Thursday, January 8, 2009


An "Insider" prompted that the DPM was told to go back to Putrajaya because questions about his "baggage" would not help an already handicapped candidate who had his own baggage to contend with.


A ride into Kuala Ibai, enroute to PAS headquarters, revealed that drainage was inadequate. Lack of Monsoon Drains in KT, but they have a Monsoon Cup to holler about.


Gus, on Marina's request, took a tour of KT. Verdict: No Change since she left KT in 1994....and that despite the billions in oil revenue.


Last night ceramah updates:

Pakatan Rakyat 10 thousand

BN ceremah by fading lights of UMNO, Khir Toyo and Negri's Hassan, pathetic according to Hantu's nephew.


KT people are early birds.....just heard one of their cocks crow.....and it is only 3:25am 0f Day 3.


No, I dont hit the pillow....I have to put the pillow over my ears....I thought Haris was bad, but Gus is a consistent, continuous and persistent snorer.


yj said...


mamasita said...

Hello Zorro,
are you in KT?Have you become an early bird too..waah!Noticed your entry is at 3am..
Tak mengantuk ker?
hehe (jangan marah ye?)

Juanito said...

Haha... Wait til u hear me snore, if u had the chance to be my room mate... Even the hantu hantu will run away after hearing my snore..

Fi-sha said...

Dear Uncle Zorro, i wish i could you my earplugs, used by people working in steel plant, hence, im sure it will 'silent' Uncle Gus' lullaby ;)

My uncle and aunty flew down to Kt for a seminar last year and they found the airport like 'padang jarak padang tekukur' and no taxis to hail for. As told by the locals, taxis can only be seen during Monsoon Cup, brought in from KL, instead of locals.

Greedy B(e)N(d) worshippers. The oil royalties and Monsoon Cup's money never trickled down to locals. and mike tyson has the gut to say that his down-the-monsoon-drain band will bring more developemnt if they are elected... hehe..this guy is full of craps...

take care uncle zorro...sleep well!

Anonymous said...

good 2 hear news from KT.

all good men snore, sir =]
ear plugs should help....

hang in there.... reinforcements coming soon...

Pak Idrus said...

Brother, carry on with the good works. This is truly the rakyaat journalist. Every good intention would surely be rewarded.

Keep the news coming. Have a nice day.

Antares said...

DelCapo said: all good men snore, sir = ear plugs should help....

Most reassuring, DC, but poor consolation to one whose last girlfriend dumped him for snoring :-(... she ran back to her ex-beau who presumably DIDN'T SNORE... the twisted bastard finally went berserk with jealousy and beat her black-&-blue. So, ladies, beware of men who DON'T SNORE! ;-)

Zorro, thank your lucky stars you're not sharing a room with one of those Silent-But-Deadly types!

budak gemok said...

can i join you guys? I'm handy with dslr camera etc , currently taking a month off from work (just got back from london) would love to go up there and help out

Anonymous said...

Baggage or no baggage - Altantuya or Ziana it does not matter to this fella with skin that of the Trengganu kerbau. He and his fatty blob have been waiting to finish off the nation's oil money which should be reserved for our future generation when the oil well dries up.

miwaki said...

Why can't he load all his baggage inside a container instead of carrying them himself ? I'm sure Container malaysia would be glad to provide him one 40-footer.

shar101 said...


Did you hear about the two military C130s returning to Malaysia with excess luggage from JKT?

NTR and the missus have graduated from KCT container to PBT(*) Airline.

*Paid By Taxpayers

Anonymous said...

i'm betting 100sen/tehtarik/ipohwhitekopi on PAS with 8000vote
majority, anytaker !!??

Anonymous said...

I think Dato Seri Najib is still in town for a long time. Read somewhere that they were gonna renovate his accomadation for about RM 500k, unless it was too low a figure, he got ticked off and left.
No Najib, No KJ, wow BN's luck seem to be improving day by day..

Anonymous said...

Cheers Zorro,
keep up the good work. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Will see u soon. In the meantime cheers!

Admiral Tojo

yh said...

gus, snore more and zorro will work harder.
just kidding, zorro.
do take care coz you are no longer spring chicken. appreciate the group's efforts.

Lao' Cha said...

Yeah, I concur with delcapo and Antares.

Good men breathe noisily during slumbers.
Bad men farts silently during plunders.
Any wonder why BN is constantly preoccupied with asses? Sighful and The Lips are living proof.