Thursday, February 5, 2009







2.14pm: Tonight's 100,000 people gathering in support of the Pakatan government has been shifted to Stadium Ipoh from the menteri besar's official residence.

The police have issued warnings against those who take part in "illegal gatherings" in Ipoh.


Shukri said...

Go ahead and create anarchy .

By the way, it was PR's own people that jumped.
4 jumped and u want anarchy, but u were wishing tht 30 jumped to yr side.LMAO!!

Hopefully police and military will be stern. How dare you insult HRH Sultan Of Perak. He has spoken. Dont play with fire

Anonymous said...

To Shukri,

You idiot!!
Remember who contribute all the tax money?? Is RAKYAT rite?? GOD is watching.. Don't think that you're smart!! I just know that you compare HRH Sultan of Perak as "FIRE"..

Jennifer said...

It's not the issue of who jumped to what party. It's the issue that now DEMOCRACY IS DEAD. Which voice of the people told the YBS to jump???? YBS' job is to represent the people, to act as their voice in the government NOT the voice of the their party. If the YBS can hop whenever they like, what's the point of having an election??????????????

Anonymous said...

Take care! Evil knows no bounds. What a start to the year of the Ox. More like a rampaging bull in a china shop. More chaos expected in days to come during Thaipusam!

The Penquin said...

I think the decision of the Sultan should be respected. HRH should have his reasons. What PR needs to do is to look at the larger picture.Serve the people well and and the cake is yours in the next GE.

Antares said...

Shukri - unlikely name for a worm! How dare you leave your stinky stains on a blog that stands for justice, truth, and freedom from corruption & tyranny? After 50 years still trying to scare us with your ethnofascist threats? Podah, you scumbag!

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope PR won't shredd and burn files. I do not agree with jumping ships but since Perak Sultan has spoken, the people should respect that.

If political gathering is illegal, then I hope polis will be equally stern on gatherings by UMNO/MCA/Gerakan and other BN componet parties.

Just be fair to all irrespective of political affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Who is afraid to play with fire. Perakians want justice.
If they want to give fire then lets give them a bigger fire.

Anonymous said...

DSAI and PR have been talking about "jumping" since the last General Election. However, we the common people do not really know the real intention and strategy of DSAI and PR. It is possible it is a scare tactic of DSAI and PR to push BN to agree to an anti-hopping law because we all know such Coup d'etat happened in Sabah before.

DAP Chairman even said that PR will give BN the neccessary 2/3 majority vote in Parliment if BN goes for the anti-hopping law.

So, for the BN supporters, shame on you, you have no moral high ground on this issue.

Perak is not like Sabah 20 years ago, rakyat of Perak will definitely remember this shameful Coup d'etat even if it is successful.

Anonymous said...

darkest day in the history of malaysia. democracy is dead.

Anonymous said...

KOrang ingat korang pandai sangat?? Sebenarnya korang lah yang paling bODOH pasal ikut sangat kepala Anwar IBRAHIM yg terlampau gila kuasa nak jadi PM.. bila org lain lompat ke PR bagus boleh,demokrasi,ikut kehendak rakyat tp bila jadi kat dia dah jadi tak demokrasi,bukan kehendak rakyat...

Banggang dan bodoh lain kali jgn ikut Anwar ahli PKR patut buang anwar dan mulakan perjuangan baru bukan berjuang supaya Anwar Ibrahim boleh jadi PM.. memang bodoh

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was going to be 100,000?

Remember Kelana Jaya Stadium.?

Whose ass we're going to see this time?

Defectors' asses?


Anonymous said...

show them the peoples' power

if we wanted MCA - we do not need to vote for a DAP candidate to cross over to the MCA.

there are enough people out day already making their curses.

so i shall refrain myself

instead i wish HEE sleeps well.

has HEE got a cricket in her. but sure her nose has grown longer.

Anonymous said...

This Author incites sentiments and encourage unrest by asking public to join the illegal gathering which insults the HRH Sultan.

Anonymous said...

THE ROYAL HOUSES HAVE SHOWN TIME AND AGAIN THAT THEY ARE USELESS PUPPETS, AND AFTER ALL THE RHETORIC, THE HOUSE OF SILVER FROM PERAK HAS SHOWN THAT IT IS NO DIFFERENT. Today the truth of the Myth of the ROYAL families being the leaders of the rakyat has been shattered, they are no different than Umno politicians. MALAYSIA IS A DEMOCRACY NO MORE, THE RULE OF THE JUNGLE NOW PREVAILS, this sham democracy that BN AND UMNO PREACHES is a joke, Umno may win the battle of perak, but they will lose the war of the next election, this time the people will have no mercy, DSAI IF YOU HAVE THE NUMBERS TO TAKE OVER THE FEDERAL GOVT, DO SO, TAKE OVER OR BE DAMNED FOREVER.It may not be surprising that the dark days of anarchy have begun, with the advent of the blood house of razak, a lot of people will lose their lives to this dictatorship.

