Thursday, December 3, 2009


IN my post on Tuesday "Three Down.....and Counting" about 3 Justices who are on the transfer list probably for not toeing UMNO line, I also made mention of Second Finance Minister:


Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah when he called for  “sweeping measures including an emphasis on meritocracy and ensuring all Malaysians are given equal opportunity to participate in the economy.

For many of us this was a breath of fresh air, but an uncomfortably hot blast for others.  As such, was the word passed around that the MSM should not see his full speech in print?

We can hide something from the people sometimes
But we can't hide everything from everybody all the time.

So READ the unexpurgated text at Aisehman's Blog


Anonymous said...

Great ! We still have this kind of sore thumbs every now and then !
Malaysia Bolih !

nstman said...

This speech wont see the light of day in the mainstream press for the simple reason the press head honcho Ahmad Talib, the running dog of Kadir Jasin, wont allow it to be published. Ahmad Talib is the greatest stumbling block to a united Malaysia. Ahmad Talib, as the chief of propaganda, wants to safeguard his position by continuing to shield the people from the truth. This country is sick because of sick people like Ahmad Talib and Kadir Jasin. God help us. Ahmad, your day of judgement will come when Pakatan takes over. That will be your day. Not even god can save you.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, nothing new on this issue. Look at it this way. In Malaysia, we have -
1. selective prosecution
2. selective promotion in the Civil Service
3. selective entry for University students
4. selective issuance of APs
5. selective investigation from MACC
6. selective granting of permits for ceramahs
7. selective appointment of Royal Commissions
I am sure readers can add so much more to this list. So selective reporting is just the norm when it comes to the msm. The Star, Utusan Malaysia, NST, the whole gang bang.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Little is known about Husni.
Maybe some bloggers will write something about him.
We must check him out.
For he is brave to say the direct truth instead of spinning the economy like his boss najis.
Some of us wonder if Husni will leaves umno and do a Zaid.

Ex-Star Journalist said...

Which is why the Barisan Nasional will never allow anyone but their cronies to set up a daily or weekly newspaper or TV station. They want to monopolise what the people SHOULD read, in other words their spin stories, lies and distortion.
Not to mention the billions in advertising revenue to be made if there are no independent rival newspapers or TV stations to grab part of the ad revenue.
Of course, the BN and Home Minister will always say they cannot allow others to set up their own newspapers or TV stations because of "national security" reasons. But we all know the real reasons don't we?
Thanks to the Internet and the legions of bloggers out there plus independent websites like Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini, the devious plan of the BN is thwarted as witnessed by the political tsunami last GE.
Keep up the good work people and by the next GE we just may be able to persuade enough voters to kick out the corrupt BN federal govt.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

I was looking at ur sidebar, should it be "Zunar" instead, and not "Zanur"?


Peter Lim

Jong said...

Husni is from Perak, remember? He is not dumb, he has seen how dirty UMNO/BN politics have been in the Silver state and things are not getting any better since the powergrab. Infact I'm very surprised how he could have had tolerated the situation for so long - all those despicable acts of corruption, thuggery and injustices from the very top to bottom, the rent-a-crowd at state functions etc etc. Husni should know all these do not go down well with Perakians but is also felt by Malaysians all over the country and they are truly disgusted with this UMNO-led government and can't wait to ship them out. Shameful!

peng said...

Let's pray this is the beginning of an 'awakening' within Umno. It started with Zaid..
Pray for more good men in Umno to stand up and be counted..

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the uncomfortable truth that surfaces now and then. The Stupids in UMNO are still unable to grasp that in today's net world, nothing is secret or sacred anymore and that news is practically instantaneous. These morons are still playing marbles inside their Jagoh Kampong tempurong.

There will always be the brave and upright ones who will spill the can of worms ultimately. God bless them and their familiies.

angela ooi

Anonymous said...

Kalau kamu semua tak suka baca,janganlah baca.Tak ada siapa paksa kamu.Padahal utusan dan semua mainstream khabar adalah betul dan tetap, dan ikhlas.

Anonymous said...

patutlah apa yang utusan cakap semuanya betul dan apa yang lain darinya semua tak betul.sapa ajak hang

Siamang said...


kalau based on meritokrasi, uncle jollo is dead. he can't even speak and write bahasa malaysia, tu sebab dia kena pi Singapura mengajar dulu bila kita punye silabus ditukar ke BM oleh Sdr Anwar ..

kau pun, nstman, dudok kat NST tak naik pangkat sebab tak pandai. Kau ingat STAR nak amek kau? toksah lah, dah tua bangka tak sedaq diri.

telima kasih manyak2, aaaa.