Wednesday, June 3, 2009


ON 7 MAY 2009, 69 of us were arrested. During the full-day interrogation I have not been told why I was being arrested. Today I still do not know why they arrested me. But tomorrow morning at the Magiostrate Court in Ipoh, if I am being charged I will definitely know why I was arrested. Until tomorrow I am still ignorant. But they should charge us, yes?

Jong our Ipoh candle-light vigil friend informed me that we meet at DAP HQ as DAP lawyers will be on hand to help us through this process. The court convenes at 10:00am. If not for Jong I would be heading straight to court. I remember giving my details to Janice Lee. Maybe they only inform DAP members? This I doubt.

Tonight Helen Ang and I will leave KL at 10:00pm. Gus Gan, without any request decided that he would drive us to Ipoh. Thats friendship, sticking with your friends through thick and thin. Thanks Gus, thanks so very much.

And thanks Jong for giving Helen a bed tonight. We don't want to have her with us in our hotel room because she would not understand our nocturnal intense snoring......


BravoEagleHotel said...

All the best for tmw, the truth will prevails.
99.9% Anak Malaysia are behind you all the way.
Again all the best !

shar101 said...


Yer see what happens when you don't have 'press accreditation' from the authorities?

Pro-UMNO bloggers were FREE to walk around within the court sanctioned 500 meter area.

Safe trip you three.

Anonymous said...

hi zorro

who's that giving you a "hand"? looks awfully like a priest i know ;-) is he a macha or mama*?

anyway good journey

Antares said...

Bernard, you are da best friend anyone of any species could ever have! With you all the way in spirit (if not spirits). Polis tunjuk kuasa sahaja lah. Like any Little Napoleon, they love it when they can instruct people to do this, don't do that, sit down, stand up, eat, shit, fuck, puke, fart, move along, get back to work. Well, the goddam kuasa they tunjuk belongs to the rakyat - but say that in public and Umno will stick you with the label "Commie"... :-0

wandererAUS said...


The tail is wagging but, the head is dosing...that's how I will describe our 'Great Kangaroo Courts'
Fark! if the judges and magistrates know what the hell is going on...just serve their political masters without questions asked...disgraceful lapdogs.
Don't worry zor, your offence is incomparable to a C4ed murder!
All the best, take care....

Anonymous said...

uncle zorro

pls start a legal-aid fund for the gang.

just publish a bank a/c#.

cowards like me, that's the least i could do.



Jong said...

LOL !!!! Zorro you are great, at this hour you can still throw some jokes! :D
Looking forward to meeting you guys at 12 mnight? OK Ngar Choy Kai or Ngau Lam? Oh well, you won't be reading this, will you? :D

Anonymous said...

true friends, zorro.

cherish it and i will.

you are a good good man and God will always bless you.

Anonymous said...

4th June is a very significant date.
Must thank the blue boys for choosing this date.
IT is 20th anniversary also!

Malaysian said...

Bravo bro...

Kembalikan Hak Rakyat!
Bubarkan DUN Perak!


Malaysian Come First


joenathan said...


Our prayers are always there for you guys,remember all of you stood up for truth and justice,means 'dharma',that dharma will take care of you guys,be peaceful,and do give my regards to Helen Ang and tell her that our prayers are there for her too.Let her have a good nite sleep and plz spare her from your nocturnal overtures.God bless you guys.

resident.wangsamaju said...

Take care. God Speed.

hj jamaludin said...

Bismilah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Well Bro " May Bright Side With U " Feed us the news.

casper c said...

They have nothing on you, or the rest of the 68 people detained.

Janice and those detained while holding a candle lit vigil were let off the hook and I suspect, you case would follow more or less the same.

There is no justification but PDRM will continue with this callous 'detain first, talk later' abuse of authority and this trend can be expected for the future. I wouldn't expect any less or put it pass them.

Best of health Zorro and I'm certain it is difficult keeping sane with this Ipoh court date when the long arms of the law turns ludicrous.

Purple Haze said...

Under the world famous ISA, you don't need to be charged in court to be put in jail in Malaysia.

Sometimes, they even put you in jail for your own safety, like the lady reporter recently.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

There wont be any charges.

Tiger said...

Uncle, our thoughts and prayers are with you, always!

Anonymous said...

Arrest without reasons are abused of power & judiaciary.

BTW, you are most welcome to bump into my crib any day. My wife & I most welcome you guys.
Will give you my contact number as well & join us pro PR & friendly neighbourhood.


Patricia said...

You are all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...


I have a question to ask you, if I may?

Arent you afraid? I hate this UMNO-BN regime but I cant bring myself to do what you are doing as I have a job and need to provide for my family.

The only thing I can do is to ensure that I vote and convince as many as possible to vote for PR.

I salute you and those who continually stand up for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

take care & cheers with I-kopi !!

Anonymous said...

May the Force be with you Zorro. Keep on with the fight for justice.

Peace Admiral Tojo

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


From the famous "What me worry?"
We now have the infamous "What me hurry?"
When it's still not clear what's to dig or bury
Though it might be obvious what favour there is to carry

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 040609
Thur. 4th June 2009.

M.Kate said...

This is so sad. People who plundered away our hard earned tax money walks away free, and others who championed for our rights are charged.

datoseri said...

Like in Teratai Selangor case, they may not be ready, or have not concrete proof to charge. All they do is to push upwards to their IPG or even to the AG, then the 2 fellas will refer to you know who for a decision.

No worry, consciencious people are beginning to realise and stand together.

Thank you for fighting for our freedom and democracy!

Christopher Raj said...

Dear Sir

Wishing you all the best and truth and justice will prevail, will keep all of you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, I hope you all win this battle against the evil BN/"Police". Good Luck and God Speed!

Henley said...

Uncle Bernard,
I believe they won't press charges, cos they dun have a case against anyone wearing black, lest they make themselves look like fools in the world arena.. Kudos to u and gang...

matt said...

Don't worry master there will be no charges as if there were they would have done it yesterday anyway take care and guzzle some cool tigers.

lawstudent said...

What can they charge you with? here are some of the things they may come up with...

1) Illegal assembly

2) waging war against the King

3) causing public mischieve

4) inciting disruption of public law and order

5) Endangering lives of civilians.

on top of that, the mamak stall can sue for

1) loss of business
2) damage of property

is the above possible?

Anonymous said...

...and disturbing the Palace di-
jalan istana, lorong istana & persiaran istana !!

Anonymous said...

charging u ALL will 'tarnish' his name while still in china
praising the great3 communists & mintaing a soft loan !
'ayam kambing beg' on the 6th & declares 'lu semua bebas' coz terdapat a phd ,veri2 HAPPY !!