Saturday, June 30, 2012


"The government is confident that they (the EO detainees) should be given a chance to start a new life so that they return to the right path, but do they return to the right path or not, we do not know yet,” said Deputy Selangor police chief A Thaiveegan. He intimated that the recent repeal of the Emergency Orders could be the reason for the increased crime rate in Selangor. (BTW where did the PDRM pick up these comical officers from….) And wasn’t it that his boss Hisham reprimanded the Indonesian authorities for killing a wanted Malaysian terrorist and did not give Malaysia a chance to rehabilitate him…….and tomorrow another officer will say that same-sex marriages might contribute to the rise of crimes in the country. We do have clowns in our midst.

Najib gave out free sets of tires to taxi drivers and pledged to do away with licence ownership by crony consortiums. Moreover, this was proposed very much earlier earlier by Pakatan if they take Putra Jaya…..long before Jibby borrowed this strategy. The PM can dispel his tired looking “You help me, I help you” platitude by just doing IT! Stop the slavery and give the licence to all certified cab drivers NOW, NOW, NOW!....and it is OK to steal the thunder from Pakatan!

Why did Khairy Jamaludin wear the French jersey during a function? Has it to do with any Malaysian that could be arrested if they set foot in France? This guy has a subtle streak in him.

Why did Khairy recruit some 500 young cybertroopers to counter Pakatan bloggers and twitters? Is he openly telling Nib, Rias Yatim and Soil Lek, your Utusan, Berita Harian, RTM and Star are useless in combating the opposition alternative media!

Premier Cartoonist Zunar rejected a monetary award but preferred the UMNO stooges who staged a cartoonist gathering award him his RIGHTS, UN-ban his books, return is confiscated books, stop harassing his publishers and printers and withdraw the charge against him. But the organisers-cartoons can’t do much, yah? Mahathir was right. There are no bright sparks in UMNO.

Sri “Hang Ambiga” Gading MP may have won Putra Jaya for Pakatan. He took on an Indian lady and the Indian community sat on his face. HERE. That was the reason why Sugu, plonked a bottle of Double Black at our table last night at TDH. BTW, was the MP formerly a janitor. Mahathir, again was right! I remember UMNO once had a railway-gatekeeper too as a mansion owner. He has passed on of course but mystery still hovers over the circumstances of his ATTACK....heart that is!

DEAN JOHNS called me from Sydney asking me to write a Foreword for his new book “Malaysia Mania”. Publishers are very discerning over the choice of who writes a foreword as it usually determines the success of a book. Some publishers even pay more prominence to whoever writes the Foreword than to the author. I asked him to reconsider as I am no author, just a blogger. “JUST DO IT, mate,” he NIKE-d me.

Selling official secrets is not national security according to House Speaker but torture to the extent of pushing an alleged victim to suicide over a small sum is permissible…..and that guy can still watch porno?

“Will the Armed Forces Council see to it that a smooth transition into Putra Jaya is guaranteed should Pakatan win GE13?” was my incessant question over this week. My army friends will not give me a simple YES or NO. “It is not so simple, these days,” most of them volunteered. Maybe the Malay Mail should organize a forum and have the Chiefs answer this pressing question and comfort us with some intelligent assurances. I earlier asked Zairil Khir Johari of Penang Institute whilst in Penang to make this his PI forum topic. He did not respond……yet.


Roti Sunshine said...

hahaha. the hangman became the hanged man finally. metaphorically, of course.

Anonymous said...

Perkasa tried to harm LGE again!

This will never be reported on NST, Utusan or The Sar.

See the picture and report of China Press:

Siew Lan said...

Now Umno Johor wants to be the first state the implement hudud law.

CSL and MCA should state their position on this matter to the chinese in Johor.

SKR said...

Mohon buat pautan blog:

Terima kasih.