Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The three, named, for now, are

Justice Datuk Alizatul Kair Osman Khairuddin,

Justice Lau Bee Lan and

Justice Mohamad Ariff Md Yusoff.

Apparently, they did not toe the UMNO line.  

Let me make a declaration NOW.

From today I will never make reference to BN (Barisan Nasional) because except for UMNO, the other coalition members MCA, MIC, Gerakan (it’s a wonder I still remember this one) are about to doom themselves into history.

UMNO is in a better position (sans the above) and have better compliant coalition partners like the PDRM, MACC, JUDICIARY, ROS, ELECTION COMMISSION,  I just hope the Armed Forces and the Monarchy are above the above. No, not as referees, because referees can be bought. We rather they play the role as PROTECTORS of the rakyat.

OK, let’s get back to the three Justices who will be transferred out.


These could be the occasions they did not toe the UMNO line:

The Honourable Tuan Mohamad Ariff bin Md Yusof
Pesuruhjaya Kehakiman Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur (Bhg. Rayuan dan Kuasa-Kuasa Khas)

Justice Mohd Ariff Md Yusof ruled that it was illegal for the MACC to question its witnesses at night as such questioning must be done during the daytime.

"The term day to day as stipulated in the MACC Act cannot mean round the clock."

He also ordered costs to be paid to the plaintiff, Kajang councillor Tan Boon Hwa

The Honourable Puan Lau Bee Lan
Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur (Bhg. Rayuan dan Kuasa-Kuasa Khas)

High Court (Appellate and Special Powers) allowed the application Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop Kuala Lumpur for judicial review regarding the use of the name 'Allah' in the The Herald-Catholic Weekly.
 The Kuala Lumpur High Court today gave the green light to former Perak Speaker V Sivakumar and six others to pursue its judicial review aimed at compelling the Election Commission (EC) to hold by-elections in three Perak state constituencies.
Judge Lau Bee Lan, sitting at the High Court's Appellate and Special Powers division, granted the leave in chambers today.

The Honourable Dato' Alizatul Khair bt. Osman Khairuddin
Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur (Bhg. Rayuan Dan Kuasa-Kuasa Khas)

In what amounts to a big blow for UMNO, the Kuala Lumpur High Court has rejected an application by the Election Commission (EC) for stay of an order to hold a by-election in Kota Siputeh, Kedah.


The Honourable Dato' Abdul Aziz bin Abd.Rahim
Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur (Bhg. Dagang)

He declared Nizar as rightful MB of Perak.

The Honourable Tuan Harmindar Singh Dhaliwal
Pesuruhjaya Kehakiman Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur (Bhg. Sivil)

The High Court today ordered New Straits Times Press (M) to pay         RM100,000 in damages to Anwar Ibrahim over a defamatory article published in 2002.




Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah when he called for  “sweeping measures including an emphasis on meritocracy and ensuring all Malaysians are given equal opportunity to participate in the economy.


"You can't. in sound morals, condemn a man for taking cae of his own integrity.

It is his clear duty."

Joseph Conrad



Anonymous said...

thanks to tdm malaysia is fast approaching a failed state.

the low integrity incompetent judges that tdm had appointed
during his time have become a role model of the judges of today,
sloppy error-full judgements are the order of the day. Nothing
would hurt the conscience of these new low morality judges as
they are part of the new deal as had been moulded by tdm

when a judge like the heroic three attempt to do a decent job,
the chief justice and his political masters want them taken out
That is a travesty of justice. Just look at what Soros said
of tdm - that is how low our blessed nation has been brought to with
the dirty hands of tdm. Hand of maradonna bring world cup and hand of
Thierry Henry bring France to World Cup. Hands of Mahathir- Malaysia
almost a failed state similar to the state run by his good friend Mugabe

sad but we are powerless until we have a regime change and all
conscientious bloggers must remind our readers always that
we need to kick out the present regime in the pru 13 - hopefully
a fatal number for the present regime


Anonymous said...


link global rail. another billion plus gone. ha2, what do you expect from the judiciary?

and they want foreign investment!

Anonymous said...

sorang lagi adalah hakim hishamudin mohd yunus, hakim mahkamah rayuan

masa jadi hakim mahkamah tinggi shah alam dia bebaskan tahanan isa dengan kata polis salah

n dalam kes anwar ibrahim dia hakim yang menyokong rayuan anwar supaya kes dibuang. dua hakim lain pula setuju kes diteruskan pada januari 2010

Anonymous said...

