Monday, December 28, 2009



I was on Karen's cell phone talking to my three grandsons in the Bahamas when my own cell phone "croaked" an incoming call.
It was a call from Mary Maguire, our direct link to Antares. I told Mary that I will return her call after the Bahamas call. Mary gave me a progress report of Antares. I suggested to Mary, who is Antares direct neighbor to blog on his progress and that we would pick up her link for our readers. She did just that:

My dear friend and fellow ecowarrior, Antares ( has been battling severe Malaria for the last 4 days. He's currently in ICU and today has started to show signs of improvement.  He's already off dialysis and the doctors are starting to try and wean him off the ventilator.  It's amazing how many people have been sending love, healing energies and prayers his way and I'm sure that they are really having a positive effect.  So thanks to all and keep it coming.  

Go HERE for Mary's full report......






ellizie said...

ZORRO! R u sure this Mary knows her facts? I m very upset w the severe distortion of the facts...Then there are the well-meaning but totally misguided people who were insisting he should be given this or that wonder medicine and then being abusive to his family when they politely declined. One couple even forced their way into a family briefing with the doctor and then were rude to his family.(I was invited by the Doctor!,because I was once a goverment doctor in that hospital!? my husband did not attend because they were rude esp the husband's of Moonlake?) I mean really, what planet are these people from I wonder?(B careful of your mouth!) Maybe the same planet as all the other misguided folk who continue to support this corrupt government(hello!! r u allowed to vote in this country n did you get the REAL info? n taken the trouble to varify the facts before making your infantile comments?) and those that have lost their connection with mother earth and are destroying the environment for personal gain. I wish they'd all balik kampung.( i think u probably the one that should go back where you belong!)

ellizie said...

Wrong move Bernard... I have never been to her blog, it is disgusting... she is a foreingner renting a house for RM300, next to Anterez...I suggested to Mary, who is Antares direct neighbor to blog on his progress and that we would pick up her link for our readers. She did just that:
We probably need to check her presence in this country!!! May be send by Najis..

pinsysu said...

dear Lord

I pray for Your healing touch on bro antares. make every part of his body function the way you designed it to. heal him of malaria that's ravaging his body. strengthen his body to successfully to overcome the disease, and when he sleeps may he wake up completely rested, rejuvenated and refreshed. in Jesus most precious name i pray. amen.

Patricia said...

Thank you for the updates, Zorro. You've kept me from going nuts wondering how he was doing.


Arthur A said...

Hey Antares, wishing you a speedy recovery. Your work is not done on earth yet. A lot is still awaiting for you to accomplish. Though we would like you to rest well enough first before you continue to do your blogging.

God Bless You, Antares

Belle said...

I just saw my dad and he managed to open his eyes and even smile!!!! Words can't describe how happy and relieved we are. He's got most of the tubes out and hopefully when we see him again later he won't need any tubes at all. The parasites have been wiped out and they're expecting him to be out of ICU within the next day or two. I told him that everyone is praying for him and sending him love. Thanks so much for all your healing and support. His 60th birthday on Jan 7th will be a day of celebrating his "re-birth" :)

telur dua said...

It is not time yet. Get well soon , brother. We still have a lot of unfinished business.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians generally are a very caring bunch. They are essentially sincere, humble and concerned for the welfare their fellow Malaysians. Do when we get news a good caring Malaysian is very ill and warded in ICU, we all wish him well with God's speed. But when we do have other Malaysians who harp on race, religion and other social/public insensitivities, we do not hesistate to give our strongest condemnation in the most harshest tone. Politicians especially, irregardless whether they are from the Barisan or Pakatan camp. We are all humans under the Malaysian sun. Not because of our skin colour, religion or political principles. Like so many Malaysians, I wish Antares a speedy recovery because we like to care and love.
malsia 1206

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

uncle Bernard,

Good day to you.

My many thanks to you since the first of your comment in my blog a year ago.
In fact, I admired your courage and enthusiasm in chasing for your dream(s)-in my perception, a better living country.

I get shocked that you are too well of knowing this fella named [Antares]. Perhaps I wrong; but if what I digest from your blog here shows that you do care for your "buddy".

Ones I couldn't be in same path with you is that this fella (allow me to call him MORON for once here, as he did in commenting to my in my writing unfavorable against Anwarism), is totally a SICK guy!!


2. The Reel Of Defection (part II)

3. The Depressed highAIM tobe PM (part II)

I posted the above links for your perusal, uncle Bernard. Fair and be conscience to judge.

Many thanks again for reading here.

Best Regards
(only to you and others except the said MORON - Antares)


zorro said...

Ellizie....I really do not care what transpired during visits to Antares. When Boom, Rodi visited him we too were subjected to questions about our relationship to Antares. When we finally able to see him we had to don garments provided. We saw his charts and a good lady doctor was very accommodating.

This is no time to be bitching about who is right or who is wrong. All our energies and thoughts should be positively directed on Antares pulling thru. I am sure we all like that, whether one likes him or otherwise, because at the end of the day we don't want to be like Sister Stella who pronounced Antares as past tense. Come on people, will him to pull thru.

Anonymous said...

Hey JP,

There's no bigger MORON than yourself and to top it off you're a "no-go-to-shkewl-wan" moh-lon from the way you write. Have a Happy New Year Moh-lon... :)