Thursday, February 23, 2012


Under intense pressure and after impassioned appeals from netizens bent on public order, the Board of Directors will make an unprecedented decision.

The following THREE, one taiko and two tai-sohs from the MCA will spend time in the FART CHAMBER until such time NATT (National Association of Tow Truckers) deem that these 3 have been appropriately detoxed.





Earlier on during the deliberation, the Board of Directors directed that no comments should be entertained. As owner/operator of the Fart Chamber, they respected my veto.

NATT has volunteered a crane to assist Mem Gissok Mem’s husband when he has to perform the necessary SIT ON maneouvres.

Please be civil in comments as we have ladies in the chamber.


Anonymous said...


bruno said...

The more they keep on bitching like real bitches,the chances are greater that they will one day land themselves in one of the rooms above the kopitems in Chulia Street.

Jessie Ooi said...

What Have I Done Wrong To Deserve The fart Chamber ?

shanghai fish said...

For the benefit of all who cannot understand the 1st.comment in Chinese above, here it is:

"Lim and Chua Soi Lek before the debate, he did not take any personal attacks, but the other hand, in the debate, Dr Chua Soi Lek has adopted a strategy of personal attacks!!!"

zorro said...

Thanks Shanghai for the translation. You are officially appointed at emiritus translator in this blog.

zorro said...

Jessie, I will let the readers hear answer your query. Be civil people, yah?

Anonymous said...

I was really amazed we still have bitch like this so called Jess or by whatever name in MCA. This finally proved that if we have po_n_tar quality heading a party what does one expect la. She is a typical by-product and a total disgrace to the whole Malaysian chinese women community, by shouting thru her stinking mouth instead thru her brain in the debate. On one side, I bet if she has any.
If our chinese community has such member or leader like her in future, god help us. This rude and rowdy MCA member reflects the general state of the party today. The party is long gone, lacking vision. Hmmm….has it ever occurred to you folks that she could have done this deliberately? May be she was paid to do it. May be she thought this could gain her ‘fame’ nationally. I hope rakyat will kick this bitch itchy butt and her po_nst_r president out for good come GE13.

Anonymous said...

Just looking at these 3 shit faces makes me vomit. A real disgrace to the whole malaysian chinese community whom they claim to represent. Zorro, u r dead right to put them in the fart chamber. Detoxing them will will surely bring them back to sanity. They have been pumped with so much po_rn shit in their heads for too long.

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious she did not even know what wrong she has done in the debate. In the very first place how can this dumb dumb female became a "BELIAWANIS CHIEF" in MCA. Its amazing indeed. Just answer one simple question. Why millions of malaysian chinese have migrated or worked overseas all these years and the number still increasing day by day? And you can bet that many many of them, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers went with a very very heart. What have you all so called chinese rep in MCA done?.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Jessie. NIAMAH! Sorry, I meant Patrick Teoh's blog by that name. Whatever! Well this is what Patrick has to say about you:

"And I never understood why the "debate" was about Chinese issues only. And why there were questions from the floor about the Penang flers towing away illegally parked cars even though it was late at night and there was no traffic. As though she is implying that laws only work during normal office hours. But I like that woman who asked the question. She shows she has balls. I mean, not many people would dare stand up in public and admit that they are stupid. Well done, madam!"

Hey, he is complimenting you but doesnt know your name - JESSIE OOI. At least you had balls while your fellow male members sat quietly while you terror, terror. Well. Niamah... again refering to the referable. Zorro is very strict on his blog in regards to the unmentionables unless... Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Just one comment, shut your stinking mouth and 5Ds -dudok diam diam dapat duit- from the UMNO masters. After 55 long yrs, we have enough of "wayang kulit" from you guys.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

She is way off her mark by accusing PR Penang Island Govt for high local assessment tax .But a total silent when it comes to local council election issue.

Her question or rather her anger toward towing away vehicles at night is rather bitchy.
It means that she will not stop at any traffic RED LIGHTS as there are no incoming vehicles !
Same level of thinking as Kalau Tak Ada Polis , saya boleh pandu dan pakai handphone.

Very sure that she went to school but does not mean that she received education.
This is an extremely polite and civil minded comment from me ever.

Jong said...

Undoubtedly that tow-trucker was a picture of a woman scorned, knotted in much hatred that even Lim Guan Eng felt extremely embarrassed and eerily uncomfortable.

Not only was the question asked of no relevance to the Debate but the way she snarled at LGE, was utterly disgraceful!

Too bad MCA, that was a little over-done, better luck next time!

Anonymous said...

May I conclude that the 30 sec fame actually confused the whole nation why is she so angry about such peanuts irrelevant questions towards the actual topic of the debate, and worst still the emotional aspect had also reflect another strong public perception on the quality of her wholesome education. Can be scary to even sit next to someone like the said lady.

Anonymous said...

She means : after 10.30pm in Penang (ONLY), park lah suka-hati as u wish & like loh !!

Anonymous said...

btw : the debate was in Chinese mandarin , BUT not a single Chinese word can be seen on stage !?
So, may i suggest pls let the organiser masuk your chamber too , ok !?

Anonymous said...

Thats MCA for you! Cannot have an honest and gentlemanly dialogue....
This chinkus are supposed to talk about their 2000 years civilised world but my friendly dog can behave intelligently than that tow truck mistress of CSL.
Jeez ! I m waiting for an encounter with one of this chinkus from MCA when they come calling during GE!
I would love cutting them to pieces during their dialogues with the people!