Sunday, June 3, 2012



Anonymous said...

Brother! Sivarasa is making wrong assumption in his explanation,

zorro said...

What's your take then...sweeping statements like yours not helping one bit.

wandererAUS said...

Sale of military secrets” -what have our Ah Jib Gor got to say?...this dubious scorpene deal was done during his watch as Defence Minister.
It was an act of high treason, the UMNO PM and others involved if found guilty, be given the maximum jail sentence or death by hanging.
UMNO bastards selling citizenship to foreigners, tampering with the electorate roll, money laundering and abuse of power. Do we still trust this evil regime to be administrators of the nation? If we have not learned from our stupidity from the past, we deserved to be screwed!

motherchell said...

My dear Zorro,
Thank you for the long awaited Suaram video.
Bolehland's leaders have shot themselves in their foot for acting in a way of not allowing the PC in Malaysia due to their thuggish censorship of all their crimes.

The only way to cure this "disease" is to not just overhaul Parliament but to start with the Education policies. Currently they can only produce burger sellers and butt soldiers. There is a need to rewrite an Educative Order for the new Generations of Malaysians and to empower them with the running of a Nation. Currently they have been destroyed by the rot of 30 years.
The next Executive should get this as top priority or in time soon Malaysia will be competing with Somalia on its GDP.
With the Americans tightening the screws on the Swiss--- the Swiss have moved to little Asia to do their secret banking . It seems like --- its wrong if you the citizen steals , but i will allow others to steal for me. They all work in cohort with the Big Boys who buy expensive toys in the name of National defense.

Sometimes when i read adverts of summits , groupings, talks etc that call it as "for Asian Leadership Skills " I used to wonder -- when 7/8 of Asia is filled with Dictators??

The Tun Abdul Razak School for Govt seems another scam!

With regards my dear Zorro.

Anonymous said...

Brother! I put it very clear what make he thinks our southern neighbor is our enemy. Listen to what he said... it is not helping one bit and it is disgusting.
Let me ask you why drag our southern neighbor into this issue. Are you comfortable with that? you don't have to publish this.