Friday, February 24, 2012


Cheras residents, please read the following and be there. It concerns you

This matter is related to the TNB pylon cabling which will stretch from Cheras Hartamas to Bandar Cheras Mahkota. Enroute, it will affect the St Francis of Assisi Church, Taman Cuepacs, Segar Perdana, Taman Orkid, Sungai Sering Bungalows, Taman Sungai Sering, Suntex Garden and many others. Please be there to protest against such a project as lives are involved due to the radiation.



Anonymous said...

what do you suggest tnb do?

without this cable some other malaysians will not get their power of the quality that the rest of us enjoy.

Geronimo said...

Thanks, Bernard, really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck la, everything little shit wanna protest. If no cables, how to have electricity, dumb arse??

I suggest for those who wanna protest, go live somewhere deep in the jungles of Sarawak. There will be no cables there.

passion1 said...

TNB can always avoid built-up residential areas, or use alternative methods.
We have examples of more crowded cities like NY, Tokyo and even Singapore.
How do they do it yet ensuring public safety?