Saturday, June 16, 2012


You MAY still have a chance to vote in GE13 if it is held in September! Register2vote THIS WKND (16-17 June) & NEXT WKND (23-24 June) @ The Waterfront, Desa Parkcity, KL, 10am-9pm (Enquiries: 012-3835523, 019-3666808).

For changing of voting address

come before 4.00pm

OK people…





I saw things happening in Titi (NS)this evening!

Bravo Anthony Loke

Bravo YB Kit!


LeBlues said...

Dear Sir,

I went to the post office last week to register as a voter.
I was told that the official closing date for new voter registration for GE 13 was in March 2012, thus I will not be eligible to vote even though I had registered last week.

Is there some update or revision to this that I do not know of? Or was i misinformed by Pos Malaysia counter staff? She did show me a circular that verified what she had told me.

Thanks in advance

zorro said...

LeBlues, best you call any of the two numbers above....and SHARE.

najib manaukau said...

Obviously the EC is now running out of tricks and gimmicks to impede the real Malaysians to vote.
Although they are still trying to implant the imaginary voters into the roll of voters. Nevertheless for those who have managed to register don't forget to make sure you come out to kick the scumbags and parasites from Umno out of Putrajaya in the coming GE.
Also one of the Umno lackeys that has tried so hard with all kind of deceptions must also be replaced and get indicted including especially the EC. May be shenanigan Mahathir, the grand son of the pariah from Kerala will take care of these lackeys that had kept him as P.M. for 23 years with the fortune the shenanigan managed to stack aside.

Anonymous said...

Finally the Chinese are beginning to vote since the 2008 GE. Before this you all dont bother.


Yes you can vote in September. The EC boss has said it. At least the DAP gets one extra vote from you. I am a first time voter. Will be voting for the MCA/BN rep since Chinese is always our MP.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:11
chinese beginning to vote since 2008?? since you r the first timer, no wonder it seems like u r living under coconut shell all these years.
good for u if u still insist on yr vote for those losers, i've change mine since 2008, and will never turn back.

Anonymous said...

It amazes us how many people have more time to moan about the direction the country is headed than to actually use this time to register and vote. People fight all over the world for this privilege don't let it go to waste!

I wonder how the GE would turn out if NOT voting was punishable by fines like in Australia. In the US only 52% of people bother to vote so a 'winning President' is one that 70% of people have not voted for.

Hasnim said...

Yes. You must register to vote.

Otherwise, more votes will go to Regim BN that has 'evolved' Jom Heboh into 'Jelajah Janji Tak DiTepati' karnival to lure the votes of rural malays!

Pendaftaran Muar said...

Bagi kawasan Muar, sesiapa yang belum daftar sebagai pengundi, sila hubungi kami: 017-6323285, 012-3233703, 012-6877215.

zorro said...

Sybas Pendaftaran Muar and thank you. People in Muar reading this please pass the word around.Move, people, move.

Anonymous said...

或许是 选前派糖果

Anonymous said...

Our national enemy #1 is "Corruption".
Our national enemy #2 is "Squandering of Rakyat Fund".
All Malaysian (no more segregated by race) is united on this urgent issues.

Is our MALAYSAIN DPM capable to mention these national enermies for once?