Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hold it people before we start making assumptions that Sister Stella is an UMNO Blogger. UMNO Bloggers, some of whom are still my friends, will never take this infantile route. This Sister Stella is a sicko who probably don’t have the scrotal gumption to put up his own blog.

I came home to moderate the last postings and this is the comment by this Sister Stella:

Anonymous said...
Sorry to inform you this way, kindly spread the message to all his friends as i do not have their contact numbers.
Antares had passed on to a better place at 10.40 pm on 26th december.
His family is devastated and are collecting their thoughts as to the best final remembrance for him

I will update on the ceremony as i get more info. Kindly pray for him. He is up there smiling at us. Do not be sad, it is not what he wants. Let his spirit guide you through this life.

- Sister Stella -

December 26, 2009 10:54 PM

This did not sound right. At Boom & Rodi’s earlier at 11.40pm last night we saw this  Facebook Message from Mary Maguire our direct contact:

Mary Maguire is feeling blessed to have so many good friends. Antares is a little better than yesterday. He has been taken off dialysis but is still fully sedated in ICU and is still in a critical condition. I'm certain he's receiving all your love and prayers and that they are really helping so please keep them coming. I'll let y...ou know when he is able to have visitors. Right now it's strictly family only.

I immediately asked Rodi to contact Mary. The message is a hoax. I spoke to Mary. She replied to this weirdo:

What kind of sicko freak are you Anonymous Sister Stella? Your comment about Antares is NOT TRUE in fact he has shown signs of improving health today.
I really don't know what you think you're achieving by spreading such nasty and malicious lies. Imagine how his family will feel if they read this you heartless and nasty person.

December 27, 2009 2:50 AM

People take heart. Antares has so many friends who have been praying and willing for him to come out of this. Do not then wish ill of this sister stella…..he already is ill.

Let's continue to will Antares to get well!  


Anonymous said...

Okay, I pray that Sister Stella will be made pregnant by Najis. Roastpork found out about it and blow her brains out and strap her with C4 and blow her into bit and pieces! that desperate woman got to do what she got to do in order not to jeopardise her chance of becoming the first lady of the Crime Minister!!

Kalambong said...

Dear Unker Zorro,

Hold your horses.

First of all, you do not know who posted that anonymous letter, even if it is signed "Sister Stella".

I, or anybody, for that matter, can go to any blog and post an anonymous message and sign "Zorro Unmasked" at the end of the message.

You, of course, are not the one who post that message, but your name has been implicated in the scheme nevertheless.

So hold your horses, Unker Zorro, until you can find out who posted that despicable message.

zorro said...

Kalambong,as a blog-owner I have the choice to publish or reject. I am not bothered WHO is the culprit. I posted it because of the WHAT (the contents) of a comment. I want my other readers to be aware of whackos in our midst. That is part of the responsibility of blog-owners. I have had imposters but the best part is that it was other readers who pointed out that it was not my style. I did not have to defend myself. I practise very little censorship. I reject only any comments that insult a commenter as in resorting to personal attacks in this comment box. I have allowed comments that wish me dead. It is OK because I know that when I should kick the bucket is not my choice.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Zorro when it comes to sickos they are like suckers, there's one born every minute. See how many are still voting the BN and you know what I mean. You can't win them all but sure fight them.


Belle said...

What goes around comes around "Sister Stella"... my Dad is doing well and progressing with each day. Stella I suggest you move to Hollywood to work for some D-grade gossip magazine as your skills would be much more appreciated there!

For the rest of you who love and support my Dad I will post updates on his progress as and when I know. At least you know it's coming from a reliable source. I'll also be posting updates on his facebook wall for those of you who have him as a FB friend

Belle (his No.2 daughter)

zorro said...

Antares' eldest daughter Moon posted this comment under my Friday posting. I am transferring it over here for continuity purpose:

Blogger Moonlake Lee said...

Hi Everyone

this is Moon, Antares' daughter. My sister, Belle and I, would like to thank everyone who has showed concern and love for our dad. Thanks for all your concern

Our dad's condition has improved but he is still in critical condition and not out of the woods yet. Please keep up the prayers and healing wishes.

