Monday, February 27, 2012


Scientific evidence shows that a rare earth processing plant approved for Pahang is harmless to the people living in the vicinity of the project site in Gebeng, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said today.

He said this was established after the project of Lynas Corporation was subjected to a review by the government following complaints from the public and NGOs.


However, consider these two comments in today’ posting:

Anonymous A Malaysian said...

REPORT from "DAIWA CAPITAL MARKETS" assessment on LYNAS plant to the Corporation after visiting the plant in Pahang: (page 4)

"Parts of the Lynas plant were flooded on the day of my visit (13 January).

The plant has yet to be completed.
The plant is built on swamp land, which local residents say floods easily.

It is also situated close to the Balok River, where local fishermen go about their work"

But the construction and design may have serious flaws, according to the engineers, who also provided memos, e-mail messages and
photos from Lynas and its contractors. The engineers said they felt a professional duty to voice their safety concerns, but insisted on anonymity to avoid the risk of becoming industry outcasts.

Of course-lah, Lynas mgt will deny this and that. They sure learnt fast from our BN govt! But Lynas shareholders are not STUPID like some people. Lynas shares dived 11 percent today!

3000 or 15000? It doesn't matter. What I saw was faces of ONE Malaysian coming together for a good cause.

Susah-lah for the politicans. If they turned up, they are accused of hijacking the RAKYAT event, if they don't turn up, they are accused of not being concerned about RAKYAT health !!!

February 27, 2012 6:48 PM

Anonymous yapie said...

I do not want to talk about lynas..
I just want to talk about myself..
I have a daughter which is diagnose with metabolic disorder which is suspect due my previous job which might have expose me to the mutation of my gene.
My girl birth to be a happy and normal baby, just after 3 months the entire neurotransmital system shuts down.. due to her body unable to create this neuro transmital checmical.. she becomes floppy and unable to move hand, legs and head... for a few months with all the blood test and scans unable to find out the real cause.. until the doctor retrieve "sum sum tulang" and sent to Europe for analysis only we get the real cause of her genetic disorder.. now she is on medication everyday, with all the pyhsio and speech therapy... which eat me up every month at least 2k of my salary... which u pour in every month to help her with an unknown rate of return whether she will be cure or get better.... so people out there... even with a 0.00000001% i dont think is worth to take the risk...

February 27, 2012 7:09 PM



motherchell said...

Could Najib please tell me who those scientists are ???
I will take on from there---- !!!!!!!!
and Najib -- may i also know how much you paid to get a Cert of approval----that many in Putrajays cant read and write .

Psst !!! hey Najib --- you and i know how the ISO system works too. Those certs are even sold in the flea market these days.

Wunderbar!!!! Najib !! you are English educated ?? Sure even my cat speaks 4 languages!!
We still remember what fermented DNA is all about. The Iceman had a good laugh!!
Best regards my dear Zorro!!

Minah said...

Hello Uncle Zorro

Remember me? I was supposed to meet you at the rally yesterday.
But I had to help in two weddings in my neighbourhood.
Like Kuantanite said in the last posting, I too wanted to go.
But my mum did not allow me to. She said helping neighbours can get pahala di akhirat.
She said it is dangerous to go since Anwar is there. She's scared there will be a riot and I will be caught. I may lose my job which I just started two months ago.
Anyway I believed what Najib said that the plant is safe.
So I no worry, I be happy.

Anonymous said...

Cowgate? It's only RM250million chicken feed.

Lynas? It's human values and lives of fellow Malaysians.

Let LYNAS be the catalyst for the downfall of the present UMNO Government. Deservingly so.


KoSong Cafe said...

Even assuming it is possible to build a 100% safe plant, our track record in building, supervision and maintenance leave much to be desired. It is alright for PM or company management to give assurance that everything had been done in accordance with specifications, but then again, we have had enough of the lack of credibility of such public statements. Where we cannot have mistakes now nor in future, isn't it better when in doubt, to leave it out?

bruno said...

