Wednesday, December 16, 2009


No! I did not put up any posting yesterday. Three sms and one email ask  if I was OK. I was OK but I was fuming and when you are in that state it is best not to speak or write.

 I was fuming over the Pakatan Rakyat Parliamentairans missing when an important bill was put to the vote…..and damn it, it is the second time…..the first being when the DNA Bill was put to the vote. 

Somebody tried to console by saying that at least 78% of the PR were in attendance whereas the BN only had 50% attendance. That is irrelevant because the BN votes carried the day. 

We are not bothered about the BN but we are concerned about this complacency creeping into the PR coalition. Take a look at the  list of absentees (above). I will take Gobind out of the list as he has been suspended. Even if some were overseas, so what? Parliament is in session and scheduling could be more professional, no?

We just hope that this will be the last fiasco!






Anonymous said...

Some Pakatan Rakyat MP have started the KEPALA OTAK PUNYEA ORANG policy... They ignored the hands that feed their stomach, the family, children even parents stomachs too. These group of irresponsible MP are bunch of TWO-LEGGED LIVING CARCASSES alike the MP from BN, DUMNO especially.

What a SHIT country we are in today. WTF is the right word to call these irresponsible MP from Pakatan Rakyat.

Dont you agree, Unker....?

masterwordsmith said...

Thanks for the list, Uncle Zorro. I had been searching high and low for it. These absentees MUST issue a statement to explain their absence. They owe it to the rakyat who put them there in the first place!

Hawkeye said...

Told you they don't have proper strategist and tacticians, ah.. sometimes.. it just their defeatist mentality. They don't look like they are properly organized.

They don't know how to win.. just hoping for umno to lose.

PS. some of those tongues don't look very healthy, too many late nights.."heaty" tongues.

Anonymous said...

The problem is most of you (people in general) are ignorant of Parliamentary procedures.

Barking up the wrong tree will not solve or educate the ignorant people.

Anonymous said...

We voted them in. Then they left us out in the cold! How so bloody stupid?

Where was the opposition whip?

zorro said...

Anon752pm...dont be selfish, tell us then about parliamentary procedures if you are an expert....otherwise stop barking at us.

zorro said...

Hawk, you missed being a tongue-model last night.

Anonymous said...

I never have any doubt whatsoever that my son did the right thing by leaving this country. Many say 0308 GE gave a sign of hope. What hope? With such behaviour of the PR MPs whom we have voted into office, it's outright betrayal. If they do not apologize to the rakyat who supported them, I for one will think twice, maybe 3 times, before I give them my vote at the next GE. I will just join my son in his new home country.

Anonymous said...

BUt why would we want to vote against government spending for the rakyat?

zorro said...

Anon850pm....when you have the BN using the civil service to sabotage your every initiative, to the extent of taking a life over RM2400, governing a state is not that easy and utopian! I would still stay and fight for a better malaysia. I will still give the young Pakatan Rakyat governments some leeway....but as you are aware, I will continue to highlight any of their failings. Lets hold their hands and if they drag their feet we will pull them forward.It is difficult but it is worth the effort I believe.

Anon911pm...billions lost to corruption and you still think the BN government thinks of the rakyat. Come out of your coma, please.

nightcaller said...


Nasi dah menjadi bubur...the best we can do now is to put comments in their blogs demanding the reason why they did not attend the session.

BTW, the last model is "cheeky" with "panadol" in the background...I know who most of the models are. Care to identify them or should we put a competition "Name the models, winners get free flow this Christmas eve" :)

Anonymous said...

Complacency is part and parcel of any struggling creature.

It's like climbing a mountain.

Some give up at the foot hill. Some reach midway and turn back. Some with greater determination reach the top, find a plateau and stay there, with a great view down below. Then, it's downhill all the way.

But what's dinner got to do with daytime Parliamentary sittings?


zorro said... an "INSIDER" you do not qualify in the guessing contest. For you the flow is free, all night are u keeping buddy?...the Panadol is a tee-shirt worn by one of the know who I am sure.

Anonymous said...

There are only two classes of people. One is the ruling class and the other is the class that is ruled.They all behave in the same manner depening on which they belong too. Once you join the ruling class you must behave and act like you are there. So it is not surprising to many that the PKR MPs were absent on that day.

Hence, this blog should not be looking for excuses from them they must give congent REASONS for their absence. The fact that you are MP, member of the State EXCO & so on is not a reason it is only a excuse.Ramlax

zorro said...

Ramlax, where in this blog was I seeking or making excuses for the PR absentees. Theresa Kok's update was after my posting. I put it up for my readers as a follow-up. But that doesn't mean that she is exonerated.

I am tempted to think that you don't understand or dont want to understand what I write about.

Anonymous said...

Half of them on the list are ADUNs as well as MPs. Hence, state comes before Parliament where they rule the state.

Lesson - DON run for DUN and Parliament as well!! OK, these guys didn't think they can win the last GE, so taking a long shot. The next GE they must plan.

Nevertheless, they must be present at least when voting for any bills. We put them in to check on the UMNO goons. Next is the GST bill. I don want that passed at this stage with so much wastage in the UMNO govt.

romerz said...

Zorro, I also have an unhealthy tongue which I just bit tonight!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro, I am with you. The 20 members had no business to be absent during the vote on the Supply Bill which in a Parliamentary System of Government can lead to fresh elections. Ramalx

zakwan said...

I don't think it matters
Even if all PR MPs attend the sitting,Pandikar would just exercise his authority 2 delay the vote until a later date where all BN MPs will be present

zorro said... are spot on. It is termed fillibuster az Zaid explained over dinner, but Pandikar made a near fatal mistake!

Anonymous said...

I am dumfounded that the leader of PR has remained soooo cool after they had missed an opportunity to defeat the Government Supply Bill.Can anyone explain to me why this so. Ramalx

Anonymous said...

My point of view on Teresa Kok explanation:-

1. She rather enjoy rubbing shoulder with Sultan than attending the important parliament session. -Reason not accepted-

2. When a person earned a big chair, she rather seated with the big and powerful for her own future opportunity rather than giving any chance for anyone to represent her for awhile. -Reason cannot get excuse not accepted-

3. She is only thinking of herself rather than her comrade. -Reason of keeping update about the voting are just a lie not her real intention of concern-

Anak Penyu