Saturday, February 25, 2012


In Malaysia, lawyers and chief justices think nothing of entering into business partnerships together and securing government projects to the tune of billions of ringgit. And to further add salt to the conspiracy is the fact that Zaki was a former UMNO lawyer turned Chief Justice and Hafarizam was the UMNO lawyer on duty during the Perak crisis. This shows the extent of UMNO’s involvement in the massive corruption of the Malaysian judiciary. Not only is UMNO awarding public funded projects to those who have served their interests but UMNO is also propagating the further corruption of civil institutions that are supposed to act independently of the executive, and who have sworn to protect the public.

It is vital that the UMNO lawyer and the former Chief Justice clear the air so as to return a measure of credibility to the legal fraternity. In most developed countries, judges and especially chief justices keep an arms length from lawyers because they don’t want to be accused of bias or bringing the judiciary into disrepute. The stricter judges do not even socialize with lawyers.




Anonymous said...

one for you, ten for UMNO.

its enough crumps, zorro for the china dgos and thambys

Anonymous said...


Before you bark about corruption in UMNO. Your PR aint clean either. PKR's sand mining issue is a clear case of corruption. RPK have provided all the facts and details. So, please dont only say UMNO is corrupted and be quiet about PR's shit.

Anonymous said...

no soiled leg's picture?

bruno said...

The reason Sam Ulu should not be angry is because he has already stolen billions from the Indian community and Malaysians alike.It is now time to make room for the smaller fishes before they get the boot in GE 13th.

Taubat said...

Uncle Zorro
I support your passionate plea to get rid of corruption !
I just wish somone can help to translate your entires into Bahasa Malaysia so that your points can reach out widely.
As we know many Msians now have no understanding of even basic Englsih.
Thank you very much. Peace & ABU.

zorro said...

Anon150pm....either you dont read well or you have short memories. I never spare any Pakatan party for alleged misteps.

Why don't you go to these recent two postings:



Anonymous said...

Unbelievable as it may seem, there are still drongos around who find blatant and unconscionable corruption practices undertaken by Umno acceptable!! With drongos like these, is it any wonder why corruption and the looting of the public purse are now part and parcel of government's modus operandi!1

Your Mother in Law said...

"After doing the best I could for Patrina and Kevin I would want my grandsons Bernard, Ryan and Patrick and whoever Kevin fathers, to remember that their grandpa tried his best to make this a better world for them"

Deyyy...racist china man... you are one fucking 'fire stone' (batu api). you are not at all helping your grandsons for a better world. you continue to add petrol into already burning substance..

you are just another freak enjoying every fighting among the races... I will definitely spit on your ugly face one day!

Take your grandson into the jungle...the monkeys will treat them better!


Ah Bar Gor said...

Is the RM589 million out-of-court settlement of Tajudin Ramli’s debts proof Malaysians today are still paying for RM100 billion Mahathir financial scandals?

Anonymous said...

...and they only eat Wagyu beef without necessarily knowing it's merits except that it's expensive!With billion ringgit contracts served on platters,they'll continue merrily!Shameless!

zorro said...

Dear Your Mother in Law, how did you manage to come back to life. My Mother in Law died years ago. Why wait for one day to spit on me. Tell me where you are and at least give me a name and I will come to you. You can spit on me until you cannot anymore! Can ah? I will come to you with a photographer, and nobody else. Good to have proof that you have the guts to do as promised.Say when?

Anonymous said...

Samy No Value should explain the millions of ringgit "lost" in the sad saga of United Asian Bank, Maika Holdings,Batu Caves,etc etc, death of that Indian girl, first. Then and only then he might have a tiny bit of credibility. I doubt if he will.