Observer said...

F*** you, Shukri. UMNO bastard pig!

Anonymous said...

Losing a game invented by their rules can be morally depressing.

But taking it to the streets and blaming the referee is uncalled for.

What if it was the other way around?

Perhaps Samy Velu was right when he said 'A Man Must Look At His Back Before He Talks.

In a tightline situation like Perak, the throne is very docile.

You win today , lose tomorrow.

So, it serves no purpose to take all these to the streets 'in the name of democracy'.

Look at Indonesia, they just whacked the Speaker dead, and they are not even policemen!


Anonymous said...

Way back in the early 1960s, President John F. Kennedy alluded to the Chinese calligraph for "crisis." He knew it to be, rightly, a combination of two individual words, "Danger" and "Opportunity."

The present political development in Perak has all the makings of a crisis, but can our leaders see the "danger" as well as the "opportunity"?

The crisis marks a sad augury for democracy in our young country but our political leaders must realise the importance of their response.

The danger lies in cursing our future generations to live with a half-past-six democracy. The opportunity presents itself in blessing our future generations to live in a democracy where the sanctity of their individual ballot is respected in absolute terms.

So what is it going to be? A blessing or a curse? As my Malaysian Malay friends will put it, "Madu atau racun"? Honey or Poison?

Anonymous said...

the people voted & they want pr.

how dare they insult the people wishes.

fudzail said...

Perak's own dire straits and sultan of swing

Anonymous said...

little is known about ir nizar. however if the qualities he has displayed the last 10 months is any indication he should now return the medal/sash before it stains his official uniform.

Lao' Cha said...

Not even the best aged puerh tea could waste that wormy taste from my mouth for the remaining days of the week.

Time to look ahead and maybe buy a tiny little gold ring to wear for the duration of the Golden Ox. Gold they say is a good investment because it is a metal rarely found in abundance. Pure Gold will never TARNISH !

Anonymous said...

Good ole Mr Discipline master from SAS... Glad youre on our side

Anonymous said...

Perak Sultan has spoken, so what? He has no power to do that. He has violated the constitution! He has also done something opposite to what he and his son have been preaching.

perakian said...

The Highly Respected Sultan Perak has spoken!


sad said...

It's difficult to stomach because Nizar has stated that "I will leave it to him to decide whether to allow the dissolution.”

He should expect the call of Biadap, Derhaka, etc.

Nizar has no choice now but to display gentlemen.

Thursday February 5, 2009
Nizar leaves fate of govt in Sultan’s hands

IPOH: Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin failed yesterday to get the royal consent to dissolve the state assembly and call for fresh elections.

After a one-hour-and-40-minute meeting with Sultan Azlan Shah in Istana Kinta, a serious-faced Nizar emerged at 5.35pm and told reporters waiting outside the palace gates: “I have sought an audience with the Sultan and requested for the dissolution of the state assembly. I will leave it to him to decide whether to allow the dissolution.”

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, not all Kings are equal.
Ever heard of the last King of Bhutan? See here:

Anonymous said...

Perak : The Land of Hopping

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that Perakians have been robbed and cheated of their state.

As for the 4 frogs especially that bitch, they should be stripped, tarred and feathered and made to walk in public.

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow voters - let's be strong - did we expect to defeat the Evil forces of BN with just one stroke on 8 March 08? So let's gird ourselves to fight BN yet again - this country needs us to do that; to get us to a 2 party system.
Let's vent then stay focused - continue to work to dislodge BN.
Meanwhile, let Pakatan re-coalesce and be the spear the Rakyat desperately needs to fight BN.
And the turncoats - we know who you are - may you and your millions be damned!
- Noyawns

KamalBarsha said...

The chinese led DAP are using a Malay front to act in a BIADAP and DERHAKA manner to His Royal Highness.


zorro said...

CamelBarsha, unacceptable to you? So what?

shariffudin said...

Some malays who call themselves muslims really embarassed me. I don't get it how they can become such racists and yet claim to be from a peaceful religion? They might as well become a follower of hitler or the KKK, so full of hatred and feelings of supremacy. Don't they ever follow the teachings of Muhammad anymore?

Shame on these kind of people and good riddance to all the politicians in malaysia. Why bother voting if these idiots are going to do "party jumping"? ... Looking at Najib only reminds me of Dick Cheney. You can never find such evilness anywhere else.