Friday, February 20, 2009


I had put up my last posting this morning at around 1:52am after dinner at TGvic's. I ate sparingly, as I always do, and drank discreetly, which I seldom do. I was surprisingly surprised that I did not feel sleepy. Probably because I took an unusual siesta? Being unable to sleep, I recalled Pete's narration that night of the Anwar trials where the sitting judge displayed his trade-mark expertise in yo-yo. This yahoo never batted his eye-lids for sure throughout the trial, whilst yo-yo-ing away. Aha, that explains why the white eyebrows, moustache and a poor attempt to grow a beard.....which was also deceased white. No blood flow, mah.

I had to sleep as I have an early tosai breakfast with a former student. I used to induce sleep with the haunting and lilting Kroncong. ( is music to die for these days.) My maternal grandma of Medan birth and Batak ancestry used to sing Bangawan Solo to me and my brother. Dang, I dont hear keroncong anymore. As such I tuned in to Astro's OPUS.

I must have slept off but I was awakened by a fiendish nightmare accompanied with cold sweat and a chill. That was arouond 5:15am. I dont remember any nightmares of yore. Why this morning? Yes, definitely too much of the yo-yo trickster as a night-cap.

Below.....something like these invaded my subconscious.

Zombie or death-mask.....same difference, no?

You want a real-live witness on yo-yo zombies, just head for the Palace of Justice (and dont be afraid to wear your tees)......and

..... be guaranteed ....... a re-enactment of some of the most intricate yo-yo moves. Dang, stop asking stupid questions like who is at the other end of the yo-yo. No the Big Top is not in Putra Jaya, its choiced clowns are. This monday then at the Palace of Justice.

Note to those who will be there. The courtroom cannot hold all of us. Those who gain entry need to think of those refused entry. Just come out for a pee break, smoke break or de-stress that others can get in to get a glimpse of the yo-yo display.


Anonymous said...

You mean "discreetly".

zorro said...

Yo pak, thanks for the spell check...

zorro said...

Lest you people think that the cops patrolling the Bangsar area are not busy. They are busy. Whilst looking for a parking lot I witnessed the cops busily giving parking tickets to cars on one stretch. That is of course more easy than catching potential snatch thieves.

Anonymous said...

I live in Bangsar. There have been countless break ins at my apartment block since last year. And about the snatch thieves on bikes circling around bangsar village. It seemed so obvious who they are and yet its so oblivious to some.

we're not a long way away from being like philippines ie private security,

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro,
Have badly sprained my left wrist and have been reduced to typing with one hand kah kah kah.

My challenge to you is to figure out how I sprained my wrist.