Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Health Minister Liow yesterday defended the RM24,000 bid for WWW15, saying his ministry was replacing his official car and there was a need for a new number-plate.

Earlier today, Chinese newspaper Sin Chew Daily had quoted an unnamed officer as saying that the Treasury has never allocated any funds for ministers to submit bids for a number-plate for their official cars.

A transcript of Press Conference given by the Heath Minister who lied that water canon and tear gas were not directed at the Tong Shin Hospital during Bersih 2.0. He continues to HEDGE (euphemism usually used for attempts to lie or lying) Here he is ably assisted by his actor boss:

Journalist: Who paid the bid for the car plate number?

Liow: I mentioned yesterday that this is a government official car, and so ministers are eligible to have one number plate, so the process is official.

We are just going through the office and applying to the JPJ. JPJ is the one who process the application.

Journalist: Is the ministry paying for the cost? Who paid for the cost?

Liow: No. No. It’s all up to JPJ to handle this, we leave it to JPJ (Hedging)

Journalist: But who paid for the cost, I know the process is handled by JPJ but who paid for the cost?

Liow: I got to check, I’m not sure, it’s under JPJ.(Hedging again)

Journalist: That means you didn’t pay to bid for that particular -

Liow: Like I said ministers are eligible for one number, so I didn’t exercise the option earlier, so since my ministry is changing the car, so they just changed it.

Journalist: So you are saying your officer handled it?

Liow: Yes.

Chua: Usually this option is given to members of the administration both at state and federal ones. So when you are in exco, you are entitled to officially bid for a number, or the state government will give you a number. (When Leow fumbles Boss rescues by hedging too)

Journalist: Does that mean that when you are allowed to bid, you have to use your own money to bid?

Chua: No, the government allows you to allocate you a number, you can ask for a number. Of course you cannot go and bid number one lah. (any of you understand what he is saying?)

Journalist: I’m referring to a Sin Chew report today, they interviewed an official from the Ministry of Finance who said there is no such allocation for ministry -

Liow: There’s no need for allocation, it’s the eligibility of the minister. There’s no need for allocation at all. (He is clearly in a fix!)

But numbers to me are not important, I think most important is the service to people. For us it is more important to carry out work efficiently. (LANCHEOW….what are you doing about THIS in Sarawak????)

Any number, I’m using (inaudible) any my car is using any number can use the car, it’s not important to me. So doesn’t matter whether I get the 15, or 200, or 1,000. It doesn’t matter to me. More important thing is the official car and we can use the car to serve the people.

Journalist: Why use your own name to bid?

Liow: Well I’m the minister of health...

Journalist: Is that a normal practice?

Liow: It’s a normal practice, yes, maybe it creates a lot of confusion, it’s better that I clarify and let the public know.

Journalist: Was it worth it to use RM20,000 to bid a plate number?

Liow: No because we do not know the cost. For me when I applied we did not know the cost. It just happened that I need the numbers, I need the car that’s all. I did not know the cost.

Journalist: But normally when we bid we need to pay to bid, right?

Liow: No, as explained earlier, this is the eligibility of a minister, official car, that’s all. Even Lim Guan Eng also has one of this kind of official car. So every… either state of federal as explained by my president just now… (Guan Eng is given the number by virtue of him being the CM….he did not bid for it. WWW15 bid was fixed at RM20K, bozo!....just wondering where the money came from?????)

Chua: At the state level the excos are also entitled to one car, err, to a number.

Journalist: Does the number 15 mean anything special to you?

Liow: (Pauses) well, just because my grandfather is using this number (on his car). Nothing special, there’s no special meaning to this number. It is just a number. That’s why I said to this number, it’s nothing special.

(Has to be SPECIAL because it cost 24K Ringgit….when big money is involved it must be special….ask your colleague from across the South China Sea why it cost more than a million ringgit for regular DIPS….because dips according to how special comes with a special price. Can’t make it any clearer!)

Journalist: But if its nothing special then no need to bid for the number plate -

Liow: Nothing special, I just need a number.

