Sunday, February 5, 2012


It was reported that some 2,000 residents (1 out of 304) from around Kuantan yesterday descended on Teluk Cempedak beach in a protest against the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) and mining company Lynas. HERE

The protest comes three days after the AELB granted a temporary operations licence (TOL) for the RM700 million Lynas Advanced Material Plant (Lamp) in Gebeng, Kuantan.

Kuantan's population is approximately 607,778. The population of Kuantan is composed of 57% Malay, 32% Chinese, 10% Indian and 1% other races. According to the [World Gazetteer], a calculation indicates that the annual population growth of Kuantan is the greatest among the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, which is 3.88 in general. Will his growth continue with LYNAS toxic dumpsite in its backyard? Some serious FLOOD too.

ARE ONLY 0.329% OF KUANTANITES CONCERNED? However, I laud the continued opposition these 2000 showed against the Government of Pahang.

Shouldn’t we from outside Kuantan march into Kuantan to OCCUPY KUANTAN and to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters?



JinHou said...

ABU is the solution. All PR component parties have individually voiced their opposition against the plant. ABU!!

Kum Kum Kuantan said...

Australia has big mining land yet why Lynas does not operate a plant there ?

MB Adnan (who is famous for his hand puki gesture) pls enligtene us !

Anonymous said...

how can he enlighten you when he is busily celebrating with those oz !

Anonymous said...

How temporary is a TOL? Who would put up hundreds of millions to build a plant on a TOL land, unless he gets the land permanently.

It is so blatant that Lynas has been given the unofficial official approval to go ahead ... to hell with any government or independent body assessments and rakyat's opposition.

And did you know that Lynas' share price in the Australian Stock Exchange went up after they got the TOL?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The anticipated poisons from Lynas is really a major concern.
Look at the way bn bulldozed and fastracked the poison plant .
The same will happen again if the bn is still in power by 2003 to build 2 nuclear reactor.

ABU is the only way out.
I don't see any Bn supporters cheering or smiling anymore.

najib manaukau said...

Why don't the Australian build Lynas in Australia ?
Surely they do not have the problem of finding a piece of land to do so. Why ? May be the deceitful and corrupted Umno scumbags and parasites have an answer.

Minah said...

I live in Kuantan. We Kuantanites do not fear the Lynas issue at all.
We live happily here. It's the non-Kuantanites who flock our town that's poluuting the air.
Shame on you guys. Go back to where you belong.

wake up said...

minah whoever you are. if the next time anyone at all who is dear to you suffer the effect of the radiation or the toxic waste, regret will be too late. you are not talking of flu or sneezing here. we are talking about cancer, deformity,human suffering,death,destroyed land and environment which the effect will last hundreds of years.Do you know that the australian government doesnt even allow the plant to be built on their land and THEY WILL NEVER ACCEPT BACK THE WASTE?. Wake up , if the plant is good the white man would have kept it for themselves. Do you think they are so generous to share it with the people of Kuantan?

Anonymous said...

Dear Minah

If you are really from Kuantan and you really believe what you wrote,
I can only shake my head at your gullibility and your willingness to believe Lynas propaganda.

Assoc Prof Dr Phua Kai Lit
(public health professor and anti-Lynas Kuantan Boy)