The Lord President was dismissed in 1988. Ask Tun M. He knew and still know best. But of course he said it was the prerogative of the Agong to convene the Tribunal which sat and dismissed the LP.
Now fast forward 21 years later. 3 senior Judges re-assigned to Commercial Division. What's the common denominator? looks like the legacy of Tun M is still choking the judiciary. And do we all know why? Go ask the Chief Justices and all those Federal Court Judges. They all share some common theme to continue warming their seats. Do not cry for the Malaysian Judiciary. The tears that flowed since 1988 had since dried up.
Could some smart academicians debate whether we still have 3 pillars of modern democracy under the Federal Constitution? Or 2 remaining only since 1988?

motherchell said...

UMNO has taught its people,vocabs like ;penetration,swabs,sodomy etc. Their dear friends are are eunuchs, who have taught them irregular sex,etc .
Najib's best friend and mentor Saiful,has free passage into Najib's office whenever he gets randy.
So much for the Malaysian statistics of merit in its education policies.
Its National news highlights the level of grime in the so called upholders of the religion and country.
As said 3 down and more to go , very soon we'll have a bunch of imbecile Justices. I wonder if the so-called Oxford educated Prince and father squirm in their beds.

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

I just hope we have more responsible citizens like the learned judges you mentioned in this post. They have to come out stronger.

My prayers for their wellbeing - physically, mentally and spiritually.

Anonymous said...

It still puzzles. How is 'day to day' defined? There are 24 hours in a day, right? If so how many hours are there in the night?

If we divide the hours by three, do we get 8 hours for rest,8 hours for play and 8 hours for sleep? If so, when do we work?

It still puzzles, doesn't it?


wandererAUS said...

Let us be patient, "POWER FOR THE POWERLESS!"


shivasakti said...

Hello Zorro,
The Walk you mentioned sounds like a great healthy idea.
Thats just what the doctor ordered for my HBP of 155/110.
Lets go for that walk and keep healthy.
Any side effects ? Oh well who cares, either way we are "sooth adied"

Anonymous said...

Time to gather the penguins!
I will be there like i did the last time

Anonymous said...

Nobody in their "right" mind & for these people, "learned minds" makes all these statements if we have fair & equal opportunity....!!!!!

What say u....!!

Anonymous said...

Abang Zorro and fans,

The transfers are not related to recent decisions. Ask the judges' drivers. They can confirm that at the courts, the news was out more than 2 mths ago.

All the same, yes, please keep watching the judiciary.

sampalee said...

All things abide by the law of nature[without exception]There will be birth, followed by sickness, old age and finally death.So is good and evil,whichever side you are on will have its rise and fall.One who is neutral to night and day are neither afraid of the darkness of night oe rejoice in the warmth of daylight.All religion take you to this wisdom,beyond the dichotomy of mind.

Anonymous said...

nice piece, sir...

here's one more good judge - Justice Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad of the RPK ISA case.

Anonymous said...

nice piece, sir...

here's one more good judge - Justice Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad of the RPK ISA case.

zorro said...

Dang, Danny, how could I have missed that.

nstman said...

Shame is not in Umno's vocabulary. because they are shameless.Making money is their mantra. Cheating the people has become their way of life.

motherchell said...

The biggest SHAME of all is all judicial, law enforcers do not have balls to see the wrongs and make it right . They still can be whores to the illegal and unlawful dictates of Putrajaya
For them murder, assasinations are a way of life. They will still vote for the very ones who have proven that murder assasinations are their forte. They would even stake their families like what Saiful's father did for monetary benefits.
they will still smile and bow to assasins who rule them.
Its such a shame to see Bank Negara actually being being a laundryman for the corrupt to cart away funds into Geneva.Weve seen carpet man etc---this one takes the cake!
Do the accountants at Bank Negara have a soul to see their country going to the dogs?
They can fool the public in Malaysia---not the French Press.Lots from the Pandoras box in Paris!!!!!

nstman said...

Even if Umno were the only party left on this earth, I would not vote for them. Umno is worse than the Nazis. The party is so corrupt it defies logic. Now they are playing moral judge. Backside, frontside... Umno is an expert. Tiuniamah.

Anonymous said...

Bernard Zorro
What is there to be 'shame' about? this Immigration Department director-general Abdul Rahman Othman himself is a SHIT, being so he won't feel such shame because SHIT and SHAME is equivalent to each other. Ain't he a SHIT? Living and surviving on Malaysian people payroll, this SHIT is indeed Shit! he sure not having accountability and responsibility to himself by discharging higest standard work performance to nation, let alone to others 'his BOSS', the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

mmmm, but the transfer two of the judges was issued in September, wayyy before the so called judgments against government were pronounced.
refer to this

Anonymous said...

itu zaki.

burn the marriage cert to cover his history.

oh, global rail another 1 bil gone.

i surfely make sure BN ok, isnt it, zaki?

wish you be level with us.

Daniel said...

uncle Zorro,
I think I read some time ago, probably >1 month ago, that the judge who ruled that Nizar was the rightful MB of Perak got promoted.