Friday, February 10, 2012


The government gives out RM250 million to fatten some BN cattle….

Taib insisted he can only scrape together a miserable RM3.47million to alleviate all the hard core rural poverty in the state, it fairly beggars belief that he has felt it appropriate to generously donate land worth at least RM30million to the members of the Sarawak Club.

BUT obviously these below belong to a different club….the club of doom?


But we can't really blame these abjectly poor Malaysians for living in the wrong country! Can we?


Monyet King said...

Bernard, we don't have to go very far to see poverty. You can find it inside and just outside KL.

A Orang Asli village just next to Zoo Negara is a classic case. Read more here

Delren said...

Thank you for sharing. -For A better Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

And them bastards still want to steal from the people with it's 1 fucking care thing...

Kum Kum said...

pity these poor folks who still innocently cling on to BN !

ABU machinery needs to reach out to pendalaman area !

audie61 said...

Pakatan to have a chance one musts look at PBB first

Anonymous said...

Sarawakians still nambikei with Ah Jib Gor? Ha ha!

passion1 said...

Some years back, an opposition party called for a nationwide donation of one ringgit a person, and managed to collect a million.
Will Pakatan do it for them? Lets start the ball rolling.
If only smokers were to reduce smoking ONE packet of cigarette a day, so much can be contributed to this cause.
Since these people were being cheated as claimed, will Pakatan help them? Manage it well.
Give us the Genuine bank account number.Set a time frame to stop, to avoid abuse.

sampalee said...

Poverty is still very much in selangor [even after pr took over]Your photographer have a blind side.

Anonymous said...

Astro AEC (Channel 301) will show live the debate between LGE and CSL on Feb 12.

zorro said...

Sampahlee, if you have photographs of the state of poverty in Selangor, lets have it. I would very much appreciate them, unless you are making a sweeping statement. I always thought you knew that I belong to no party but supports Pakatan. Also BTW, Pakatan took over Selangor in 2008, come march 4 years. BN had 59 odd years to address poverty of which the NEP was enforced. Do us a favor, give us the photos. I will publish them for sure. ABU!

zorro said...

Errata: 50 odd years....

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Time for umno-bn to stop lies against Penang state government; they are not anti-Islam and anti-Malay!

“Peruntukan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam”
BN : RM12.5 M
PR : RM33.33 M (2011)

“Peruntukan Tahunan untuk Sekolah Agama Rakyat”
BN : None
PR : RM1.75 M (2011)

“Peruntukan Guru KAFA”
BN : None
PR : RM100,000 / year

Mata Kucing said...

A government that can only afford now, after 50 years in power, to give to the deserving rakyat albeit selectively just RM500 when inflation has gone through the roof. You call that a caring government when trillion of ringgit had been used to bail out failed projects or business ventures of cronies? If this is not mismanagement and misappropriation …what is it called? UMNO controlled BN is nothing but a syndicate that specialized in looting and plundering the nation using development as a disguise.

One notorious scam is the paramount thief minister of Sarawak’s politic of development which grabbed hundred thousand hectares of NCR land, deforested our valuable timber twice the size of Singapore and abusing his position to award almost all the major infrastructures at highly inflated cost in the state to his family and closest cronies.

Our nation does not have much money left and the UMNO controlled BN government has to resort to borrowing extensively to fill up all the never ending holes they had dug using Ponzi schemes to attract lenders or investors and some even disguised as Islamic instruments.


Anonymous said...

Why MASSisy is taking so long to prosecuate Shahrizat's family?

That's why we should support ABU to reform MACC too.