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Chegu Nazir was one of my early reader. Realising that I was a former teacher, we kind of bonded and during a trip to Penang I presented him with the book on "The Reluctant Politician) - Tun Ismail, the PM we never had. I got most of the bloggers who meet at the NPC to autograph that book.

From the early life of this blog, Kata Tak Nak has been on my Blogroll of must reads.

He writes so well and his wit is unmatched. He reminds me of my teaching days and those good years where the success or failure of any student is on our conscience.

HE SHOULD BE ON YOUR contribution to him is to have him as this Fridays Guest Blogger:

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Right or wrong this is how I feel.

I have not said anything about PAS and their general assembly and about the Ulamaks and the Erdogans and about the conservatives and the progressives because I had always thought that that is their business so why meddle.

I don't think I could keep quite any longer. I have my reasons. I have been banking on PR to someday wrest control from BN. Since PAS is an important component of PR, whatever that befalls PAS would have a bearing on PR.

My stand is simple. PAS is an Islamic party, not a Malay party. The end, end of story. PAS has no business trying to identify itself as a Malay party. The religion is above race. Heck there are more Muslims in China, therefore Chinese, than there are Muslims in this country so Islam is not the sole property of the Malays.

Any attempts to try to court or be courted by UMNO is a betrayal to PAS's constitution. Has PAS not learnt their lessons from UMNO's betrayal? Do some personalities in PAS sincerely believe that UMNO has changed since that day?

Yes, UMNO has changed but not for the better so what do these people in PAS expect from UMNO then? I tend to agree with Husam in his fight for PAS to be an alternative to UMNO and nothing else. I do not subscribe to this Malay solidarity bullshit because it is the people who talks about Malay Solidarity who are splitting the Malays for their own personal gains.

All UMNO want is to weaken the PR and through PAS and some of their leaders, who are more Malay than Muslim, they have an avenue. All these talk about Malay solidarity sickens me, a Malay. Look the Malays are united as a race but differ politically. That is a good sign, not a bad one. That is maturity.

I have read about how some Ulamaks say that their attempts to bridge the distance is because of the religion. They argue that UMNO is made up of mainly Malays who are Muslims. Fine but have they forgotten who helped them to be as strong as they are now that got the people in UMNO come abegging? Would they have been there without the support of the non-Muslims in the last general election and also at Bt. Gantang.

Don't they know, that UMNO's intention is for them to ditch these very people who had put PAS where they are now? I want to ask them one question. Do you think it is fair for you to do that all in the name of your race? Where is your religion now? Do you think that the religion condones this?

Islam is universal and not the domain of the Malays and PAS must realise that. Malay unity, if it leads to oppression of others is not Islam. Malay is not important in Islam. Malay is nothing in Islam. In Islam, the teachings of the religion is important. In Islam, equality is important. In Islam fairness is important. In Islam valueing one's partners who seek justice is more important than sleeping with one's foe who happens to be a fellow Malay and Muslim but do not know the meaning of honesty and humanity.



Kata Tak Nak said...

You are too kind. I don't know if I deserve it.

Hi&Lo said...


I wholeheartedly agree with you on Cik Gu Nazir. I see him as a teacher's teacher. I have not met him but I feel a bond with him for his broadspectrum views.

BTW, am a Penangite working in Sabah.

CK said...

chegu nazir is great!
i am not comfortable reading what Hadi Awang said.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When a race is identified with a particular religion
We will have what is called 'religious polarisation'
Which is another form of 'religious stereotyping'
When the typewriter is the only instrument for typing

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060609
Sat. 6th June 2009.

SamYap said...

If anyone had been doing some reading up on Hadi's progress in PAS will notice that there is a change in the man. The most perceptible change came about during and after his stint as MB of Trengganu. Hadi may have religious credentials but the reality is this man is completely focussed on power, to gain power at all cost even if it means selling his party PAS down the drain. Almost Machiavellian, although not quite....yet.

If Hadi is a member of UMNO, his action and ruthless ambition is normal. But he is a member of PAS!

Perhaps he should consider UMNO membership, wasn't that something which was on the table or else my informant was wrong?

Jong said...

Chegu Nazir,

Thank you for that down to earth, straight from the heart comment on PAS and their general assembly.

With the just concluded AGM and party election let's hope the injection of some young new blood into the committee will help PAS steer out of its confused state of indecisiveness and make up its mind whether to be an Islamic, Malay party or otherwise. Malaysian electorates today are a smarter educated lot and they will not tolerate any more lies the way UMNO/BN did the past 52 years. In this progressive day and age in multi-racial Malaysia, multi-racial and multi-religious party with freedom of expression should be the way forward.

Hadi Awang and Nashrudin must be wary of UMNO's devil-in-disguise role and if they truly have the party’s interest at heart, they should be alert 24/7 for UMNO implants amongst them out to create problems, distrust and animosity within PAS and Pakatan Rakyat.

