Friday, June 12, 2009


YES, why does it have to be at Old Town Coffee?
Their Coffee & Service sucks.
Didn't they draw down their shutters on us last weekend?

Why not at other coffee outlets?
But never at big bucks StarBucks.
It belongs to Special Draw Group that bought Perak for BN.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia!
You know what to do next Thursday!


Cruzeiro said...

I agree with you on that - I don't understand why it has to be "Old Town". And as you say, their coffee sucks!
As for the "ethnic diversity" - it is a true indicator as to who is truly free, despite all the hullabaloo about "merdeka". Many answer nature call at the prospect of being "labeled" by Umno-ites.

joenathan said...

Dear Zorro,

The moment I saw the 1st pic above before even seeing the caption,I thought to my self why only 'the same kind'?Well I would have thought the same thing too,if I they were all either Malays or Indians,but then when I read the caption,I could not help it but take my hats off for you.I wish there will be more and more Malaysians like you.

By the way Zorro,just out of curiosity,do you know a certain teacher by the name of Mr.Leonard Wong?He use to teach in La Salle,Peel Road, in the 80s?He is also a good guitarist,and was our choir master.If you have any idea,I shall be grateful if you could let me know his contact details.TQ,Sir.

zorro said...

Joe, I am sorry to inform you that Mr. Wong passed away a few years ago. He came to La Salle Sentul after I left but we know each other. Yes he was a good musician. He led the Assumption Church for a spell.
May He Rest In Peace.

joenathan said...

I am very sad to hear this, Sir, He was always very cheerful, healthy and a good disciplinarian. I always remember him for the encouragement and guidance he gave me when I was his student.
May his soul rest in peace.God bless.

nightcaller said...


Thanks for bringing this up. I have state my piece why I will not be at Old Town White Coffee at

Maybe change of venue is in order. U fix the place and the time. Pssst...i heard someone is buying you a bowl of soup...?

What A Lulu said...

starbucks mahal-lah.
another option could be to hang around Borders for 1/2 an hour or so, and leave together, not buying anything.

Anonymous said...

You happy guys sure know how to enjoy a cuppa goode olde coffee, having since U-jumped from failed candles beside Lotus.

What black social gamesmanship is this ?

We have lost Perak , soon Selangor and people still get arrested like the kideie game of musical chair ! The Police are still bloated and free ! UMNOrites dun seem at all perturbed by anything and continue to play the fiddle & rape and plunder ! Lingam is like here and there but not there ! PKftz is a joke a lembek de extraordinaire! The real killers of that Mongol is still running free ! And they continue to play ball with you at the rakyats' expense ! One by one the proud Ex resistence become the new UMNO Bloggers !

Something's missing right ? But kopi O ? omg

true wonderer

Stanley said...

The moment I read about black gathering at Old Town Kopitiam, sorry I lost interest already. I said to myself "WHY ONLY AT OLD TOWN KOPITIAM".

Why pay RM3 for a cup of instant kopi? Food sucks too. Support other modern kopitiam joints instead of Old Town, ppl.

shar101 said...

Aiyah Z,

These Black outings should include a B.A.N.(*) prerequisite.


In other words, bring along a friend who's not of your own ethnicity.

Somebody sound this out to Chin Huat please. I dun hep his phone number mah

Anonymous said...

Why choose Old Town? Probably it reminds us of Ipoh old town. This food chain became popular and flourish in Klang valley because of our support. However, this has not been reciprocated, they even close the shutter on you even though you are paying them !

Tell me why should we support them further?

jinjang joe said...

U still alive ar old man...fuyoo

Anonymous said...

The national flag represents a nation's sovereignty. I'm sorry but you are wrong to display it upside down, good governance not withstanding.

- Malaysian

zorro said...

Anon 10:00pm. First let me ask you a direct question. Were you ever there at the candle vigils?

Second, bright spark, what do you suggest we do. You got any solutions to all the problems we are very aware of? We know them all! What do WE do? We dont need smart alecs. We need solutions. If you have no solutions, fuck off. Dont come in here and be a know-all and tell us things we already know. We are not impressed by your verbiage.

zorro said...

jinjang joe....yep still kicking....when I kick the bucket you will be duly informed. In the meantime if you have nothing to do, go make cookies because you dont seem to have anything to contribute.

zorro said... idea! Where you girl, KL or Penang?

Crankster said...

Uncle B, I truly adore you for being the open-hearted, colour-blind man that you are.

But for now, I take the photo above with only the Chinese present as a personal chastisement for me and my race for not contributing to the cause.

I promise to play an active role when I'm back home.

Anonymous said...

Unless this social initiative is one of those classic art of war red herrings ( which I doubt), it will fail as flat as all the other family social gatherings which you and gang at the Wharf always seem to have a knack for , in moments of drunken stupor ixeplicably flawed as another highlander heroic deed ...that said , no wonder the PDRM treat you young boys as kids and todate , the result is a dismal zero

Anonymous said...

If "Old Town" is owned by BN crony, then the police will not stop the gathering. They wouldn't want to damage crony's business. Good idea.

SK said...

I sokong.

Damn bloody Old Town Coffee sucks big time + they don't have business sense at all, shutting down the cafe when we want to supply them $$$???

Where about next Thursday? Let me know...

zorro said...


If you want an invitation to our gatherings at the Wharf, just ask...dont pout and grouch in public...people who visit this blog will take you for a crybaby. By the way we pay for our food and drinks. If you can't then you should go to some cheap joints. Be a good boy, run off to your corner and sulk. You definitely cannot mix with adults.

Anonymous said...

Lets join in to have Kopi O. To show our support to bloggers brothers.


sampalee said...

Dear Zorro,
You have left your zzzz...marks where it counts.Be cool and enjoy a stout[if the colour MUST be black]

unstoppable said...

Dear Zorro,
Heard even Old Town Coffee had been bought over by that Special Draw Group!!

Chinese Malaysians are MALAYSIANS said...

You claim to be colour blind yet your caption on the 1st photos marked the participants out as Chinese! Please lah they are MALAYSIANS!!! Chinese Malaysians are still MALAYSIANS! Don't be a hypocrite! and judge others with your racists mentality.

joenathan said...

Dear Chinese Malaysians are MALAYSIANS,

KID,you are got the whole thing wrong.If you had taken the trouble to understand what Zorro meant in that caption,you would come to realize that, actually you are the racist,Zorro is actually trying to send a message that,he would like to see a group of malays,chinese,indians,seranis,kadazans,ibans etc,etc.he is promoting muhibbah,kid.See what I wrote above.Have a nice day,kid.