seems to be going all out to endear himself to Najib. It could be because he is eyeing some very big negotiated contracts for Gamuda, in which his family has a big stake, and hoping for Najib's help in ensuring the normal succession plan is not followed and thus he becomes the next sultan.

Het: If the civil society has indeed become uncivil, it was probably due to the failure of the other institutions such as the government, the judiciary, the police, the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and others that should act and be seen to act neutrally.

Tan Kim Keong: Raja Nazrin is absolutely right when he said, "Ordinary citizens must not be swayed by false promises and character assassinations," and called for Malaysians to be discerning in politics, and not to be affected by half-truths.

He asking us to get rid of Umno and its cohorts in BN for all the double speak, character assassinations and lies perpetuated by them. Thank you, Raja Nazrin, for the insight.

Anonymous #18452573: Raja Nazrin, many years ago, we saw you as the ray of hope within the royalty.

While many may not see a reason for the concept of royalty in this modern day and age where civil governments and societies treat all citizens as equals and not by their birthright, we Malaysians have stood by the concept of the constitutional monarchy and the symbolism of our Malay traditions.

But when you question the very citizens who are still trying to stand by you, you are changing their minds.

When a leader does not criticise corruption, cronyism, nepotism and racism, but instead goes after the common man's fight for equal, fair and clean elections, then we have the right to question and doubt the leaders' motives.

Swipenter: I did not hear Nazrin saying who, how and why we have become a polarised society. Instead, I heard him loud and clear that "civil society is rapidly becoming uncivil, and the spirit of give and take is being replaced by the spirit of take and take."

Well, the spirit of give and take has been long replaced with the spirit of take and take since the 1980s by Umno. Anyone having a different perspective from Umno is "uncivil" even though their aims are universal and noble.

What is so uncivil about seeking the ideals of freedom, fairness and justice?

The privileged and elitist class always talk of freedom with responsibility or within limits. What are they really saying?

As long as you don't challenge them or rock their status quo, then you are practising the spirit of give and take and spirit of moderation. Otherwise, you are up to no good.

Compass: Does give and take mean allow Umno to commit corruption and cronyism in return for them agreeing to use indelible ink during national elections?

P Dev Anand Pillai: Dear Raja Nazrin, you are supposed to be a scholar and a PhD holder. If society is pushed to the edge, what do you expect them to do?

If you talk about give and take, what happens if there is nothing but taking, which has been happening for the past 55 years, and not much of giving?

How is there so many Indians born and bred here and not having set foot out of this country still being denied a right to citizenship but are only courted for votes every five years once?

If this is still happening after 55 years of Independence, what would you expect civil society groups to do? Just accept it?

It would have been better if you had said that we have to chart a new course towards equality for all Malaysians and right the wrongs which have been allowed to fester all this while.

Abasir: Half-truths, Nazrin? Let's see now:

1. Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered by two fellows from Najib's security detail and no one in the police and judiciary questioned their motive. Have you heard of 'mens rea' Nazrin? Maybe you should ask around the palace but then again, you may not get an answer.

2. Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's husband gets a juicy RM250 million contract despite not having done anything even remotely connected to animal farming. And no connection between her position in Umno and government and the contract?

3. The wholesale registration of foreigners in the electoral rolls and not a whiff of treason? Do you care to reveal the full truth which you obviously know? We are waiting.

Slumdog: Unless I am deaf and blind, I don't ever recall hearing or reading that you or other members of the Malaysian monarchy speaking out against the massive corruption, lies and other despicable actions perpetrated by government ministers, their cronies and heads of government departments.

Joker: The government and the royalty have been too used to a compliant and ignorant populace. To them, blind loyalty and subservient to the authorities are the status quo and the 'centre' position.

When the populace no longer wants to be treated as fools and sheep, we began to rise up and assert for what rightfully belong to us, such as freedom of expression, freedom to assemble, freedom to access information and to have free and fair elections.

The ruling parties are so used to having awe-struck populace that this moderate demand by the populace are seen as militant and uncivil. The concept of take-and-take have actually been practiced by the ruling coalition and their cronies.

For what has the populace taken? We have only taken a step forward to demand what should have been ours anyway.

