Tuesday, December 22, 2009



APCO Worldwide Opens in Malaysia

Firm to assist new Malaysian government in strengthening communication

Hong Kong (August 10, 2009) – APCO Worldwide, continuing to broaden its activities in Asia, is opening a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Margery Kraus, president and chief executive officer, announced today. Among the office’s first clients is the Government of Malaysia under the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak.
Malaysia continues to demonstrate that it is a major player in Asia, one of the great manufacturing nations for electronics and a sophisticated participant in global markets across many sectors,” said Kraus. “APCO’s ability to leverage strategic communication capabilities across borders mirrors the kind of leverage Malaysia has achieved in its approach to business and trade, making this a natural location for our expansion.”

One of the first clients of APCO’s new office will be the Malaysian government, which is retaining APCO to assist in evaluating its capabilities to communicate through new media. APCO will also assist the Malaysian government’s new leadership by sharing recent developments in strategic communication undertaken by governments in Europe, North America and Africa. Separately, APCO will be providing support in Washington, D.C., to Malaysia’s ambassador to the United States.

“As Malaysia moves forward, the government wants to ensure that it is able to provide information to the public quickly and transparently, making use of all relevant new technologies,” said Kraus. “Our team in Kuala Lumpur will include seasoned professionals from many countries, including Malaysia, who are on the cutting edge of new media. They will work to assist in strengthening the government’s online and other strategic communication capabilities to speed the delivery of accurate information to the media and public.”  




"I don't have time to entertain them (allegations)."


" I have nothing to say."

 Firm to assist new Malaysian government in strengthening communication.





backStreetGluttons said...

Haha !

a stunning stinging Z rebuke to the

all publish cock only !

Anonymous said...

Pak Zorro,

APCO will teach these anjing anjing UMNO/BN how to package what they want to say to the Rakyat and international audience?

They will polish up they way they disseminate info on jet engine lost, PKFZ, etc. Important to use the proper choice of words so that they news goes down well with us.

This is called PR.

Use our money again to pay APCO to proof read their press release and teach these anjing anjing new English vocabulary.

and there are some jakuns who say they feel weird listening to spoken English.

Matilah kita. kena bayar dan bayar besar.


Trashed said...

I don't envy APCO's position.

How to conduct a PR campaign when your subject matter can't follow the basic tenets ?

They will find that the tools of the information age are going to be working against them instead of for them.

APCO better quit while the going is good !!!

nstman said...

I think Najib doesnt trust his media jakuns led by chief jakun Ahmad Talib. Ahmad talib is an idiot of the first category. He is paid millions to do a simple job of making Najib look good but so far he has been an abject failure. His fealty, his grovelling defence of an incompetent Umno have turned the NST into a laughing stock.

nick said...

APCO maybe a sister company of ACME (the preffered supplier of all whatcamacallit for Wile E Coyote).

A cartoon company working for real live evil beings.... No happy ending there.. NO for APCO and surely not for those evil beings too!

APCO, go back to the states and better yet, get a job with WB and replace the ACME corporation.


Anonymous said...

cuti..oops..curi curi curi 1malaysia !!!

Anonymous said...

Another con job to milk millions from us poor Malaysians.


Kalambong said...

It's a propaganda machine.

I have met them in the States.

They are good, I must say. They can turn shit into gold, well ... at least they can turn shits into something sounds like gold !!

zorro said...

Kalambong...good one that alchemist bit!

Nstman....is NST (not so trustworthy) going free too?

zorro said...

backStreetGlutton.....terror lah you

Screw APCO said...

Yeah, APCO will be so good that it will rewrite the two jet engines lost by the RMAF into "Malaysia donates two old jet fighter engines to Third World banana republic."
The PKFZ fiasco becomes: "Top Malaysian politicians and businessmen turn PKFZ into money-making machine."
And if Malaysia ever loses one of its submarines to theft, the APCO PR spin will be:
"Malaysia protests war and violence, shows sincerity by throwing one submarine away."
Way to go APCO, and by the way why don't you yankees go back home and screw all your mummies! Nobody with any brains here will believe the spin and shit you churn out.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro
This APCO is another species from the Planet of URKO, which founded a party UPKO in sabah. It could be related to Anifart-chap fella, now licking asses of Bijan and Roasted Porky Pig, everyone knows who these faeces are.

Anyway, there goes our tax-payers money down the drain, 60% to APCO/URKO/UPKO and the balance 40% to Tuya-Tuya Foundation, founded on F-5E jet engines....

Only in the Land of Monkeys, the world will able to see Big Fat Babboon and Big Fatty Boar milking the Peoples Monies.


draken said...

Since the badly tarnished name of NST is mentioned here, might as well add in my two pennies worth about the paper that's going to the dogs. Recently, an insider told me that the circulation had hit below 100k threshold for the first time. At one time it was 95,000 only or even below, a far cry from the heydays of 140,000 plus. Pathetic, now that it's under the yoke of ketuanan Melayu. Be ready for their grand plan to revamp the rag sometime in January or maybe February under the critical eye of their production editor and his young team of journos, warts and all.

In fact, I was informed by immpecable sources that they had planned to start a Sabah/Sarawak edition which required a separate editorial team to produce it but somehow, suddenly, the plan has been left to hang dry on the clothes line. They had also planned to go high tech and all that with various committees formed to work out things, but again things went blanko and when asked what next, everyone gave a blank look, I was told.

And they also have a new 5-year plan to take the NST to the stratosphere. Maybe that's where the two missing jet engines had been commissioned.

LC Teh said...

nstman, go ahead and insult those nincompoops up there. But please don't insult the Jakuns...

Anonymous said...

Hello its our country you are talking about.....shouldn't we have the best helping us show our best face.

Imagine the havoc our man in Washington might create if his hands were not held by APCO....he he he


Old Fart said...

APCO's principal responsibility : To determine rebuttals and responses to allegations against Rosmah!

Does her responses to questions directed at her so far indicate any measure of her intelligence? Or does it appear that they might be responses determined by APCO? Don't know la!!

Anonymous said...

No matter how much you spend to dress-up the naked truth the tsunami when it come, as it did for Tiger Woods when he crashed into that tree, all will be exposed. I would like my government to spend that money on other more needed areas.

We are playing football and not handball. So we must follow basic rules. Othewise other countries are going to tell us how to run you country. I hope that a leader will put up his hand and give credence to the difference between a wise man and a fool. The wise man does at the beginning what the fool does at the end.Ramalx