Saturday, December 26, 2009



Armed forces chief Azizan Ariffin said the theft was only the "tip of the iceberg" after a newly completed audit revealed equipment worth millions of ringgit was missing.

And it took TWO (2) years for the tip of the iceberg to surface!

And by simple calculation, it will take another THREE (3) years for anything to happen! Why?

1. In an interview with Bernama in New Delhi, Abdul Gani admitted that it would not be an easy case as it involved a range of agencies - ministries, transport and forwarding agencies, the security network, and companies involved in repairing engines. (Slow and steady wins the race - pun could be intended, depending from which side you are.)

2. In another development, Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan said the AG Chambers had returned investigation papers on the two missing engines for a more thorough investigation.
But the Attorney-General returned them and asked us to investigate further, get important documents and find out how the engines were taken abroad. (Dang! Here is a short-cut according to my SINister friend Shah101 - LIMA is the easiest way to do your shipping! No?) 

OBE on the roll HERE

3. THREE years is about right according to Malaysiakini reader Karma to gather more evidence or to destroy them?  (Cheeky Karma, but you may be spot on!)

4. Assuming the AG and the Musa dont play ding-dong, it will take the Chief Justice another year to choose his "elite" panel that is if none of his men don't give up the ghost by then. 

If everything went as planned, then the case will be heard 26 December 2012 which would be 5 days after 21 December2012, the end of the world. Now you know why Nostrdumbass is pissed?


nstman said...

Let's sum up everything in one sentence: They are not interested in investigating the case. They just want the sordid affair to pan out. They just want to prolong the investigation so that people will lose interest. Very smart indeed. Also note the phlegmatic response by Umno bloggers and their sycophants to the theft. Of course, I am not surprised. After all they are paid by Umno to gloss over Umno achievements which by extension means trying to cover up criminal acts. By the way, if ever they are forced to investigate, it would probably take about 100 years to come up with a conclusion.

backStreetGluttons said...

Your sharp arithmetic can still scare the daylights out of those who cannot count but can still rob millions when people are sleeping

Anonymous said...


you are rite on. but then, these fellas have no shame with their face and arse interchangeable. memang truly 1 Malaysia hell of performance.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to inform you this way, kindly spread the message to all his friends as i do not have their contact numbers.
Antares had passed on to a better place at 10.40 pm on 26th december.
His family is devastated and are collecting their thoughts as to the best final remembrance for him

I will update on the ceremony as i get more info. Kindly pray for him. He is up there smiling at us. Do not be sad, it is not what he wants. Let his spirit guide you through this life.

- Sister Stella -

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Imagine two engines gone missing
Without any chance of ever kissing
Though you can hear the sound of hissing
Made by those still busy with their pissing

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 261209
Sat. 26th Dec. 2009.

Straydog said...

Yeah, there is something even bigger and more sinister behind the whole jet fighter engines missing incident.
Why are the authorities dragging their feet over the whole thing? The way things are moving, the culprits behind the whole engine theft would have died of old age by the time the whole thingie is "properly investigated" and action about to be taken. And of course, the dirty money would be safe in some Swiss or European banks to be spend by the next generation if it has not been spent already.
Did I hear someone say "cover-up"? I smell a big dead rat somewhere in this whole disgusting episode.
Hey! Are we sure all our submarines are safe and accounted for? I mean if one of our submarines were to go missing now, we will only be informed two years from now, that is 2013 and after the general elections please. Hahaha... this country is totally screwed up by Umno and their cronies and the MCA and Gerakan are too busy screwing one another's asses to bother with it.
Even God can't help this country... we are doomed!

Anonymous said...

reminder: remind all your friends to register as voters.

that's the only way to kill off umno.

all these talks over the net can continue in the meantime.

but the mother of all strategy is to REGISTER AS A VOTER!


Mary Maguire said...

What kind of sicko freak are you Anonymous Sister Stella? Your comment about Antares is NOT TRUE in fact he has shown signs of improving health today.
I really don't know what you think you're achieving by spreading such nasty and malicious lies. Imagine how his family will feel if they read this you heartless and nasty person.

Anonymous said...


Please remove the comment by the sicko Sister Stella away.

I thought the blog owner has the priviledge to review all comments before they are published.

This sicko out to be punished.


Kalambong said...

I thought I have updated you, Unker Zorro, on the possibility that IGP has no jurisdiction over military affairs, right?

If najis really wants to know the truth he should report the case to the Military Tribunal and the Military Police and let them run the investigation, rather than instruct the IGP that has no jurisdiction over the military anyway.

Godfarter said...

It was a good sale. Old used engines that have not been war tested should be disposed and they did the right thing by selling at basement prices.

What if there is a war and these old engines konk out?

Anyway it was a willing buyer and willing seller case.

Cased Closed.

ktteokt said...

Missing evidence?
Missing witnesses?
Missing Mongolian?
Missing C4?
Missing jet engines?
What next? Missing PM?

Anonymous said...

This NOSTRADUMBass is 'The Malaysian Prime Minister' right? Let me know if I am incorrect, because Najib fits dumbass perfectly no.