The royals are already in a privileged state, they must be aware that theirs is not the 'middle ground' or status quo and the people, who worked hard to eke out a living, are not beholden to the government.

Cantabrigian: Malaysians to exercise "moderation"? Yes, bidding RM520,000 for a piece of plastic with WWW1 written on it is indeed moderation, right?


shithappens said...

hi uncle z

i've shared this post on my g+ if u dun mind....lemme know if its ok...if not i'll remove it....thanks

Anonymous said...

You MAY still have a chance to vote in GE13 if it is held in September! Register2vote THIS WKND (16-17 June) & NEXT WKND (23-24 June) @ The Waterfront, Desa Parkcity, KL, 10am-9pm (Enquiries: 012-3835523, 019-3666808).

najib manaukau said...

Have you not noticed that these royals and the morons from Umno suddenly have become very proactive and vocal of late ?
Any fool would know they are hoping to show to Najjib that they are very service minded and may I say very pro Najib just so to be given a chance to be nominated as a coming GE's candidate by Najib and most of all be in a 'safe' seat.
This is so that they will at least get the salary and the privileges of being a member of parliament whatever the outcome is. As for the Raja he must also shows that he is not getting his royal allowances for doing nothing.
Just look at the foreign minister and KJ they are only a few good examples of what I mean. Whatever they do one thing they all forgot is Umno not going to get reelected, their days are numbered for sure !

Jong said...

Makes me wonder - Are Malaysian royalties against the Rakayat other than those holding power in UMNO? Yesterday Nazrin Shah said - "Civil Society is becoming uncivil"
Being 'civil' does not stop at civil Society/Rakyat alone. Royalties must be seen to lead by example. Respect is 2-way, mutual and must be earned.

And where were the royalties, how come none from the palaces were 'civil' enough to speak up for the ordinary Rakyat and the 84 NGOs/Civil Societies that made up Bersih 3.0 in their demands for justice, clean free and fair election via 'Duduk Bantah' at Dataran Merdeka 28 Apr 2012?

Where were they when we needed them most? Did they care at all when Bersih participants, supporters and sympathisers came under massive BN Govt police brutality - firing of tear-gas, chemical laced water and unnecessary barricades of barbed and razor wires?

Anonymous said...

Ray turns DIM ...sighs !

zorro said...

Shithappens...feel free to use. It is for universal consumption.

wandererAUS said...

The new season of the appearance of Blood Sucking Leeches are here again. They are seen actively engaged in promoting themselves, even disregarding, their royal status lowered to be UMNO pimps!!....perhaps, more juicy contracts are in the offer for Gamuda?
Civilization, to these royal dicks are dining and bonking behind walls of the palace.
"Little prince" keep your advice to yourself, we do not need your shit!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro is a coward. He's scared to condemn the Regent. So he's using comments from others to say on his behalf. Takut ah Uncle tak dapat balik Taiping.huhhu

zorro said...

Anon427pm...did your handler write out this comment for you to post...evidently he did not read my first three paragraphs....and you like a dumb midget posted it to get some cash. That is a form of prostitution, no? BTW was in Taiping three Sundays ago...the food is still glorious and the lake gardens spectacular.You must be from Jelubu?

casper c said...

On my next trip up north to Penang, I wouldn't mind a detour to Taiping (matter of fact, have distant relatives there I hardly see) only if you could provide pointers as to where to go for yummy glorious hawker fare ?

Much appreciated with thanks in advance - perhaps a seperate posting ie "Zorro's personal Top 10 list" would serve up a treat for all visitors to Taiping.

flyer168 said...


Yes indeed.

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically...

Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.


bruno said...

Zorro,you meant a brainless moron in waiting.These brainless monkeys fit for MK's neutering vet.

nick said...

Most of the royalty in Malaysia has lost the respect and reverence of the Malaysian people and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why (the Perak coup is one of the reason). Raja Nazrin should note well that a royalty that has lost the respect of its people is like a rose garden in a middle of a landfill, totally irrelevant AND it's a huge waste of time and money!!!

backStreetGluttons said...

Trouble is nearly all of em read other people's(UMNO) prepared texts(speeches)and so how can they understand anything? Of course he doesn't read people's comments, so say what you like. Afterall they live in billion ringgit Palaces.

