Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My dad's completely off the ventilator and all other support machines/drugs and even trying to speak although he's still rather weak. So nice to see him without all those tubes which I'm sure were really uncomfortable. Nurses say he's making major progress. He's not up for visitors yet as he still needs to regain his strength and energy but oh boy, is he feeling your love and I'm sure he's very grateful. My Dad will be back on his feet in no time jumping from rock to rock :)

Yup Antares is Back and more importantly so is my Daddy-ums :)

December 29, 2009 2:05 PM

People see how powerful this energy called LOVE is......continue to blast him with this until we get him out of bed. Meantime



Anonymous said...

Sorry Uncle Zorro,
this may be out of topic but gotta share this "MALAYSIA'S BEST B.S. FOR 2009", extracted from The Star.... Well pity Karuppannan to be posted in Lebanon and may he escape from all-round C4 explosion.


Published: Tuesday December 29, 2009 MYT 1:57:00 PM
Malaysian diplomat to Washington bids goodbye

One of the most exciting things for the US, according to Karuppannan, was the election of Najib.

The US was also happy to welcome Dr Jamaludin as Malaysia’s new ambassador, he said. -- Bernama

Richard Loh said...

Thank you GOD, Love is indeed what we need the most in this sick country. My wish is for Antare's to fully recover and join fellow Malaysians in welcoming the New Year.

1CaringSociety said...

Glad to hear that Antares is well on the road to full recovery. So glad too that many friends and even strangers have come together to offer strength and prayers, in times of need.

For the future of our children in this country with many potential, this should be the values and culture we impart, irrespective of colour or creed.

May you you be well and healthy.

nstman said...

Praise the Lord. Antares will come back even stronger and continue the struggle agaisnt Umno and its liars.

shanghaistephen said...

This is indeed very good news ...Praise the Lord ! And Antares ....your work is not done here yet, heaven can wait, Okay ! Will knock glasses when you're out and about soon ! Cheers bro !

Anonymous said...

The power of love is mighty strong it helped restore Antares so maybe it can be used to bring down this terrible government. Instead of letting them get us mad lets collectively blast them with love...it'll totally freak them out. I also suggest that the opposition parliamentarians laugh raucously out loud every time a BN member says anything.

jokersland said...

Athough I don't know personally, But I'm feeling a great great relief to hear that you are alright. Best regards and cheers brother.

storm62 said...

where's the idiot stella, is she dead?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Extremely glad to know that our friendly blogger Antares aka Kit Lee is recuperating well .
Uncle Zorro, pls let Antares know that we wishes him Happy New Year and get out of the gloomy hospital bed soon.

pinsysu said...

Dear Lord

Thank you for answering our prayers. Pls continue to take good care of bro antares & make him healthy & strong again.


Anonymous said...

Glad Antares is well.
Since it is obvious no one else is going to do it, I would like to express my thanks to the doctors and nurses at Sg Buluh Hospital who worked tirelessly to save him.

Belle said...

My Dad is off the drip and was able to speak softly today. Best of all he was moved out of ICU into a ward. He's requested for some time to recover before having any visitors as he's still tired and regaining his energy. I'm sure with your continuous love and energy transmissions his "batteries" will be fully recharged in no time.... thanks once again to everyone for your prayers, blessings, positive intentions and thoughts.

Malaysian Unplug said...

Dear Mr. Khoo

Thank you for keeping track on Anatares' condition

Do keep us informed when Antares will be fit enough to leave the hospital.

Thank you

Anonymous said...


2010 will see one big important politician die heart attack. so let us hope that fat fella is the one.

Anonymous said...

GODbless to all !