Monday, February 27, 2012



bruno said...

Malaysia ended up having waste that Lynas produced because Australians refuse to let them refined it in their own backyards.In other words Umno GOM allowed Lynas Australia to export lepers to Kuantan, Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

aiya, Ozland manyak baik ma, bikin factory racun di sini boleh kasih kerja olang lah !

Dragon Lord 2012 said...

Johoreans please note that your support for BN in the coming election will be rewarded with a nuclear plant in your state.

Learn the Pahang lesson.
Exercise your vote wisely!

1Rakyat said...

Najib and his cabinet are bent on giving the operating licence to Lynnas! They said its SAFE ! This has been challenged by the PEOPLE STAYIN AND SLEEPING NEXT DOOR . Take a leaf from Banks, if you r so committed then sign a Personal guaranttee and undertaking to anyone living within 10kilometers radius from the Project for Lost of Life, medical and living expenses and a mandatory ManSlaughter sentence by a court of law resulting from any atomic or related fallouts illnesses arising and caused by the Project. We call on the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to give such a personal guaranttee and undertaking which are binding on their personal successor in title (ie the beneficiary of their estates ) Becz we are tinkering with the lives of those people not just wealth ! MORALITY, INTEGERITY FOR THE PEOPLE MUST BE THE GUIDING LIGHTING IN PUBLIC POLICY.

najib manaukau said...

Why do you think Rosmah got the award from Curtin University and soon the boat refugees ?
What the Australians do not want in their back yard it comes to Malaysia !

Lawrence Jayaraj said...

screw LYNAS and Najib

Anonymous said...

Sad ya, Uncle Zorro, only 3,000 people turned up out of the anticipated 20,000.
You know why? Because of the presence of that old gay and Achi Ambiga.
I thought of going, but after hearing they were there, immediately I know it is a political platform for him. Nothing to do with saving us Kuantanites from the Lynas plant.
So I took the family to Teluk Cempedak. Some of my friends went to TV3 Jom Heboh in Malacca and some went to see Najib's visit to Selangor.
We feel safe because Najib has assured us. Surely as a Pahangnite, Najib will not let us in harm's way. He always comes to Kuantan.
The only thing you did to us yesterday is to cause traffic jam to our peaceful, serene town.
We were laughing that you all came to shit on Lynas. And that ustaz man came to do khalwat.He has shit on Pakatan instead.
Fantastic lor that guy, came for Lynas dan came to syiok with people's wife. Killing two birds in one stone, so to speak. Oops three, if you count him killing Pakatan. LOL.

A Kuantanite

JEFFREY said...

Hi Anonymous ....SCREW YOU... if you think its safe to have lynas in kuantan... I can built you a kampung house next to the plant, just like the malay folks living aroung there... hopefully you don't get to see your child or your newborn coming into this world deformed.. YOU LIKE THAT....

walla said...

Was kuantanite ever in Bhopal before?

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

Political partisanship has blinded some people (a small handful) to the very serious health and environmental threats posed by the Lynas plant.

Lynas out of Kuantan and Malaysia!

Phua Kai Lit (public health professor and Kuantan boy)

Anonymous said...

人民健康看不到, 嫖赌饮吹在马华
稀土危害我家园, 你死你事马华讲
人民积极反稀土, 老蔡选择唔刁你
民联入主布城时, 马华肯定去荷兰

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a dump site for -

1. UMNO and their cronies who loot the country of billions
2. radioactive and hazardous waste
3. religious fanatics and hypocrites
4. all forms of corrupt practice
5. illegal foreigners who are carrying local mycads


Anonymous said...


I am safely ensconced in my peaceful, serene Kuantan. Don't want to go anywhere.
I once worked in KL, but I don't like it. Too many gays.Hahaha.
Yesterday a gay descended into our town and pollute our air. Sucking off our oxygen which left us breathless.
Not been anywhere outside Malaysia. Why should I go to Bhopal. You mean the Union Carbide issue, yes?

A Kuantanite

A Malaysian said...

REPORT from "DAIWA CAPITAL MARKETS" assessment on LYNAS plant to the Corporation after visiting the plant in Pahang: (page 4)

"Parts of the Lynas plant were flooded on the day of my visit (13 January).

The plant has yet to be completed.
The plant is built on swamp land, which local residents say floods easily.

It is also situated close to the Balok River, where local fishermen go about their work"

But the construction and design may have serious flaws, according to the engineers, who also provided memos, e-mail messages and
photos from Lynas and its contractors. The engineers said they felt a professional duty to voice their safety concerns, but insisted on anonymity to avoid the risk of becoming industry outcasts.

Of course-lah, Lynas mgt will deny this and that. They sure learnt fast from our BN govt! But Lynas shareholders are not STUPID like some people. Lynas shares dived 11 percent today!

3000 or 15000? It doesn't matter. What I saw was faces of ONE Malaysian coming together for a good cause.

Susah-lah for the politicans. If they turned up, they are accused of hijacking the RAKYAT event, if they don't turn up, they are accused of not being concerned about RAKYAT health !!!

yapie said...

I do not want to talk about lynas..
I just want to talk about myself..
I have a daughter which is diagnose with metabolic disorder which is suspect due my previous job which might have expose me to the mutation of my gene.
My girl birth to be a happy and normal baby, just after 3 months the entire neurotransmital system shuts down.. due to her body unable to create this neuro transmital checmical.. she becomes floppy and unable to move hand, legs and head... for a few months with all the blood test and scans unable to find out the real cause.. until the doctor retrieve "sum sum tulang" and sent to Europe for analysis only we get the real cause of her genetic disorder.. now she is on medication everyday, with all the pyhsio and speech therapy... which eat me up every month at least 2k of my salary... which u pour in every month to help her with an unknown rate of return whether she will be cure or get better.... so people out there... even with a 0.00000001% i dont think is worth to take the risk...

wonder why said...

Even the poorest Corrupt countries in the world won't allow Lynas to build a factory there. The UMporNO CANNOT ALLOW this million RMRMRM,to go bye like that.The corrupt leaders will be rich and the people will carry the burden, and pay for the cause.1 MALAYSIA.

Anonymous said...

Najib led by his nose or is it his dick by fat doktor RoseAmmah and snake oil salesman doktor Mamak Kutty should declare to the whole world that Malaysia is the dumping ground for all toxic waste products. All are welcome provided they are willing to bank in millions/billions as the case may be in Swiss or Cayman Islands banks.

Even refugees are accepted not out of our humanitarian values but if the price is right and the stupid white, Christian countries are willing to pay for allowing those refugees to live in abject squalor in the designated ghettos.

This is the apartheid Umnoputra Malaysia where anything and everything is possible. Malaysia Boleh according to the evil mad man Mamakthir a/l Mohamad Kutty.

cin2tan said...

" Siapakah orang putih Lynas ini ? "

' Makcik, is bukan olang lah !'

" .....?"

'Ia Kilang Racun di Kuantan !'

" Oh ! "