Please note that he is under sedation (i.e not conscious) and in a weakened state. The doctors have advised to limit visits to immediate family for the time being - this is to minimize risk of infection to him.

My dad would be happier to see his friends when he is able to interact with them - not at this stage. You are most welcome to visit once he is out of the ICU and in the normal ward.

My sis and I will post updates on his Facebook wall so you can check there regularly to see how he is doing.

thanks again for all the love and concern. We appreciate it and we know Antares does too.

We also read the comment posted elsewhere by someone named Sister Stella last night informing everyone that our dad had passed away - i don't know who this person is or where they are from, but such comments are completely irresponsible because it is UNTRUE.

It not only causes distress to our family to have such false rumours spread about our father, but it also causes a ripple of anxiety, sadness and other emotions among our dad's friends who read the comment.

Please ignore any such comments about our dad's condition - we will update everyone on his situation. It will not be posted anonymously like that.

thanks once again

December 27, 2009 3:26 PM

GobloKing said...

Our thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery & for your family to be strong.
Definitely thinking of you

Yeah. You're right. YOU have the power to post, dlete or blast dickheads out through their a***

Whoever posted that sicko news should beware of the forces of karma bitchwhip.

Din said...


His own family is preventing his friends from visiting him at ICU, Sungai Buloh. That is why stories like the one you posted on your blog will sound credible. There is no way we can cross check the information.

When visiting him,Dr. Kamsiah and I were prevented from listening to the doctor who was briefed his daughters and relatives. I felt insulted and did not join. But Kamsiah stayed on to listen to the doctor. His wife Anura was not there at the briefing. At least, Kamsiah would be able to explain to her should anything negative happened.

The arrogance of his family members bordered on sheer rudeness, especially his kiasu dentist son-in-law from Singapore.---Din Merican

Anonymous said...

For fart's sake, plse place the Sister and also Mingguan Malaysia columnist Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah in the chamber.
Mr Tee degraded Malaysians in his latest column. He went as far as to compare the small muslim graves to the huge chinese graves.
His article is the worst racist column i have come across in my 62 years in Malaysia....

by Farthling

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Never indulge in a 'sick' joke
Choosing the wrong thing to poke
Quickly apologise with matter to revoke
Beware of punishment the heaven can invoke

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 271209
Sun. 27th Dec. 2009.

Walski69 said...

Uncle B - thanks for the heartening update - I had already reckoned that now wouldn't be a good time for Walski's visit to the kindred earth spirit, even though his healing takes place right around the corner from where I live.

Let's keep each other updated on his condition, and pray for his fast recovery.

BTW - a very happy birthday, sir!

Lao' Cha said...

Not a stellar performance from Sister Stella although I don't blame him for his unthoughtful prostatic ill wishes. I too had wish the same for some of our moronic leaders, but I must stress that my desire for such thoughts was intended solely for the well-being of the nation and its people.

Here is some well wishes for that Sister Stella fella. May you be bless with an ounce of scrotal gumption or a gram of cuntal fortitude which ever is appropriate for your existence. However, please do not reproduce any offspring since this country is already saturated with minions of sub-standard mentality.

storm62 said...


pls do us a favour, pls post this idiot's (sister stella) email and IP address here and leave the rest of the work to us.

to antares, be strong comrade and get well soon.

Belle said...

more good news: my Dad is gradually becoming less reliant on the drugs and machines to help his lungs and kidneys function. Definitely showing more progress each time we see him. He's still under sedation although I did read him some of the positive comments people having been leaving on blogs - so much love and suppor...t for him, no wonder he's recovering each day. Pls keep this love flowing towards him, I truly believe it's working :)


Wenger J Khairy said...

Good luck Bella,
Continue to support your dad in his fight, our best wishes for him. I do hope for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

May the healing energy of the Universe help Antares recover speedily.

Thanks, Zorro for updating us on Antares' condition.

On a separate topic, I would like to draw readers' attention to something I read on Malaysian Mirror :

The greedy OCPD of Kuching took detainees money and now the magistrate ordered him to return back the money. What a shame?

Many of such cases in West Malaysia but not many people know how to to invoke SEction 51, 406A and 407.

Please read.


Anonymous said...

GODbless !