Look at Rice from Negri, the PHD scholar & "Dr" who talks %G#C all da time, when not changing mode or when he does. Then we have the other son of the other X-PM, who is a "graduate in law". Lets not even talk about the Nazri.OMG !

Anonymous said...

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically...

Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Great quote Zorro.I wonder where those UMNO true retarded bastards got their education?...must be from UMNO school of whores!

Tiger said...

Casper C,
If you go to Taiping, the main things to go for:
1. Wet kuay teow in Cashier Market
2. Popiah at Restoran Kacang Soya
3. Mee Rebus
4. Cheap seafood in Matang (RM100 for 10 pax!)
5. Enjoy the Lake Gardens, akin to summer in Switzerland

Bernard, it was an honor meeting up with you and Stephen. Thanks for the drinks and company.

Baron said...

About time for a 'Magna Carta' in Malaysia to curb the abuse of power?

Anonymous said...


cin2tan said...

nazri : saya ada manyak duit ma ...how to spend ? ...rm11,000.00 for my number WWW97 is nothing lah bukan 400 or 100 K , dat's TOO much lah !!

That's RIGHT, more RIGHTEOUS to spend few hundred K for the POOR lah !

Anonymous said...

I am Anon 4.27PM June 12

I am not a dog to have a handler. And my hometown is also Taiping. Bukit Jana to be exact.
I can take casper C to eat at the famous kuayteow and the mee udang at Port Weld anytime.

Awana Chelsea said...

The royals have not spoken out against the culture of corruption which characterizes the present government. They have also remained silent on the massive electoral fraud designed to ensure victory for the ruling coalition in GE 13. Worse, they seem to find the granting of instant citizenship to foreigners and their enfranchisement quite acceptable. On the other hand, a royal whose sister was given a mega hospital project --- i.e. a licence to print money --- keeps sniping at the state government chosen by the PEOPLE. Certainly he is not the only one. In another state where the PEOPLE'S choice was nullified by an elaborate machiavelian intrigue, the royals, to protect their Gamuda investment, behave like marionette apologists for the coalition.

cin2tan said...

@#$%^&* = '12A+ SPM' samtet nonbumi boy MUST 'appeal' to MB baru bolih dapat masuk matrikulasi-class ......@#$%^&* !!!

DAMN @#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&&* DAMN !!

zorro said...

Anon427pm/12June n Anon1250pm/13. I apologise for using the word handler although I never mentioned "dog" and I never meant to even imply that. in blogosphere we refer that to the people assigned to supervise the paid cybertroopers.Pls accept my apology.

Thanks for volunteering to take casper for the mee udang. I was introduced to it during the Bukit Gantang by-elections. In my youth we used to cycle (1952) we used to cycle to Port Weld then but never heard of this mee udang. As kids food was not the priority then. But the mee udang is really special....and what about the pulut /chendol behind St. Georges? Be sure to force casper there too.
Bukit Jana I am not familiar with. I was in Jalan Pauh, the Assam Kumbang area, and in the vicinity of Jalan Padang.

Taiping forever, Anon1250pm.

zorro said...

Tiger, thanks for the list of makanan that Casper must try. I left Taiping for Penang in 1954 and am only familiar with Chee Cheong Fun (now at former Circus Padang) and Ah Lan Chair's mee Cheng Tong. Ah Lan Chair still wear lipstick and remember me and my parents. Her sambal mixed in her clear mee soup is to die for.

Was a pleasure to meet up for drinks. Let me and Stephen reciprocate at Online. Will call you.

zorro said...

Casper C....there you have it...the places you need to visit from Anon120pm, and Tiger, both of whom I am sure spent more time in Taiping than I did.

A good link on food would be BackStreetGlutton above. He was probably too angry to talk about food. Visit his blog.

wandererAUS said...

When you folks talk about hawker foods, you drive me crazy!!! '50 till '60 were the best time I enjoyed the authentic local delicacies....
I am so glad I found a chendol stall in Perth, that kept my taste bud happy for now.

Anonymous said...

action speaks louder than words.
talk is cheap.
when the crunch comes, where is the guy?