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My Dad is off the drip and was able to speak softly today. Best of all he was moved out of ICU into a ward. He's requested for some time to recover before having any visitors as he's still tired and regaining his energy. I'm sure with your continuous love and energy transmissions his "batteries" will be fully recharged in no time.... thanks once again to everyone for your prayers, blessings, positive intentions and thoughts.

December 30, 2009 3:19 PM


Readers of this blog would have realized that over the week I only blogged on ANTARES. I was not going to be distracted by anything else, even the festivities around us. The concerted positive qi we have all expended on Antares is seeing him through the critical stretch. He is off the ventilator, the dialysis machine and the tubes are unplugged. After her 4:30pm visit Mary Maguire informed me that it was possible that Antares would be out of the ICU today. We will remain focused until we hear that he is pushed out of the ICU to gather strength in the ward. As such it would not be advisable to visit him except for his immediate family.  You and I know how INTENSE this guy is…..he will tire and we don’t want that from him. There will be lots of time for him to verbalise his experience.


There you New Year gift granted....Antares will be fine. After posting this I will head for the Jalan Duta court, 4th floor to hear if Catholics are allowed to call on God as Allah. If yes, this would be a good start to a New Year, yes?


avagdro said...

Thank you Zorro for sharing.Wish you a joyful New Year ahead.

Always Keep Smiling!
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Richard Loh said...

A true New Year gift. My prayer will continue till he is fully recovered. When you can visit him, your well wishes to Antares will be mine as well. Thank you

Anonymous said...


petai goreng said...

so glad to hear Antares is improving.Ironical that a mossie can do so much damage to a great supporter of the nature/earth/ jungles and all associated with these.
God blest
lets have a party and make him the guest of honour once he is back to his normal self

Anonymous said...

GODbless !

Moonlake Lee said...

Hi Zorro

thanks for all your support, prayers and spreading the word about Antares. We truly appreciate it.

We were also very impressed with the calibre of the doctors at Sungei Buloh Hospital. Our dad couldn't have been in a better place :)

Happy New Year and Belated Birthday Wishes


Lynn said...

Hello Bernard

I'm avid follower of your blog almost nightly though I seldom comment. Just this once, I wanted to commend you for being such a true friend to Antares and being so determined to concentrate all energy, qi and prayers in ensuring he gets through this critical period.

God bless you for all you have done for Antares and for a better Malaysia. God bless Antares too and keep him safe and strong as we still need him to reclaim back our beloved Malaysia.

psc said...

god is great.thank u for taking care of antares.happy new year

Anonymous said...

Yes, God is indeed Great.
HE created wonderful kids like Belle and Moon, wonderful friends like Zorro, Art, Mary and many, many more.. and the good doctors at Sg. Buloh.
That dearly loved Antares is out of ICU is the best new year's gift.
Thank you, Allah.

Mary Maguire said...

Happy new era dear Zorro. Good to see that big smile back on your face. Antares is doing great and is ready for a few modest visits. Thanks for everything.

Moonlake Lee said...

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year and thanks for all your good wishes for our dad, Antares.

While he is out of ICU now, he still needs his rest - he has been having a steady stream of visitors and he hasn't had a chance to rest properly.

We would appreciate it if people could give him a little more time to recover before visiting him...

Please also hold off on the chocolates and alcohol for the time being as well - his system needs time re-group :) thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the Christian in Malaysia is so happy with the court decision about using the word Allah. Don't tell me about freedom of expression or religion! Freedom does not means insulting other people feelings.

Wenger J Khairy said...


I would be grateful if after reading this you may publish this on your blog. I have locked myself out of my blog and cannot publish this, but have been going from blog to blog to explain my stand on the "Allah" issue.

I am a Bible believing Christian.

The Bible was written in primarily Hebrew for the Old Testament and Greek in the New Testament. The Quran is written in Arabic. Both Hebrew and Arabic share a common language root - the Semitic language.

One glaring difference between the Semitic language and English, Chinese, Tamil or Malay for that matter is the use of plural. For example in Arabic, walad which is son and waladun refers to 2 sons,(if my Arabic still is fresh, I studied it in 2008). In Hebrew a similar distinction is made, but Hebrew also distinguishes up to the 3,. For English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay its just anak or anak-anak, there is no distinction.

The foundation of the Christian faith is the belief that Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, He is God incarnate. The concept of God is the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Hence when Hebrew refers to God, the term is Elohim, which is a trinunion as opposed to the singular or double. In fact there are so many exact Names of God mentioned in the Bible such as the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, the LORD, the Lord, the Righteous One, the Word of God. Each of these are specific mentions, for example the Word of God refers to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Muslims do not believe in this. Thats why they use the singular term - Allah. This is a fundamental difference and it is an important difference. Because Christians are only Christians because they believe that Jesus is God Himself, if not so, I do not know what they are believing in.

So it is a totally wrong decision for the High Court to rule that Allah can be used in the Bible. It should not and it must not. This is not a fight for rights, in fact, the Bible says for us to live peaceably with our neighbours. Remember, when Jesus was alive, Israel was an occupied Roman territory. Say what you want to say about this Government, they are no where comparable to the Romans, yet did the Lord Jesus Christ go and fight the Romans?

Even if the Bible that the East Malaysians had used centuries refer s to God as Allah it is by no means correct. A 200 year old mistake is still a 200 year old mistake.

Read the book of Daniel. God is 100% accurate to those who read and try to understand His Word. He predicted Alexander the Great, He predicted the formation of Israel 2000 years after the land had been laid desolate. God is never 50-50 or ambiguous.

In this matter, I am appalled that this case came up. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. When God is referred to in generic terms, the right term to use is Tuhan. When God is referred to specifically, if God is the Father, then the term is Bapa, if its the Lord Jesus Christ, then the term is Tuhan Yesus, if we are referring to Jesus. If we are referring to the triunion nature of God as in some places then use Eloheim.

God does not need any misrepresentation. He is all Powerful and all He desires is that we accept Jesus Christ as His free gift salvation, confess our sins and obey His word.

Allah which rejects the concept of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, is not a part of the Christian faith and should never be a part of the faith.

Gan said...

Zorro, how is Antares doing?

zorro said...

Why dont you click ANTARES on my blogroll on the right side-bar. He has begun blogging lately.