(OK, I GIVE YOU ALL THESE NUMBERS! NO NEED TO THANK ME…from my left hand to your right hand! YOU CAN GIVE C4 TO YOUR BOSS)

Journalist: Can be any number what -

Liow: [inaudible] That’s why I said, it can be any number, it can be any number, so I just choose the number and that’s it.

Journalist: But you don’t have to spend so much money on this number if any (number) is ok.

Liow: I’m okay with any number, yes.

Journalist: But then why spend RM24,000 on this particular bid.

Liow: No, just because it just happens that I need to change the car, that’s why I need a number.

DEAR READER….if I were you I will stop reading any further as you may lose your appetite for dinner. These two are certified clowns!

Journalist: Why not retain the car number plate from the previous car?

Liow: No, they’ve change the new car, the old car is still there, I cannot change the number.

Chua: Those are official cars, those numbers don’t belong to him actually.

Journalist: What happens to those old official cars?

Chua: Another person will use it, he cannot just transfer the number just like that.

Journalist: Back to the car plate number, some processes to clarify. What you are trying to say is if you buy a new car, you must bid for a new car plate number, you cannot use an old car plate number for a new car...

Liow: Because that’s old official car, I... umm, I’m, I’m…

Chua: You must understand, when it’s a ministry car, the car does not belong to him, you understand or not?

Journalist: Now that the number has been allocated, the RM24,200 comes from the ministry?

Liow: No no no, not allocated by ministry.

Journalist:Then where does it come from?

Chua: This is a question of the money from the left hand going to the right hand. Because all money goes to the government consolidated fund from any ministry.

Journalist: So you’re saying its just one ministry to another department?

Chua: Ahh... it’s just left hand to right to be honest.

Journalist: Can I say number 15 is your favourite number?

Liow: I said earlier any number will do, I have no specific numbers. It just happened that I choose 15 it doesn’t mean that it’s the favourite numbers.



shanghaistephen said...

a bumbling idiot for a minister. And assisted by a porno star ! You are right Bernard....I actually got tired of hearing the repetitive "hedge" in this interview...that journo sure's got patience.
If it was me I'd just say "kaneenehchowcheebaimakpukitiewniahseng" and walk away !

Anonymous said...

The JPJ is under the Transport Ministry which is headed by another MCA guy. Isn't it interesting?

Roti Sunshine said...

should ask otk regarding this man's integrity. should get an interesting answer.


Malchindian said...

Since Rais has just buried UMNO, it is fitting This twerp buried MCA!

Anonymous said...

It's great to know that we have finally made lying into a fine art.BTW we ordinary folks just dont understand why all the super rich and powerful must show off their wealth wanting everything to be special and demand respect.Humbleness is not in their vocabulary, unless of course only in their last day.

Anonymous said...

A real corrupted bastard like all BN ministers they don't pay for anything someone else pays for them. But that isa not corruption when you are in BN. MACC will see to it that there is no case to answer.

Donplaypuks® said...

Lie dat oso can be Federal Minister, ah? MACC, where are you when we need you?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Reaally it's pathetic to see mca gangs still encouraging themselves all is well, when an amno warlord already said we dont need nonmalays support.

Jong said...

Bloody Liars, should carut them both with cili-padi top and bottom! Disgraceful species.

Now tell me who should be investigated, Liow Tiong Lai from BN/MCA or Nizar Jamaluddin from Pakatan/PAS?

One spends tax-payers money like his grandfather's on WWW15 vehicle registration plate while the other strongly feel frugal spending with that kinda money, better use on the rural poor instead.

cin2tan said...

Once, I went to a Malay primary school in Jalan Tasik, Ipoh . Bell rang for recess at about 10am & ALL the pupils rushed to canteen for food ; while having my coffee break I noticed a Malay boy , about 10, hands inside the pockets & LOOKING at his friends enjoying their food !
I walked to him & gave him a ringgit to makan ... he stared at me but ran away ....tears filled my eyes as I recalled the miserable moneyless hungry days, 56 years ago !!

For those who have spent hundreds of ribu on the MCA WWW MMM XXX ... .....PLEASE think of the miserable ones lah !!

cin2tan said...

