Wednesday, February 22, 2012


As I sat along the bar with Frankie D’cruz and Gabriel Lourdes last night, I noticed a poster that escaped me the numerous times I made my pit-stop pilgrimage at Rennie’s. I registered it and hoped for an opportune time to use the message.

Some call it luck, the religiously inclined call it divine providence, to me it was just Murphy’s Law BUT in a very positive sense! Scouring my MUST READ list I chanced upon J D LOVRENCIEAR’s post.

I take this opportunity to boast, that JD sat through and endured my lessons in La Salle Sentul just like Terrence Netto, Johnson Fernendez, Errol and William D’Cruz and Yap Khoon Hong (Straits Times Singapore).



J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Thank you sir. I am humbled by your memory and kind words. In reality, I owe it to teachers (educators) like you and some others who taught not for money and glory but out of love, commitment, duty and joy.

zorro said...

Awesomely proud of you.

flyer168 said...


Yes, a great one by JD and glad he remembered his "Sifus" who "Educate" students then.

Just to share this...

Clinton, pope join Bilderbergers
Secret meeting of global movers, shakers in Portugal
Published: 05/26/1999 at 1:00 AM

What do Steven Spielberg, Pope John Paul II, Ted Turner, Boris Yeltsin, Bill Clinton and House Speaker Dennis Hastert have in common?

They are among those on a “partial guest list” of expected attendees to the 1999 Bilderberg meeting in Portugal scheduled for next week.

Here is the partial guest list obtained by WorldNetDaily:
• Ackerman, Duane – CEO Bell South
• Ahern, Bertie – Prime Minister of Ireland
• Alberthal, Les – CEO of Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
• Albright, Madeleine – U.S. Secretary of State
• Al Saud, Waleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz – Saudi Prince
• Amichai, Yehuda – Israeli poet
• Annan, Kofi – U.N. Secretary General
• Arafat, Yasser – Chairman Palestinian Authority
• Armstrong, Michael – CEO of AT&T Corrporation
• Arison, Ted – Israeli Financier
• Assad, Hafez – President of Syria...

Just check out who else was in the list of the 1999 gathering...

clinton, pope join Bilderbergers -

That is why they and their nations are “Trapped” in the Globalist New World Order Agenda...

You be the judge.


flyer168 said...


Talking about Mamakutty, how about this…

Bush rebuke for Mahathir – Telegraph -

Radio Islam: Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has repeated his claim that Jews rule the world

“Mahathir denies Bush reprimanded him.
"I'm now told that Bush said he rebuked me," Mahathir was quoted as saying in the New Sunday Times newspaper. "That is the biggest lie of all."

Mahathir, who has been a feisty critic of Bush and the U.S.-led fight on terrorism, said Bush merely explained why his administration had used strong language to condemn his remarks about Jews.

"If he had rebuked me, I'm quite sure I'd have reacted in my normal way. I would have rebuked him also," he said.

Mahathir, 77, is retiring at the end of the month. During more than 22 years in power, Mahathir has become known for outspoken, provocative comments, especially about what he sees as Western domination of developing countries and U.S. policy in the Middle East.”

Radio Islam: Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has repeated his claim that Jews rule the world -

“According to the associate, Abramoff contacted Bush adviser Karl Rove at least four times to arrange a meeting.

Finally, this associate said, Mr Rove's office called to tell Abramoff that Dr Mahathir would be getting an official White House invitation.

In May 2002, the Malaysian leader met Mr Bush in the Oval Office and photographs were beamed around the world.

Abramoff was paid $US1.2 million ($A1.6 million) from the Malaysian Government for his services in 2001 and 2002, according to an Abramoff associate. Documents obtained by Senate investigators appear to confirm at least $US900,000 of that amount.

Abramoff has pleaded guilty to improperly influencing members of Congress and their aides. He often routed lobbying fees through non-profit organisations to evade taxes or hide the sources of funds.

It's not clear how central Abramoff was in arranging the Oval Office session for Kuala Lumpur. The White House says the meeting was arranged through normal channels.

But it was clear, the former associate said, that Abramoff took credit for it. His reputation for close relationships with the White House enabled him to charge stratospheric fees.

The Malaysian payments were made to the American International Centre, a bogus "international think tank" that an Abramoff partner, Michael Scanlon, set up at a Delaware beach house.

By routing the money in that way, Abramoff avoided having to register with the Justice Department as an agent of a foreign government.

After Dr Mahathir's White House meeting, a former associate said, Abramoff was invited to a dinner honouring the Prime Minister at the Malaysian embassy.

At least one other Washington lobbying firm — Alexander Strategies, run by an Abramoff friend — was also compensated during this period for helping boost Malaysia's reputation in Washington.”

Did Mahathir pay $1.6m to meet Bush? - World - -

Press Conference with Tun Mahathir & George Soros -


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I am just waiting for this pariah, Mamak a/l Mohamad Kutty whose ancestors originated from Kerala to kick the bucket.

This evil devil in disguise corrupted and destroyed everything that was good in the country. This pseudo Malay got away with all his shenanigans because the Malays in UMNO and the running dogs in MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, etc. were only interested in sucking up to him for the little crumbs that he fed these traitors of race and religion. If these greedy morons had played their part, this evil devil would not have got away with his evil ways.

This bastard who makes pompous remarks now and then stole more than a billion from the rakyat to bail out his good-for-nothing son's failed business venture. Now that very son is one of the richest men (worth 1.9 billion ringgit) in the country. Did this shameless thieving mamak get his son to return the bail out money to the rakyat?

This evil mamak pretends to be a good Muslim but he has a large share in a business venture making beer in the Philipines. God only knows what other businesses he has that is forbidden in Islam.

He has fooled the uneducated and ignorant rural Malays all these years. He is sadly mistaken if he thinks the Malays in general still love him.

He can set up PERKASA and similar NGOs with his ill gotten wealth but nobody is fooled. Even his rabid supporters are rooting for him just for the money that is lavished to keep up his long lost popularity. The less he opens his foul mouth, the better. He, his family and all his cronies who looted, plundered and raped this county should be thrown in the slammer when a new government takes over Putrajaya.