Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Dr Mahathir ...Probe You Not Pak Lah

In order that the enquiry by the commission would be successful, Government must give the undertaking to give full access to the commission of all the documents and accounts of the Government over the period 1981-2009. There should be no cover-up of any kind.

I am very glad that Dr. Mahathir has agreed to be probed, and I volunteer to be the sole judge, jury and executioner in this matter.

Finally for once in his life, Dr. Mahathir is agreeing to take the responsibility and be scrutinized. I hereby request the following documents from him/ the Government .

As nobody has any issue with Pak Lah, he should first seek to clear his name. Pak Lah's name is very clean. Nobody is calling Pak Lah any names nor are any foreign writers claiming that Pak Lah cost RM 100 billion.

  1. All Government contracts, privatization options, PFI projects given to Mirzan Mahathir
  2. All Government contracts, privatization concessions, PFI projects given to Mokhzani Mahathir
  3. All Government contracts, privatization concessions, PFI projects given to Mukhriz Mahathir
  4. All communications, proposals and working papers relating to the purchase of MISC assets by Petronas
  5. All communications, proposals and working papers relating to the repurchase of MAS for RM 8 / share by the Ministry of Finance, inclusive of the approval and working committe papers
  6. Summary of all Contracts given for the development of Putrajaya
  7. Summary of all Contracts given for the maintenance of Putrajaya
  8. Summary of all Contracts given for the development of KLIA
  9. The shareholding of the companies awareded contract sums in excess of RM 2 million for the development of KLIA
  10. The shareholding of the companies awareded contract sums in excess of RM 2 million for the development of Putrajaya
  11. The names of all Ketua Bahagian UMNO between 1993 - 2000. We will cross reference the list in 6-10 to prove that Dr. Mahathir did not give any contracts to his political cronies. This is a free service
  12. A Legally Binidng Rights Waiver, enforceable in Switzerland that allows the holder to check against a list of Private Swiss Banks on any accounts held by the said individual. The individual will be named later in front of a Commissioner of Oaths
  13. The working paper report behind the Maminco Scandal
  14. The internal reports post the Bank Negara Forex loss
  15. The entire volume of correspondences between the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Finance with the subject heading "Perwaja"
  16. The terms and contracts of Solution Protocol Sdn. Bhd for the computerization of the Government Hospitals, with an annexure of shareholding of SP by companies and the director's of said companies
  17. A list of all known business associates, proxies, partners of Mukrhiz, Mokhzani and Mirzan Mahahtir, if such a document exists, and if not go search for it.
  18. The finalized audited statement of accounts for the Commonwealth Games
  19. The terms and contracts behind the privatization of the IPP
  20. The terms and contracts behind the privatization of tolls and highways
  21. The working paper report, if any, which showed that the IPP was bound to lose money for Tenaga and bound to be a burden for the people. If it does not exist, then look harder
  22. The list of all APs holders, with special focus on all holders directly related by marriage or by family to Dr. Mahathir
  23. The total sum of credit exposures Malaysian registered Financial Intermediaries had with respect to Mirzan Mahahtir and Mokhzani Mahathir between 1996 - 2000
  24. The detailed operational accounts of Danaharta

I await his answer.

In the mean time I find him GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

He should be ashamed of himself.

Causing so much problem and dishonour to the country by being accused of all of this.

Really what a disgrace!



hari said...

if you go to a particular "nancy drew" blog you would notice that the 100b which was allegedly squandered has been stated as what was spent in 22 years to develop the nation...obviously, miss drew forgot that putrajaya itself cost 40b. so please spread the message that 100b is not what was spent but what was allegedly squandered.

Anonymous said...

This old man TDM thinks that just because he did not own any companies in his name this makes him clean.


Anonymous said... !

donplaypuks® said...

This ex-PM, like Stalin, Hitler, Mao et al, has no conscience.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

They have understood well that 'conscience makes cowards of us all'. I am inclined to believe that nothing will happen. The train will continue its journey and the ruling elite will become emboldened by the day. Then one day there will be a crash like the one experienced Tiger weoods. Then all hell will break loose. With that the Zimbabwenisation on Malaysia would have officially begun. Ramalx

Anonymous said...

