Thursday, February 9, 2012


I posted OCCUPY KUANTAN on 5 February. Here are two comments:

Minah said...

* I live in Kuantan. We Kuantanites do not fear the Lynas issue at all.
We live happily here. It's the non-Kuantanites who flock our town that's poluuting the air.
Shame on you guys. Go back to where you belong.

February 6, 2012 8:45 AM


Anonymous wake up said...

minah whoever you are. if the next time anyone at all who is dear to you suffer the effect of the radiation or the toxic waste, regret will be too late. you are not talking of flu or sneezing here. we are talking about cancer, deformity,human suffering,death,destroyed land and environment which the effect will last hundreds of years.Do you know that the australian government doesnt even allow the plant to be built on their land and THEY WILL NEVER ACCEPT BACK THE WASTE?. Wake up , if the plant is good the white man would have kept it for themselves. Do you think they are so generous to share it with the people of Kuantan?

February 6, 2012 9:17 PM

I mesti turun padang on 26 February 2012.

See you Minah, boleh?

….meanwhile Minah, take a good look at these two pictures…..not pretty yah?


Anonymous said...

Minah,i think you lack grey matter lah unless you are allowed to dig into the cookie jar too.

yapie said...

minah, this is not kuantan people issue,,, its whole malaysia issue... u get radiated and for the next hour we in KL might get it too.. hopefully the radiation goes to thailand and singapore.. so we can let them whack us as well..

This is worst than sindrom down.. radiation will change your gene, even it will not cause cancer for you now... but u, your children and grandchildren will carry a mutated gene.. just wait to see your next generation who will suffer,,, by that time money will not help to cure this child... then you will start to cry helplessly.. even pray will not help u... as god will not help us.. due to human own doing and mistake..

Jeffrey said...

I think this minah, is just one of those cocksuckers of the people with vested interest in seeing this Lynas plant coming on stream...She or He (Ball-less Ass) does not speak for Kuantanites...

Anonymous said...

i did not know even the australian government disapprove. care to point the link or document?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that any substance that has even a minute trace of radiation is safe, you are out of your freaking mind! Radiation kill and maim. And it stays in the body for a long time, passing it to the next generation. The Japanese thought their nuclear facilities were safe,look what happened about a year ago. It's better to be safe than sorry. Even some knowledgeable Australians are concerned that such a plant is located in Malaysia.

Minah said...

I am here guys. I watched the reports on TV 3 from Lynas Australia, Lynas Malaysia and all the enviromental agencies on the issue.
They have proven that Fauziah is misleading us for her personal interest.
Have already told my mum and some relatives not to vote her again.
Many of my friends are working in the company. It's a welcome opportunity for us who do not want to work in KL.
Uncle Zorro, I will be glad to meet you on that day.
Any fotos to show so that I can spot you.

Minah said...

BTW, thanks Uncle Zorro for using my comments.
At least you did not delete it. I posted comments on two other Pakatan blogs and it is always deleted.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, actually, Minah is the code name for what's his name minister who showed the obscene sign. He likes to X-dress, so need a name to go with it.

Zorro, bring a puke bag with you in case Minah does show up. Shim is probably very ugly.

zorro said...

Minah@942, you asked:Uncle Zorro, I will be glad to meet you on that day.
Any fotos to show so that I can spot you.

Minah, I dont want to think that you are stupid believing in Lynas re Fusaiah, but surely you are not visually impaired (read blind) you see the top picture on the right sidebar...that is me. Last night, at 845pm I visited my mum at Sime Darby medical centre and I was in the same lift with Abd Razak descending...He said to me: You are familiar....are you Zorro? I said Yes. He reads my blog. You read my blog and you do not know what I look like? Minah, dont let me call you names. I trust you are a lady and I never insult a lady, except to say that some ladies are stupid, like you (if you are a lady). I have never met many stupid ladies. Now you know what I look like you come meet me. BTW that picture was taken by the #2 photo journalist in the country during the Bukit Gantang by elections 2 years ago. i do not know what you look like, so you got to come forward.....maybe I buy you a drink at the Hyatt....juice or coffee?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

It is amazing that there are still a lot of "katak dibawah tempurong" Malaysians.
Many failed to lift their finger and search the affects and effects of having such a dangerous plant in their vicinity.
Minah and her types never ever heard of Bukit Merah?
The radiation reading might be low but the solvent can kill you slowly.
If it can't get you now, it will get your next generation.
If Lynas is staying put , she better be prepared for the 2 nuclear reactor from that Ah Jib Gor .

Wake up said...

Hello Minah
If I want to sell you the bull , would I tell you the s..t?
TV3, Lynas Oz, Lynas msia and all the 'arms length' NGO ??? For you, your mom , relatives and friends sake also for all the people pro or against , I just hope the plant would not be allowed to operate.
The half past six government would not be able to contain the consequences should a disaster happens. Maybe you should read what your Beloved Supreme Leader Mamak Kutty said about radioactive waste at bukit merah.....
After 27 years, Mahathir has finally admitted to what residents of Menglembu, Bukit Merah, Papan had known all along – the hazards posed by radioactive waste dumps – observes Choo Sing Chye.

Tun Dr. Mahathir had at last admitted, but not all, what the foreign experts (engaged by the residents) had been saying all along i.e., the danger posed by the radioactive waste from the Asian Rare Earth (ARE) company near Bukit Merah and the waste dumps near Papan was indeed genuine and serious.

What Mahathir said a few weeks ago in The Star online (15 May 2010):

“In Malaysia, we do have nuclear waste which perhaps the public is not aware of.”
Continue to read link here....

If you are still not convinced , it
is your call but pity those who got to suffer.....

Anonymous said...

What can one say. Minah believes TV7. How naive!

Bedul said...

Why do you guys pay so much attention to Minah? She's just Minah Kilang.
Uncle Zorro, be nice to her. Educate her. She knows no better.
You will her scare her into meeting you.

Akubodoh said...


you sound like my long lost sister. We should try and meet up - perhaps at the lombong.

passion1 said...

Dear Khun Pana,
It is not surprising that many people do not know what Asia Rare earth was about.
I for one, have to admit that, I was unaware that Rare Earth is dangerous.
I only understand it, after reading from internet, and from blogs, like Zorro, which showed pictures of the Baogang mine in China.

yapie said...

Hi Minah,
Looks like "many of your friends are working in the company". Hope they enjoy their few thousand monthly salary. Just give them a few years, they will know what they are going to get. Especially to those that have no children now and planning to have one in future. Please do contact me at that time, i will provide you the information of doctor and medical attention that at least can help these innocent children needs. I do not want to see these innocent child and baby abandon by their parents.

Anonymous said...


You and your friends are willing to sell yourselves out for a few thousand ringgit a month working for Lynas. Let me tell you that the few thousand ringgit you earn and save up will not be sufficient for your medical bills and those of your families once your immune system gets contaminated with the radiation from the radioactive waste. When that happens, I suggest you ask TV3 to grant you an interview to show your irradiated physical form. For a start I believe your brain is already irradiated which explains your naivety and ignorance on the dangers of the Lynas plant.

Anonymous said...

Sorry zorro if this sounded dumb to you, but did you meet up with Minah? Any photo? ; )

Anyway, you guys did a wonderful job at Kuantan.