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Unknown said...

Huh? Just another Dud

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,

May I digress. What's your take on the recent happenings with your friend, Zaid Ibrahim and his party.

You were rooting for him in the PKR election, he would have tell you his secrets since you are his buddy.

zorro said...

Anon1235am...of course you may digressfor a purpose. Of course I rooted for him! I even asked him to cut out of the race. He did! I even questioned him about his aides. So what do you want to know about Zaid? The good or the ugly? The good will fill volumes and there is no space her....the ugly.....here it is....well hardly any that I can think of unless you want to know when he forgot to brush his teeth or when he forgot to take his spare keys....thats about it....now you happy....sorry you cannot take back anything to your masters! GOTCHA!

new fart said...

Good one Bernard! Kick these assholes!

Anonymous said...

Unck or Oink Zorro

No wonder you are a loser. You support losers like Anwar, Mat Sabu and Zaid and LGE and Karpal.
Stupid old man.

Maimunah said...

In Malaysia, despite all the hue and cry, mass registration for citizenship is ongoing without the need to meet the conditions so long as they are Muslim.

An Indonesian labourer is given PR within one year of her arrival in Malaysia and then years later, citizenship. Now she is a bumiputera and enjoying all the special privileges accorded to them, where else the Chinese and Indians who have been citizen for ages and have contributed so much to the country is treated like 2nd-class or even 3rd-class citizens

One day, Malaysia will be colonised again by foreigners, who will proclaim Malaysia as a republic, whereby the royalty is dethroned as was the case in their countries. God save our king!

Anonymous said...

Namewee would cry out loud

Anonymous said...

Najib should use TAX PAYERS' money for eductaion and not BRAG that GAMBLING PROFIT would be channelled to some schools annually through a fund called ‘Community Chest’.

IF NAJIB IS A TRUE GOD FEARING MUSLIM HE SHOULD DISTANCE HIMSELF FROM THE "COMMUNITY CHEST" THAT COMES FROM GAMBLING instead of supporting such fundings as though it is from the government coffers.


Anonymous said...

Anon @2.53pm

"NAJIB" is another term for "HARAM". You are an idiot to think he give a hoot where the money comes from. He is very interested to know where the money is going to. His bank account, of course!

Now, would you stop wallowing about haram money or halal money. have you wonder whether the ringgit notes in your purse had travelled before ending up with you? Well ... let you imagination go wild!!!!

Anonymous said...

How come my 2 Indon cleaners with their Indon husbands and 7 kids all got Malaysian citizenship and declared bumiputras? Malaysia Boleh!

limkamput said...

It is not coincidental UMNO has decided to appeal more to the Malay voters because they have done their maths. First, they possess the advantage to draw and redraw constituencies to favour voters supporting UMNO. Second, they have systematically allowed Muslim immigrants to outnumber the Chinese, Indians and non Muslim bumi in Sabah and Sarawak. In fact many non Malays have left the country not to return again. Such a strategy can only be based on one assumption – that the majority of the Malays are still in favour of exclusiveness, privileges and supremacy. So I am not exactly sure the the “coalition that is able to win across the traditional fault lines of race, religion and regions takes Federal power”. On the PR side, why do you think PAS suddenly resurrected the hudud? For Middle Malaysia? Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

most malays complaint about power abuse and corruption. this reflect badly on the community. from mahathir, abdullah badawi to najib, much have been highlighted on these matters. hopefully malay leaders will be wary of those attempting to corrupt malay minds on these cancerous issues eg there are malays who criticise the non malays for discriminating the malays but in the same breath, malays themselves are not helping the malays to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Razak said NEP was for 20 years. What happened after 20 years and now 40 years later? Najib does not have to be philosophical; he needs only to honour his father’s promise and stop NEP straightaway. He can easily use the correct and relevant statistics to confirm that NEP target has been achieved. But he chose to give empty talks. The Calicut Indian’s son also cried claiming that he could not change Malays’ mindset. Out of power, he said that Malays have short history compared to Chinese and Indians and they must be protected forever. That is UMNO talk. Najib is aping that Mamak. What is new?