Monday, June 11, 2012


Sabah Chief Minister, Musa Aman, branded Sarawak Report maliciously motivated liars and implied we were master forgers, after we revealed financial documents showing that his nominee, Michael Chia, had laundered nearly a hundred million US dollars of timber kickbacks on his behalf.

“Thou call'st me dog before thou hadst a cause, But since I am a dog, beware my fangs”

William Shakespeare.

As such, SARAWAK REPORT now challenge him to name the Swiss bank UBS AG liars as well, because their submissions to a current court case in Singapore confirm our evidence!

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najib manaukau said...

All corrupted Umno scumbags and parasites, your time is up. Najib can take his time for the coming GE to be held and he has only got up to March 2013 to do that.
Start getting ready for the dock or flee to other countries which I am sure you had planned. Wherever you may go the sleepless nights will still haunt you till your dying days. The end justifies the means !