Tuesday, February 7, 2012


“Even though we may differ in terms of faith, moderation exists in almost all religions... Moderation points to an understanding of not practising extreme, fanatical, militant or violent ideology among us,” trumpeted Ah Jib Gor at last night’s Chap Goh Meh celebration.

Yet you allow those two party less particles, both sons of some Ali to peddle their militancy, racism and fanaticism vociferously?

Moderation my ass!

“Barisan Nasional is a responsible coalition. You can place your hopes and trust in us. The people can trust us to do not only what is right but what is in their best interests,” he added at the 2010 Barisan Convention.

We have heard of the high handedness in which the BN/Umno controlled Police, Customs and Immigration carry out their duties. We all know what happened to individuals like Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Ahmad Sarbani, Amirul Rashid and a host of other unfortunate souls whose lives came to an abrupt end
when they came up against these BN/Umno controlled government agencies. On January 29, 2012, Derek Tan and his pregnant wife probably had Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Ahmad Sarbani, Amirul Rashid in their thoughts when the Malaysian Immigration officers stormed into their home in a manner in which thugs or loan sharks would do.
And do read the email Derek sent to the IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT.

Do we not see a commonality in how these government enforcers behave: They seem to have problem acting like any normal human being and have a serious appetite for abuse.

“Barisan Nasional is a responsible coalition. You can place your hopes and trust in us. The people can trust us to do not only what is right but what is in their best interests,” he added at the 2010 Barisan Convention.

Malaysia will be the best democracy in the world” he declared in his Malaysia Day speech and hoped that his audience will forgot his earlier announcement: "Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya," so declared Prime Minister Najib Razak when he was frantically beating the war drums at the 61st Umno general assembly. Moderation or Desperation?

But he always he ended his speech to the 50,000 (who came to watch the Taiwanese artistes) in his trademark patronizing “you help me, I help you” pathetic platitude: “What did reverend ask for just now? She asked for a road? Sure, I will give the allocation. I’ll pass the requested allocation, because reverend is very good to me (????), so I am good to her,” he said. And on cue Liow and Donald led the applause!

“You help me, and I can help you.Nambikei. You trust me and I trust you,” the PM offered to the Taipusam devotees this morning

LAN…..oh, never mind….Liar Liow and Duck Donny Lim need their share of the orgasmic 5 seconds blast!


Anonymous said...

Cannot qualify as Bapa Transformasi, Najib i now trying to be Bapa Moderasi?

At Sibu, Najib openly try to bribe the people by saying "u help me, I help u" and at Thaipusam, he said" I trust u, u trust me" to the Indians. Obviously he does not learn. Maybe he thought the indians can take in the sweetener?

telur dua said...

Forgive him. He happened to walk into the wrong Party. The plan was for him to speak to a Perkosa/Jati combined audience.

Anonymous said...

"The people can trust us to do not only what is right but what is in their best interests,” ....so I suppose the lynas plant is to the people's best interest? So we should trust him 100 pc?

Anonymous said...

Thaipusam is a festival to fullfill Vows made for various reasons, it must be done with full piety.
MIC being a mangy lap dog on the orders of him hijacked a religious ceremony/function by garlanding him with a very huge garland, bigger than that of Lord Muruga to show their support of him,this support does not come from their heart but a way of being noticed and as a measure of their loyalty to him.That conman in the person of nadarajah was next to him[datuk now hehehe]On the subject of nadarajah, he is a std. 6 failure from Mbs[sentul] who worked in JKR as a water meter reader,just like the railway gatekeeper of the istana fame,made millions by running shady deals on behalf of sami toll.
Is 'birds of a feather flock together' correct?
I am sure ,except for the mangy ones, the rest of the crowd was not the least interested to even know who was there.
One was heard saying "why ?they got no other work to do ah?
To whom it may concern, please do not prostitue a religious function to get noticed.Some graduates who came in a group was very angry with the gatecrashing .
Astro organised a concert by performers from india, it was gatecrashed again.
The people who attended the concert were more interested to hear the singers not Nambikai.