The day when Malaysians are able to believe what the Umno GOM said about how safe the Lynas plant is,is when the the PM,DPM and all the cabinet ministers walk the talk and set up residences with their entire families to the next available site nearest to the Lynas plant.

zorro said...
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zorro said...

Minah, its OK you meant well. Obey mum and be happy. You did well to be of assistance to your neighbors. On the other hand, you know that a riot cannot happen when the OCPD gave permission. The police were spot on and I told the police officer Azmi so and I congratulated him for their professionalism. I told him that Kuantan police were so different from the the goons in KL. Thanks Minah for commenting. Maybe I catch you at the conmbined Yellow/green Bersih3.0 & himpunan Hijau3.0 that should be comi

Minah said...

Thank you Uncle for understanding my situation. When is the Himpunan Hijau 3.0 going to be held and where.
Please, please Uncle, do not involve politicians. We, ordinary people, are so scared of politicians.
If they fight, we small people get into trouble. Like the Malays said gajah sama gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah.

bruno said...

Umno has sent out its rowdy goons to create trouble during the recent anti Lynas protest.Usually when the incumbent political party sent out its paid rowdy goons and gangsters to create trouble and intimidate peace loving citizens is a sure sign of desperation.The tell tale signs of the beginning of the end of a ruling regime.

maj ( rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan said...

I dun usually like to use words that will hurt me so but i dun think I 'm gonna care..FUCK Najib...Do u think he really cares about the country..? I will lay my life on the line to say that he's much too concerned about HIS OWN survival as of now I m speaking from a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE I had with this man called Najib Razak when he was the Defence Minister. Many many years ago (try imagining when)I just left the Army on optional retirement only about two weeks & I approached him (on being advised )for assistance dumbly thinking that he cud being the Defence Minister help in getting a place for one of my children who scored ALL straight As in her public exams. Know what was his reply thru his personal Secretary...? "Sorry u r no more in the Army & the Dato cannot help out" THAT"S IT ??? Luckily both we ( my wife & I) we came up with other options )..Moral of the story...NAJIB can't even help ONE...can he HELP a NATION? Fat hopes...FUCK NAJIB

Anonymous said...

Abolish EPF as well

Anonymous said...

Across the south china sea in the abused and forgotten corner of the evil umno empire, there's a distant cry for the ppl of west msia! WE too care about the developments there for lynas will affect the entire SEA should a disaster like the one in japan last yr occur! TIME for this evil putrajaya regime to demise after decades of deliberate misrule!

Donplaypuks® said...

They, the AELB's in Russia and USA, had also once certified Chernobyl and 3 Nile Isand were absolutely safe, accident free!

Famous last words!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Angah said...

The true story of the tragedy at Bukit Merah:

The tragic story of human suffering in a new village in Perak - due to the contamination from a rare earth refinery, Asian Rare Earth, a joint-venture company between chemical giant Mitsubishi, Lembaga Tabung Haji of Malaysia and some local partners.

Anonymous said...

Did you think that Japan allowed their nuclear plants to be built without iron clad guarantee as to the safety of the plants?

See what happened when nature strikes? Nothing could ever guarantee the safety of anything man-made especially when Malaysia has a history of collapsing structures and building which were only newly built!

Russia has it's experience too in Chernobyl disaster. Don't tell us that safety were not their main concern before approving such structures/developments!

The price is too high to allow such dangerous projects to proceed in inhabited areas.

If Najib thinks it's safe, then, perhaps he and his family would like to move into the area and live alongside such a "safe" environment. Then, five years later, we can see how healthy the little Najibs will be or if the consequences of his decision will become his nightmare!

It's very easy to brush aside dangers when you are not or will not be affected by such dangers but when the table is turned, then, you might even see Najib demonstrating against such projects being built around or near to his place of residence.

Hypocrites are around us in abundance!