Jika any number will do then rm300 pun cukup kowtim : NO need rm24,200.00 lah ...@#$%^&* !

Anonymous said...


Thailand's King Bhumipol official car plate no. is just T-390...

telur dua said...

When these f....s cannot give a straight answer you know they are lying through their a.h..

peng said...

Zorro, I almost became an imbecile after reading halfway through the interview transcript. Thanks for the tip to stop reading.
Gosh.. imagine that we have such stupid ministers like him in the cabinet - who cannot string together a coherent reply except to repeat himself like a parrot.
Okay.. we know that he got caught in a fix. Best he buries his head in the ground like an ostrich!

Anonymous said...

All this good for nothing bastards just enjoy throwing money from our tax payers money.Curse be with all those greedy bastards from this Ruling Party.Either from Cancer,Accident or from Drowning.The curse begins at this moment.

Anonymous said...

wah, he no speak engris one ah!

Anonymous said...

Whose right hand and whose left hand is the accidental video star talking about? This guy talked like the samseng MB from Jibbie home state. That fellow was trying to justify the high bidding for another "special number plate" by the state government some time back claiming that its the money from the state government to another government department, JPJ, the so-called "left hand to right hand." In this case Liau Dont Lie just happened to be the little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It doen't matter whether its his right hand or left hand. The main point is the bidding exercise of "special numbers" by the JPJ is one way for the government to earn extra revenue from those "egoistic and vain" members of the public who could afford and are willing to pay for the so-called special numbers. The MCA Minister of Transport has been making a lot of hoohaas about the revenue generated from this bidding exercise before the "successful bidders" were announced. Now if that 24K is actually from another "hand", it means that the total amount collected by JPJ is being shortchanged. There would be actual revenue income if its from member of the public, whether VVVVIPs or ordinary rich folks. Looking from another angle, someone has been pilfering from the kitty bank of the government coffer, no matter it's with the right hand or left hand. Would MACC care to take a look at all these pilferage and leakage? Or this is the practice of "you help me I help you" so there would no case? BTW PEN15 may be a good number for him. 15 seems to be his favourite though he "hedged" this because he seems to mention about his grandfather was once having that "special number". For all we know, this guy is actually paying for the number and the amount is within his capability to pay. He could actually justify that "all the past accumulated total income" could afford him for that little vanity and egoistic craving. But apparently in this time of the days that is just "politically incorrect" showoff. Now his dilemma is how to get his one hand out of the cookie jar without letting go all the cookies in his hand.

wandererAUS said...

These two Mf**ker liars were behaving just like their xifu!...UMNO lying bastard PM.
MCA porno star and forked tongue minister, do us all a favor, F**k off from our sight!...both of you are a disgrace to the Chinese community.

Anonymous said...

All these porn star and yamseeeh jokers best describe in Hainanees -

Nang botiq nang , kui botiq kui..
(orang tak macam orang , hantu
tak macam hantu ).

And the biggest joke is the porn star claims himeself to be the savour of the descendant of the dragon.

Sorry , it shud read descendant of the worm !

Chow Hai.

csl said...

my special number is 69. no need to pay money one, just left to right hand job maa

potblack said...

See,when you do something wrong and you are cornered,this is what happened.Ha ha ha what a fool he is.

najib manaukau said...

Now you know why these lackeys of Umno are doing anything and everything to stay in BN. Including selling out their race, why a bloody traitor and a disgrace. Most of all it is only a confirmation why the Chinese Malaysians have given up on them long ago ad still they are clinging on there, in the name of the Chinese Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

To all you rich guys who have nothing much to do except to dream about getting the most special car plate nos.,awfully expensive sports car, equally sexy hot girl friend,hilltop villa.....just go into any govt schools during recess time and see for yourselves how many poor kids dont have a sen to buy any food except drink tap water.Are you willing to spare these kids a few sen to buy a plain nasi lemak?These kiddies also walk to school themselves, not ferried by SUVs,MPVs. So pls STOP thinking about owning the next great special expensive exclusive show off and start thinking how you could help the poor kiddies.