Anonymous said...

Nambikai ??? Whats that ?? Who is saying that? WHY ? Nambikai is Faith or Trust !
You help me - i help you.
Awww come on mr.pm , Just do what you are sworn to do ,without flip flop, dilly dally or fear of losing your position, things will be alright for you.
No where in the world ,a head of government goes around to where the crowds are and the spinners say that more than a hundred thousand citzens came to see their pm
Mr.PM sir, with due respect, why not have a gathering solely on who you are without renting crowds and see how many turn up.
I dont blame you for seeking publicity this way, its politics afterall.
Just try to be sincere,honest and straightforward, i believe you will earn the respect you seek.
I wish you all the very best come the next general election because you need it very badly.
The undercurrents are against bn.It will be very difficult to convince people to vote bn.
The indians sentiment will go with Pas, Dap and pkr, no matter what anyone spins.Reality cant be spun.
Loyalty and trust cant be bought but one may buy up the handfull of cunning foxes.
Best wishes and happy thaipusam to one and all.

Anonymous said...

Ah Jib Gor Lancheoooww.....

Jong said...

HahaHHa!!! Good one Zorro!
End of the road for this lame Blue-Bird. Either way he's a goner. It's better for him to call for GE-13 soon, together they sink than to be mercilessly defeated at the hands of those he thinks he trust come UMNO General Assembly.

Anonymous said...

Happy ya the Indians get the goodies.
But there are so few of them to matter to us.
It's better if more is given to the rural Malays.

motherchell said...

Hello my dear Zorro,
All good wishes to you.

Najib may have everything, all, but he has not discovered himself... he may pretend to know everything around himself, but if he doesn't know what is within himself, all his frozen knowledge, all his ill-gotten wealth, all his power is futile - and sooner or later he will be drowned and choked in his own wealth, in his own power. It will destroy him because it will go on increasing, becoming bigger and bigger, and he will be shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller till he is tied up in pampers for his bloodied deeds or flogged in the streets--- !!!!

In the news today, is for him to understand what he is made of.

"""MALE (7/2/2012: The Maldives' first democratically elected President resigned Tuesday after a police mutiny described by his office as an attempted coup, capping three weeks of political upheaval in the holiday paradise.

"It will be better for the country in the current situation if I resign. I don't want to run the country with an iron-fist. I am resigning," President Mohamed Nasheed told a televised press conference.

This may be some lesson for Najib in his last days with immense illegal power ---but he seems a so called leader for infinity(something written with an 8 tilted horizontally)

Wisdom is farfetched for a bloke as him!
Much thoughts to everything you write with fervency my dear Zorro,
Thank you and much regards.

zorro said...

Motherchell, the PM of Maldives preferred not to use the army against the police mutineers. He prefers to make the sacrifice of stepping down than to have blood shed. Our PM called on his brothers and sisters to crush bodies should Putrajaya falls. Over here there is even doubt about the loyalty of our armed forces. There lies the deep and wide chasm between Nasheed and Najib!

Anonymous said...


The day will come when the United Nation Security Council call a special session to debate about Malaysia and the oppression of its people by the Barisan Nasional regime. The council will pass a resolution condemning the BN regime for its policy of dividing and oppressive the ordinary people and the encouragement of racism and kleptocracy.

The day will come when the world sees Malaysia no different from South Africa during its dark apartheid days.

The day will come in this lifetime ...

nkkhoo said...

For alleged corruption of RM2,400 Teoh Beng Hock was interrogated until he 'fell' to death from 14th Floor by MACC.

But now RM250 million NFC scandal no need for MACC to grill Shahrizat?

Jong said...

Don't lah, she has already gone for Umrah to cleanse all the sins accumulated the past years.

mitchell said...

Event in NS this Friday, He is confered the title "Imam Khalifah Agung" by Persatuan Silat Gayong...bring back memories of "MahaFirdaun" TDM

Anonymous said...

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Friday, July 8, 2011
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