Tuesday, June 16, 2009


YB Khalid has spoken about his mistake over the SIS Issue. YB Eli Wong spoke out about another death in police custody! Suhakam was loud in their stand that excessive force being administered on prisoners at Sungei Buloh. Pahang’s Adnan Yaakob says that Zaid Ibrahim is corrupt. The Home Minister defended his goons over the Perak Assembly fiasco. The beleaguered Sultan of Perak kind of warned that questioning the questionable disposal of scholarship is akin to questioning the sovereignty of the Yang di Pertuan Agong and the Malay Rulers. Anwar Ibrahim says that Chin Peng should be allowed entry into the country.

Malaysiakini carried the news and Suaram voiced their anger at the demolition of houses in Kampong Jingang Selatan Tambahan where arrests were made when residents resisted the DBKL wrecking crew.

I am sure the Wilayah Minister, was aware and so were those bloggers whom he feted last week. Did Raja Nong Chick’s go into some bartering trade? I am sure the Minister did not invite the PR MPs who blog to this dinner. As such I expect them to confront the Minister…..(yes even Nurul should storm into the Minister’s office) and demand some answers and write about this in their blogs Or maybe they did. I got to check their blogs after this.

To the silenced (oopppsss, silent, I mean) bloggers sing along with this song:


nightcaller said...


That's quite a serious allegation about the silenced bloggers there. Care to list out who were the bloggers feted by RAja Nong Chik last week? I only know of 1 who did not turn up...ancient mariner because h has speaking engagement at another function...

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,

Im with you, as always.

When it comes to land, people get so greedy and when this incident, i hope that we right-thinking people see what the legal PR-led State Government did in granting the lands to the occupants of new settlements is the right thing to do.

Dear Uncle Zorro,

If PR MPs were not invited to the dinner by the new Menteri WPKL, all i have to say - its not about making things 'terang' but 'temberang'...Hmm, they even rhyme Uncle Zorro...

Take care Uncle!

wandererAUS said...

If one needed to conclude, whether these bastards in UMNO are doing and saying the correct things...one needs to set one's mind and think the opposite directions...you will have the answers.
The UMNO goons have the hide thicker the Kerbau and their evil deeds will shame their Creator!

caravanserai said...

Once a upon a time
In the decades of our minds
Silence is golden
Sitting in the library
Pretending to browse books
But eyes surveying something else

Years of conditioning
Silence seems to work
We came out tuning robots
Looking at the sparks of adventures
Silence we walked slowly home

In work in universities
Trained them to be silent
Feed them with one track mind
In the end the living robots
Bodies without the souls

In 1998 things erupted
Silence isnt golden any more
We can't keep quiet
And let things be familiar

We voice our opinion
The freedom we need to share
Though laws will be used
We aren't stupid no more

Time to say a piece
The direction the country needs
The people must wake up
Partially happened in March 8

The political awakening
A new seed germinating
The political dinasaur
In GE 13 to let it rest in peace

Anonymous said...

Actually now i understand this bpn bloggers=BARUA PENKHIANAT NEGARA NO MONEY NO TALK.

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me anymore. The UMNO/BN government just don't care about the welfare of the rakyat.

What has Najib done as PM except declaring his lame 1Malaysia, etc. policy? What has he done to curb the excesses of the police? What has happened to Kugan's case? What has he done about body-snatching?

Why is he so shy of implementing the recommendations of the royal commission on IPCMC?

He is talking about being people centric. Yet people are being deprived of their houses in WP, right under his nose. He must be deaf and blind if he does not know what is happening in the country?

What is Najib, IGP and AG going to do about the latest death in police custody?

At this rate Malaysia is fast becoming a failed state. It is no wonder it supports the despicable regime in Myanmar and sings praises of the likes of Robert Mugabe.

Nurul Izzah said...

Hi Zorro,

You are right on both accounts. 1) The FT Minister did not invite blogging KL MP's to his fancy dinner.

2) YB Nurul has indeed sent a reprimand letter to him on this matter.

But since YB Nurul is planning to give birth this week, she plans to pick up the battle after she comes back from her maternity leave.

-Ibrahim S. aka Y.Mohamad, Press Secretary, Office of Lembah Pantai MP.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Silence is golden
When there's no need to be embolden
When poor and needy are not trodden
When sins and sinners are not hidden

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 160609
Tue. 16th June 2009.

Anonymous said...

The police is smart this time and it is almost certain that there is no foul play. The autopsy is done at UMMC by the same star pathologist who did the Kugan's autopsy. This will ensure the opposition that they could not attack his credibility. Well done and smart move by the police!

Rainforest Observer said...

Good heartache lesson for the people to learn from this incident.
When it comes to land matters regardless of who is in charge, the
people got to be very cautious. If the Govt of the day is seen to be
unfair in such dealings, please exercise your voting rights wisely in
the next coming election.

shar101 said...


As posted at Rocky's, the following bloggers were invited by RNC:

Rocky, Outsyed The Box, Desiderata, A Voice, I Am A Malaysian, De Minimis, Donplaypuks@, My (Malaysian) Views and Nuraina Samad.

Whereas Ancient Mariner had another prior engagement to be one of the panel speakers at a PKFZ forum on the same night as the bloggers do.

Anonymous said...

I think it is about time we come out with a charter. To return to the police the hospitality they meted or showered or visited upon their detainees.
If the police held the shoulders and escorted the detainees then the detainee or his family members ought to do the same. if they bought them food and fed them, it is only right for the detainee or his family return the favour. I think the detainees and their families have been grossly unfair to our loving peace minded police. And I am sure the police will appreciate all these gestures. The few amongst them who spoil their names shoudl be castrated and sent out of the Police di Raja Malaysia. They don't belong there.

how many of us actually shake hands with the police when we see them? We don't usually. You think they are ogres you can't shakes their hands with? Come on everybody, its about time we return the police the favours that they do us.