Friday, February 24, 2012


It is easier to get a temporary licence to operate the LYNAS plant in Kuantan than for Himpunan Hijau to get permission from the Majlis and Police to use the field for a few hours on Sunday. Suddenly they realized that in July they will host Sukma so the fence is up. If it is to pick lovegrass in the padang the thousands that will gather there will do the job in one hour, believe me. Fools do work in the town council, for sure.

"We would like to encourage all concerned parties to visit the Lynas plant site and Lynas should do the necessary to facilitate this," the government statement said.

Good idea, if we can’t use the padang, we will march to the Lynas complex!

(Latest, the police have given an alternative site, Padang Kemunting is several hundred metres from the original venue, close to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan along Jalan Kuantan-Gambang.) Should the authorities backtract or engineer some other impediments, we will head for Lynas as advised.

Civil servants in Pahang should not participate in the Himpunan Hijau 2.0, scheduled to be held in Kuantan on Sunday the State secretary Muhammad Safian Ismail said. Civil servants from 8-5 must implement the policy of the Council. After 5, you cannot force them to lick ass at the expense of endangering their children’s future wellbeing.

"If need be, they could also meet me to discuss the problems," he told reporters yesterday. Md Suffian, don’t waste our time. You only do what your masters tell you to do. You know what’s the problem? You State Secretaries… me one who take orders from their conscience! By the way, the Menteri Besar said that he too would join the gathering? How lah?

So did Australia say “thank you” for Gebeng. It sure did with doctorates for the first man (Monash) and his second woman (Curtin). And with that they hope the people of Pahang will live happily ever after!

I will have my rotten eggs (cheaper than slippers, no?) ready for the Aussie PM or the Governor of WA, if they happen to visit Malaysia.

YOU KNOW SOMETHING?WHISPERING CAMPAIGN: I have started to boycott Australian products.


I will force-feed shit to anyone who SHITS in my property, frontyard or backyard!

Isn’t the silence embarrassing? Why like this one?


Anonymous said...


Rather than causing a massive traffic jam all over Kuantan and spoil our weekend family activities, why dont you guys send the authorities an email voicing out your disagreements on Lynas etc etc??

zorro said...

Anon423pm - Thanks for you advice....but we already know that the authorities cannot understand our emails. We send to you and you do the explaining, can?

Anonymous said...

This idiot needs to be sent for brain scan.

Now maybe there will be traffic jams spoiling family weekend activities.

In future he and his family will be spending weeks in hospital seeking treatment for radiation. And he does not realise that.

Geronimo said...

Bernard, don't miss out another gathering scheduled for tomorrow morning in Ulu Langat. It is with regard to the TNB pylon cabling which will stretch from Cheras Hartamas to Bandar Cheras Mahkota. Cheras residents are up in arms and a hugh turnout is expected to confront the officials who will be present. Please check out my blog for the details -

passion1 said...

Anon 423pm,- You are a Kuantan fool. You choose to put your fellow immediate Kuantan population, and may be later, other parts of the country, in danger of exposure to radiation.
You may have your last family activities over this weekend, if you do not show support to this Sunday's protest.
When the processing of Rare Earth begins, you will not have green fields to play with your growing up children. All the flora will be dead in a short period of time.
There will be no more,'Hidup segan, mati tak mahu'.A phrase use to describe the half dead coconut trees. (Lazying about, but refuse to die).'Mati tetap Mati'(Dead for sure)
NO vegetation can grow around Gebeng waste dumping area.East coast is a windy area.Every now and then, a strong wind can build up, and radio active dust can be blown to all directions.
Uncle Zorro, please post that China Bao Gang pictures again. Thanks.

Urban Green said...

Brother, what are our Australian brothers doing about it. They should be in solidarity with us too.

Anonymous said...

Why is Minah of kuantan so quiet? Hope she remembers her date with you, Uncle Zorro. Maybe she's a government worker who will not be allowed to take part. Are you sure the MB will be there?

wonder why said...

Who are the ball carriers, saying they are spoiling their family weekends? This must be the Baura Nasional people.You will not be enjoying your weekends, once the Lynas starts ts opertion. Your will only spend your whole day and weekends in the HTAA IN KUANTAN.Don't be selfish to spend some time for this good cause.

zorro said...

Anon606pm....will try to retrieve them.

Anon645pm...oh yes Minah. Don't bother about her/him. Its a case of disembodied bravery....they are brave on the net and never face to face.

Anonymous said...

Dear passion1 and Zorro,

Firstly, allow me to say its good you people are so concern about our environment and all. BUT before you people go out and scream your lungs out this Sunday ... please kindly take a look at our river, drains ... basically our whole environment. Our rivers are already polluted. Look at the cleanliness of our cities ... they are pretty depressing. Even better, go to Selangor and have a look around PJ ... environment clean enough?? Drains not clogged?? Selangor is under PR and yet, its is dirty.

So, dont talk rots about pollution. Before you apes wanna tackle radiation, why dont you people scream first about managing our rivers, lakes and environment better!

zorro said...

Anon809pm. Thanks for your concern. have your read my other blog SAMPAH?
Why do you think we campaign for clean rivers, clean drinking water and waste management. I have a friend whose ambition is to clean up all the rivers. The officials ask him what's in it for them! You see the hurdles and barriers? However no matter how unclean our rivers are they do not pose immediate dangers like Lynas will. Even if we are talking rot, we suggest you do what is best and we will continue with our rot, fair? If you have a name, I'd like to engage you on renewable waste, energy from waste, etc. If you are passionate and is an expert I would like to learn more. I am still capable of learning new things that can help those when I am gone.

zorro said...

YES, this 72 years old APE is willing to learn from you. This old ape can also tell you that no matter how much we talk, it is futile unless the powers that be cooperate. You tell me how you can convince the authorities and I will fall on my knees, worship you and ape you! Please, share lah master.

malchindian said...

Dear Zorro,
Are these stop lynas T shirts available in KL? If yes, where please? Thanks!

zorro said...

malchindian, yes. Call Johnny Ong 0163112063 for delivery.

malchindian said...

many thanks Zorro! Contacted and made arrangements for my purchases.
Safe travels to Kuantan!

Anonymous said...

Why not buy Australian last, including Ozzie education, to tell them we don't want their garbage in our backyard!