PAS should come out clean to reject UMNO and cease the playing of games and get down to more pertinent issues that affects the nation.
To prolong it(rejection of UMNO), will further create discomfort among its partners within Pakatan Rakyat and the rakyat/electorates. PAS has to decide and has to be done in quick time, no ifs no buts!

Sing Lau said...

"Malay is not important in Islam. Malay is nothing in Islam. In Islam, the teachings of the religion is important. In Islam, equality is important. In Islam fairness is important. In Islam valueing one's partners who seek justice is more important than sleeping with one's foe who happens to be a fellow Malay and Muslim but do not know the meaning of honesty and humanity."

These words of Chegu Nazir must be etched onto solid platinum plate, and have it hung around the neck of each racist swine in UMNO until they get the foundational message.

And any who equates religion with a race actually PROSTITUTES that religion with the scum of that race.

Leave a religion alone... let it be above race. Let it be free from the defilement of any particular race.


Aduh,masih panas lagi isu ni...macam mana pula isu YDP MPSP

Anonymous said...

Islam is not malay, Malay is not Islam.
PAS need to stop showing its forgiving attitude towards the Malay UMNO because all this while they have behave as Malays not Muslims.The corruption and the injustice was not Islamic but purely Malay superiority attitude. And PAS still adamant...the decline of non malay support to PAS and the remergence of Chinese and Indian based political parties. You betcha..!!!


TaxiMan said...

Brader.. let me remind you, you will not feel the lost until you lose it! You might overlooked something, how about the chinese solidarity? they are there and stronger. 12 solid years working in a chinese firm, they are the biggest racist!!
take a look DAP, don't deny - they are all about chinese agenda!! why blame only malay? even DAP are not ready to compromise..

Nazir, you can think better then this... jangan jadi pengkhianat bangsa.

Anonymous said...

Wow, if majority of the Malays can understand this, Malaysia will progress so well that all races will live in prosperous, peace & harmony like a big family. I bet by then no one will bother about supreme this or supreme that.

This is actually what Malaysians want. Treat any one race no fair will ruin the country, and everyone will suffer, including the one who impose unfair condition to others.

The root solution is to be fair to all races, as stated in any religious teaching, including Islamic teaching. Privilege given to a certain race is like feeding suicidal pills to them, weaken them & kill them gradually while pocket what should belong to them.

We have enough bullshit from UMNO, they are not for Malays. It always puzzles me why some Malays buy their bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Master u know who i am from my address but i still mantain the fact that the pr govt in selangor is corrupt if u wish to meet me name the time n place.Enough of their bullshit n ronny is corrupt.

telur dua said...

We can't deny that UMNO succeeded in driving a wedge between the three PR components.

All UMNO did was throw some crumbs to certain PAS leaders and they fell hook, line and sinker for it. Have they forgotten what PAS stands for?

Such leaders must be either history illiterates, munafiqs, nincompoops or downright greedy. Why remain in PAS then? Just join UMNO and find like-minded people there.

zorro said...

What address? Be specific.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha....only now you all outside know the real color of PAS leaders especially from Terengganu.

Now you all know why KT chinese
do not support PAS.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Zorro and blog readers

Sorry to go off topic.
Can I bring your attention to this BBC News item on Thomas Paine?
(the promoter of popular democracy)

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

In his closing speech at the PAS AGM in Shah Alam, Hadi said, 'there was no need for PAS to share “other people’s ship” as “our ship is already strong enough. So there is really no need for us to even join the Barisan Nasional ship'.

But look at the trap Najib is setting for PAS, by saying, "will maintain an open attitude concerning the proposal to create a unity government as suggested by the PAS president pending more information".

Looks like BN is desperate.

Even when PAS says things clearly, BN's spin masters are putting words into Najib's mouth and he spews them out as though he had understood clearly what PAS clarified.

Someone out there, please explain to Najib what PAS actually clarified.
And also, if possible, tell UMNO fellows not to try and spin further.

Anonymous said...


Just Look It This Way;
PAS is like the maiden in the house.. Not too Ugly but Buxom enough to catch the eye of UMNO's Mat Rempits...
So what do the UMNO Mat Rempits do?
They Start Flirting...
The relatives living in the house starts to Worry..
Wouldn't You if Those Mat Rempits Starts to Flirt with your Cousins??

Anyway, One Not So Ugly Maiden got interested..Why Not ? She's not so beautiful so a Mat Rempit Might be OK...
The other Maiden who's much better looking and Educated as well as Worldly said "Never!!.."

Gradpa Nik in the House warned all and sundry of the UMNO Mat Rempit's unsavoury character...
He Days " You all should know them by Now...Remember those Love en and Leave em Days??"
The other Old Man Said...
"But The Not So Ugly may never get married if we don't being him in..."
Grandpa Nik said "Never!!....)

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?