Thursday, June 14, 2012




YVonne said...

According to Elizabeth Wong, it's RM50 million - RM30 million for the pandas & RM20 for staff and abode.

shanghaistephen said...

Do these pandas get an IC too ?

elizabeth said...

Malaysian leaders are all so vain, that's why we are courting the pandas.. honestly, we are not a rich country, and we have lots of needy people, the money would be well spent if we spend it to make lives better for Malaysians.

Jong said...

This is disturbing indeed, another irresponsible and unnecessary spending exposed while Malaysia's tax-paying Rakyat work their butts off, fighting hard to put food on their family table!

solo mum said...

what in his mind actually????
do he cares???
or do he got brain???

Anonymous said...

yes, we dun need the pandas ! save the money for the miserable poor lah.

or let those paying hundreds of K for WWW to finance the project !!

Anonymous said...

What in the world is wrong with this government? It can never get its priorities right. How in the world are these pandas going to help improve the lives of so many that are impoverished?
To top that all of we have a defense minister who refuses to testify in the French courts as according to him, it would be a waste of tax payers money. Spending such a gargantuan sum on pandas seems to be money better spent than to defend the integrity of our country. Nothing seems to add up with this bunch of morons.

Having said that,one cant help but wonder if this could just be another plan hatched to milk some cash by way of commissions. It is after all the SOP of making money amongst these.... I dont know what to call them anymore. No words in my dictionary exists for such apathy.


najib manaukau said...

The scumbags and parasites in Umno is still spending money just like there is no morrow. They may be right or in fact very right that after the GE they would all be out there looking for places to hide.
At the rate they are throwing away the money, they are determined to leave the in coming regime with nothing in the national coffer. Not only with nothing but with heaps of deficits and borrowings.
After all these are the least of their problems,
just leave the cleaning up the mess to the new watchdogs. Most important of all take whatever they can, at least for the last and final time.
All of them will be jobless but will be looking for a country to hide from indictments. Also that will also keep the new regime busy to try to look for time, other than trying different means to make up with the deficit.
For a while the whole new regime will no doubt be in a bloody mess, created by the Umno morons. But it is better late than never !

Mr Bojangles said...

I think they might have just signed the death warrants for the pandas.

With the kind of maintenance culture practised by bolehland, don't be surprised if the poor creatures end up starved, diseased, half-blind and maybe as an addition to someones private collection of animal hides for display on their mansion walls.

backStreetGluttons said...

Before April 2009 there were many in the know who openly declared their objection to Najib becoming the 6th PM, fearful of the man's stae of the art scandals.

Today our country is in deep shit, losing money from head to toe, & approaching certain death...unless...

YES! Pakatan, we want you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

All part of PM's "charm offensive"
(following closely the advice of his
American political
consultants-cum-image consultants)
and to win gullible Malaysian Chinese votes.

Phua Kai Lit

wandererAUS said...

Dang!...yet we have a fancy dressed man from the Southern State, a human parasite, got the gall to rebuke our ex-MB of Perak for reminding this privileged royal dick, bidding the RM520,000 for a piece of plastic with WWW1 written on it. It does not matter whether the money came from the State coffer or so called, "his own fund"...Dato2, how about contributing?
Half a million can do wonders to so many families from the economical disadvantage.

Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised these two "foreigners" once given a name will be registered in our electoral roll.
EC, what say you?

Mama Oranghutan said...

Make sure the Pandas get BR1M, too!

Don't play play !

Jong said...

And this from Malaysian Insider...

Does he think tax-payers' $$$ grow on trees, asked for RM14b more to spend, spend, spend and be given, their request our command? Say "NO", Pakatan MPs!

Let's throw out the bunch of turds via the ballot box come GE-13 otherwise Malaysia will go the Greece, Italy and Spain way!

Ah Chai said...

Uncle Bernard

I still cannot understand why the Chinese Communist is willing to give the 2 precious pandas to Bolehland given the racist treatment Regime BN has given to the 'pendatang Cina'?

Care to explain and I do not want the explanationf from that Prof KKK (a malay trapped in Cina body).

cin2tan said...

pandas won't work ANYMORE macam pingpong lah !!

Jong said...

It's obvious, they want to clean up nation's coffer before Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putra Jaya. Think they care what happens to the country and Rakyat?

...and those big fat pandas that needs maintaining, better be sure get their brain(if they have any at all) in gear before engaging their mouth!

Anonymous said...

The pandas will be fed 1malaysia brand of food. Be careful!

cin2tan said...

38 long years PINGPONG worked for bn BUT sikalang PANDAS ke ? kucin hitam-putih ke ? atau penguin putih-hitam ke ? ....semua PUN tak bolih pakai lagi lah !!

Anonymous said...

Panda-monium a new Malay word derived from Pandemonium and Panda.
Word of caution Zorro, never take a Panda to a pub, bcos it eats, shoots, and leaves...NaSTy Bob

zorro said...

NaSTy....good one...but you miss out SHITS and leaves.

小薇薇 said...




Anonymous said...


Do the pandas play ping pong?

Rulers like to put on a circus to distract the revolting peasants!

UMNO BN has put on many smoke screen & wayang kulit shows since 1957.

This began with the pretext of negotiating with the CPM in Baling when they demanded surrender instead of co-operation for Malayan independence!

In 1963 they & UK put on the spectacle of Malaysia - you know scaring us to be Malayan colonies.

Then in the watershed year of May 13 1969, Razak created a gory show of the race massacre killing or maiming over 30,000 innocent non-Malays & declared an emergency to seize power and cover up his loss.

After many more wayan kulits Najib has enthralled us with the disappearing Mongolian Lady (C4 practice) cum Unsinkable subs, Cowgate scandal & so on.

Looks like his repertoire is getting smaller...

2 Pandas to please the kids and get their votes 20 years on!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tourism Minister enthusiastic about panda bears coming to Malaysia:

1. Pandas will be very well looked after: RM20 million for 10 years equals RM2 million per year equals
RM1 million per panda bear per year. Very well looked after indeed!

2. Singaporean and Indonesian tourists coming to Malaysia to see the pandas: economic recession and austerity already hit these two countries? Too expensive to fly to China to see the pandas in their native country?

3. One of the pandas is fertile: sexy Malaysia (plenty of sex videos featuring Malaysian politicians are available) will turn on the pandas during their sojourn here?