Thursday, June 7, 2012


I have been negligent over May in going thru my emails. I addressed this yesterday and came across this email from Arul, a former student, now resident in London.

“Happy Teachers Day Sir. I am sending you this you tube because this teacher reminded me of you when you taught us History. To this day I remember that the Black Hole of Calcutta happened on June 20, 1756 and of the 146 British and Anglo Indian soldiers put into the 14feet by 18feet “black hole” by the Nawab of Bengal, 123 died when the door was opened the next day. To simulate what happened you packed the 53 of us into the corner of the classroom and switched off the only fan in the classroom. How we sweated and of course cursed you. But today I still remember the date of this tragic event. Enjoy the video Sir and please send my warmest regards to your wife Karen who taught me Maths.”

In the beginning of the year I did a posting: Chegu, do you realize how special you are HERE.

Allow me to dedicate this to TEACHERS who among other things make their classroom a place where all their students feel safe; make a difference in all their lives; preparing them to be good citizens, CEOs, doctors and engineers….above all “teachers” who made a difference and touched our lives.


Roti Sunshine said...

... but the Malaysian Chief Teacher who is also the DPM demoralises! NINPEH!

To Sir (Cikgu Khoo) with Love from a generation who are destined to make history come GE13!

As a teacher myself, I work according to the following principle:

I hear I remember

I read I know but

I do I understand.

Hence this generation must be the doing one, so that future Malaysians will understand what needed to be done was done to save this great nation from a bunch of hopeless fools who has neither the vision nor statecraft to deliver greatness to its people.

cin2tan said...

From a heap of local durians I shook smelled then checked & finally satisfied with 3 for rm10 & AS i wanted to pay the young man the money
he said "NO need lah SIR, I'm your ex-pupil !!"

Tq ! & the durians were very2 sedap + warm !

zorro said...

This came in thru the email:
Dear Zorro,

Your postings on your first profession are always a delight to read. Your former pupil Arul's lovely four-line verse on the various grades of teachers would be enhanced by the addition of a fifth: The seminal teacher liberates the sense of curiosity.

Don't just confine your thought-provoking postings on your original profession to school year starts and Teachers Day; they make a glutton like me voracious like caged animals at feeding time.

Provide, provide.

Terence Netto

wandererAUS said...

Sad UMNO have turned this fine profession, teachers of today into political pawns...
I thank God, I have the most wonderful moments with my teachers in my good old days...I can always depend on them when the sky are grey.

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Vera said...

Now DPM wants children to start school at 5 years old. As a former teacher, what is you opinion on this Mr Bernard?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ June 8, 2012 11:11 AM

对国阵来说,人民是狗牛不如的奴隶. 人民的生存是为了服侍国阵.多几千个学生没书读那又这么样?有学问或没学问也是要服侍国阵. 到不如把这些钱吞了,收在国阵领导的口袋里.

zorro said...

Vera,I disagree, not because it comes from the DPM who is also the Minister of Education and who has yet to prove that he has done anything to bring our education system in line with the best in class. I disagree because children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood and not be caged within four walls at 5. Many kids, whose parents cannot afford kindergarten, come into school stimatised and disadvantaged at this critical age. I remember volunteering to go to a year 1 class when one of my lady colleague was having a bad bout of morning sickness. I wrote on the board....:Your teacher is sick. I saw a little boy on row eight to my left wide-eyed and beaming. As such I asked him to read what I wrote. Before he could answer, another boy on row 1 on my extreme right said: Teacher said that row is stupid boys row.
Later, during the day I did not miss the opportunity to tell this colleague of mine about the incident. The next time I passed that class I saw all row 8 kids sitting in row 2 side by side with the row 1 kids. I congratulated my colleague on her being proactive.

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Amin said...

There is a common conversation heard almost everywhere stating that current government splashed money lavishing to those they think can support them with votes, pocket as much as possible or else opportunities will be lost soon, filter and grab all corruptable contracts/projects such that after GE13 all these will no more be in their hands. Such scenario is supported by UMNO with their desire to hold on to Putrajaya at all cost. But voters know very well their tricks and just want to vote ABU.