Thursday, February 23, 2012


For the men in uniform who joined the police or the army for the true reason of serving the community and acting as protector and defender of the people. Remember you join the force to be a hero of the people and not to cause harm or injure your own people.

Please think and act according to your conscience and to serve the people of the almighty against the evil politicians out to hold on to power at all cost.

Be a true Hero and Defender of the people and not a servant of the evil politician.

Your oath is to protect the country. If a government has wronged the country and its rakyat, it is your sworn duty to protect the rakyat if a government is damaging the country.

When Malaysians gather in Kuantan, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Ipoh and Johor this SUNDAY do take care of us and if the occasions demand protect us the rakyat.


Anonymous said...

An army friend once told me that the reason why he joined the army was to kill people. If you have no guts to kill people then you're not fit to be in the army. To protect the country requires you to be braved enough to kill if the condition calls for it.

zorro said... how many did he kill?

najib manaukau said...

First and foremost those in uniform both the police and the armed forces have only unemployable people in their ranks. A prideful parents would not have their children seen in both uniforms if they can help it.
Only when their children cannot get any employment and as a last resort they will reluctantly permit their children to be in the police or the armed forces.
I would rather have my children beg on the streets than to wear the uniform of a police or that of the armed forces in Malaysia !

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.25, sorry to say that your friend is a misguided soul. One joins the army to be actively involved to protect the country from its enemies and if need be to kill the enemies. If the idea of joining any of the defence or security forces such as the police is to kill indiscriminately such as the cases of death in custody, then those who commit such heinous crimes against humanity should be the ones to be tried and punished according to the law.

As it is we have too many trigger happy morons in the police force who kill first so that no questions would be asked as to their questionable criminal acts. In many cases the victims have been taken out without giving them an opportunity to defend or prove their innocence.

What we hear of those victims are that they were armed to the teeth with parangs, knives and and samurai swords and the poor policeman armed with ONLY a pistol or a sub-machine gun had no alternative but to kill.

The day our security forces especially the police understand their duty to the nation and the rakyat and act accordingly to protect them, it is very difficult to respect or treat them as friends. They have more often than not acted in the interest of UMNO/BN to the detriment of the rakyat and the nation.

Hope officers with a modicum of intelligence, integrity and calibre in our present police force and future generations will place the welfare of the rakyat and the nation as the top priority and not suck up to the government of the day for fast-track promotions.

We have seen too many police officers who had sold their soul to the devil such as the one who carried a mattress as evidence or the over-zealous state police chiefs who ordered all candle light vigils as a threat to national security and unleashed his police hounds put up road blocks, thrash and suffocate the innocent citizens with tear gas at rallies.

For their above unreasonable and stupid acts they got promoted as IGP, DIGP, etc.

When a new government takes over, all the above morons who have contributed to the prevalent anarchy in the country should be tried and punished severely so as to send a strong message to all the security personnel that they are mere servants of the rakyat and not their OPPRESSORS.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.11am

I applaud your position that these 'law enforcement' people who are crooked will be punished by the new government.

In my heart, I would love to see that happen.

In REAL life, because this may happen to them, these crooked people will make sure that there will NOT be a new government ... even if it means other people may have to lose their lives.

Bringing Malaysia out of the hell that Barisan Nasional has created requires all Malaysians to first look at how we can each other hope that we can live a good life without having to be corrupted or harm others. Not all the crooked "law enforcement" people wanted to be crooked by choice. If you are earning RM1,500 each month as a policeman, with 4 kids and house/car mortgages and kids education et. al., there are not many life's choices.

Let us, rakyat Malaysia, not condemn that all law enforcement people are corroked and all crooked "law enforcement" people are crooked by choice. Lest we have so few left to keep security in the country and need United Nation to send its peacekeepers to enforce laws in Malaysia.

I may be ranting but I believe.

NK Khoo said...

Do spend time reading my blog :

My stand for Lynas is clear. Thorium will be the future nuclear fuel. The waste will be black gold in future if we can ensure proper waste storage.

zorro said...

nk, Malaysia has enough resources if sourced correctly. Nuclear fuel is expensive and we dont need black gold. Its all about money, no? Send the waste back to Mt Weld to be processed. Why can't everything be processed (rare earth & its waste) in Perth? Because WA will not allow it, the people in Perth will not allow it!

wongty robert said...

Uniformed personnel, in PDRM, Armed Forces or Rela, should be fully aware of JUST one issue and that is, this Sunday gathering has nothing to do with party politics, it is about protecting the health and well being of Malaysians, not immediate but in years to come especially children and babies to be borne. But most important of all, this toxic waste does not come from Malaysia but being imported into the country, our home, on the approval and invitation of the present government!
This is not an issue of opposing the ruling government for the sake of opposing, it is all about Malaysians' health and well being and uniformed personnel are not excluded when the sickness starts as all of us will be drinking the same contaminated water, breath the same contaminated air, eat the same rice, vegetables harvested from the same contaminated soil!

Anonymous said...

UMNO/BN rule over the past 30 odd years especially since the time of the evil Mamak a/l Mohamad Kutty has deteriorated to that of Zimbabwe where the Mamak's soul mate Mugabe rules supreme.

The pseudo Malay Mamak was the originator and creator of unbridled corruption, corruption, rent seeking, ali baba business schemes and the plunderer and rapist of the NEP.

In his eagerness to portray himself as a Malay and Muslim that the real Malays of the country, he made bloody fools of the Malays by making them believe that they do not have the grey matter to compete with the other races. He gave them crutches and spoon-fed them with the belief that all the others are pendatangs (except himself of course) out to steal their rice bowls and make them paupers.

He made sure the Malays believe his rigmarole by a complete clamp down on all the mass media. He created his perverted version NAZI GERMANY through his authoritarian control of UMNO/BN.

If there was a most evil man in the likes of HITLER,he is no other than the Kerala Mamak Kutty. His style of governance has all the hallmarks of Nazi and the Apartheid government of South Africa.

This recalcitrant and evil man is so scared that all his loot will be seized by a new government that he is still spewing vitriol on DSAI who he still perceives as his arch enemy.

He is obsessed that he, his corrupted family members and cronies will be thrown in jail that he still keeps raving and ranting though he is already for all intents and purposes a dead zombie with only his paid supporters to listen to his drivel.

Hope the Malays in the security forces (PDRM) wake up from their money induced slumber and get rid of this devil and his NAZI/APARTHEID regime.

Take back the country from this Mamak and his RABID, CORRUPTED AND ARROGANT followers for your future generation to live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

PDRM protect the country and the citizens and not the corrupt morons running and ruining the county.