Anonymous said...

Never knew this traitor to his ex-boss has now got a pornstar boss but also a clown as well. Well, we can see what type of chinese repesentatives our chinese community has for the pass 55 yrs or so. No wonder millions of chinese have migrated or left for overseas. And mind you, many, many of them left with a very very heavy heart.

Anonymous said...

Any No. will do? For Liow Don't Lie - PEN 15 is better. For C Soil Leg - PUK 1 Penang can give him for Free. For MCA - MAT 1.

Jong said...

LOL!!! So now RTD gave WWW15 for free? ..Hmmm WWW1 may get a refund too!

Anonymous said...

Did'nt Deep throat Chua Sex Leg said, "From left to Right hand?"
Now this lying asshole said it is free. Bastard, to lie also cannot do it well. Bao Liao, your fantastic lie is equal telling us your mother is a virgin!

mauriyaII said...

If any of these MCA assholes had any shame or integrity left in them, they would just call it quits to dirty politics of the UMNO/BN variety and walk away and pray for the salvation of their souls.

Pathetic liars who have no shame and don't care what their own community or the other Malaysians think of them.

Even prostitutes have some principles. They pick and choose who to service. These MCA prostitutes only know how to service one type of dick and they think they are in heaven. Go and service a different dick and at least realize there are different dicks in this world.

Pathetic mfcukers!

Anonymous said...

RTD will offer for free to Chua the porno star a new plate: "MCA 010"
to glorify his two balls!!!

sol said...

Star usually give full blast pubicity to these jokers when they open their mouths but didn't have the guts to print in full this interview lah so what do you expect?

Jong said...

I only paid RM200 for my choice of number plate, why did this Liar claim he paid RM24,200 for WWW-15?

What do you think would have happened to the RM24,000 if there was no public uproar in the social media?

This pathetic Liar many times caught with his pants down must GO, no ifs no buts! He's a disgrace in Malaysian society and how could he have been an elected Member of Parliament, search me?!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha !!! cee liow !!! Great post, uncle zorro !! keep it up and tks !!

cin2tan said...

hahaha...FREE on WWW15 !!
so wat about Agong's one WWW5 : cannot be FREE ah !??

Nazri one neh !!??

hahaha ...mca lagi cee-liow !!

Jong said...

If it's his grandfather's money for his grandfather's No.15, say so lah but he could not, could he?

Now bidder "Liow Tiong Lai" claims he is given FREE 'WWW15' number registration, why? Donkey KONG has to answer for it - a BN cover-up?

cin2tan said...

NO, dun let him GO ...we need MORE macam dia in bn come G13 in OCT(?)
after the 2nd round of 500 of 1MBR to be given soon !!

Mahua said...


Anonymous said...

When truth is so obvious, everyone can see it except the players who stage the show. No BN parties dare to talk about corruption, they know it and being a party to it, they will keep side-tracking that issue. They will bring out STUPID issues to mis-inform the less informed Malaysians in the rural area. They know they could NO LONGER mislead the average thinking Malays in the urban locations, they are certainly trying their luck with the majority of Indians, many of whom are easily misled because they are desperate for ANY Solution; so long the printed media is willing to print and sadly there are no shortage of such headline grabbing “Indian leaders” around! In the West Coast States, unless more rational Indian leaders can convince a good portion of Indians to focus on long term objectives, things could change. Notwithstanding the support the more active Chinese Malaysians has for change, a great many of them is still indifferent. We can only hope they wake up! It is good to see that bloggers have stopped trying to form their versions of Cabinet when the change comes about, let the elected leaders find a workable solution in the light of the current scenario and emotion of the majority of the voters.

Anonymous said...

Wondering who will bid for coming Penang plate PUK 1

Jong said...


Now the embattled Health Minister blames the Donkey KONG - says Transport Dept JPJ messed him up, insists he never bid for WWW15! But I thought he told journalists interviewing him that No.15 was his grandfather's favorite car number?

He has been lying ever so often that he does not know which lie is a better lie and each time digging deep into his own sh*t!