Gosh Uncle Zorro
Firstly, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.... You & Family be safe sound & healthy alright.

This Mahathir is really a piece a Shit!!! born to give trouble to the 27million Malaysians. No wonder Mahathir is ranked equivalent to MahaFiraun, unfortunately the klang river is smaller to drown this Kedah-originated Pharaoh to Hell.

Year 2010 is full of Shit!!!

After reading Bangkok Post article by George Soros about Mahathir stuff, aiyohhhh.... Malaysia will be pawn to Zimbabwe for the banana monies we currently short to boost the economy.

We malaysians now suffering because of this AssHole.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

While not under oath this apanama remembers clearly and talks a lot.
While under oath this apanama favourite reply is "I forgot".

Anonymous said...

TDM has loads to answer for and he still thinks that Najis will protect him!

Kalambong said...

Unker Zorro,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

People continue to believe lies and the amazing stories spun by bloggers or news sites heavily linked to the Opposition.

We had the amazing story of Najib being linked to Altantuya. One politician even said he has a photo of Najib, Abdul Razak Baginda and Altantuya together in Paris.

Together with this “master piece”, there was also a fugitive blogger (Raja Petra) who claimed Rosmah was at the scene and monitored the murder (or should I say blasting ?) of Altantuya…More

shar101 said...

Anon (3:03pm),

Can you explain the contradiction of Altantuya (confirmed through DNA testing) being blown to bits somewhere in Shah Alam when it is also a fact that Malaysian immigration records does not affirm her presence.

Did Altantuya therefore enter this country through 'unofficial' means (just like it's conjectured that RPK left in like manner) and if so, can you then explain why she was reported as wanting to meet ARB, a political insider who is close to NTR. A 'genuine' illegal alien will NOT want to get too close to any government people.

Let me 'confuse' you further - in an affidavit given by one of the UTK personnel, suppressors (aka gun silencers) were issued to commit the crime. If so, why then use C4 to create a helluva din and bring unexplained attention to the nefarious deed.

Unless of course, the actual shooting/murder was committed elsewhere and in close proximity to other human presence whereby using a suppressor will nullify the muzzle noise.

Btw are you GWL by any chance masquerading as an 'Anon' here hoping to get a leg up on your trivial posting? Credit card receipts create a paper trail which can be traced. So what's on the shopping list is the question to ask.

P.S. And go ask Rusdi Mustapa if Shamsiah Fakeh was her auntie.

Anonymous said...

That IBM(International Big Mouth) mamak kutty has already one and half leg inside the grave. Please let him sue so that he will put the other half inside himself. Then we would say good riddance to the racist and corrupted so called ex-PM.

Anonymous said...

He even sweetened his welcome by insisting that such a commission should not be made up of government nominees, but should instead have as members “impeccable people including foreigners and members of Transparency International.” - LKS


Yes, of the "impeccable" people to be included in such a commission are his great pals, Robert Mugabee of Zimbabwe, General Khin Nyunt of Burma, Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand, Mahmou Ahmadinejad of Iran, Muhammad Gaddafi of Libya and Sitiveni Rabuk of Fiji.

All these people are made out of the same mould and character and they will agree that Mahathir has the stamp of impeccable quality (100% pure gold quality) in this privilege class of tyrants.

Godfarter said...

Add one more to the list.

Anwar Ibrahim was tasked to change a room full of RM 1000 and 500 notes before it was denounced. His father's house was used as temporary bank.

zorro said...

Shah101....where was it I read that Shamsiah Fakeh, a confirmed communist, is Rusdi Pasqual Mustapha's aunt?

Anonymous said...

Bernard are you talking cock ???

shar101 said...


Refer to this permalink on Shamsiah -

Anonymous said...

True to say.MALAYSIA akin to Zimbawe or worst than that,if BN(UMNO) continue to admin the country.The Mother of ALL is MM and all his students.Malaysia could be without him and UMNO.UMNO should be buried forever.

aDie dALi said...

all u guys in here are bunch of lame jokes.. hahaha :P