Friday, January 23, 2009


Its final then. Malaysiakini reported that the Attorney General has classified the case involving A Kugan, the 22-year-old detainee who died in police custody on Tuesday,

as murder.

But knowing how the dastardly Ministry of Home Affairs do their cover-ups we must be thoroughly vigilant. We appeal especially to Suhakam to show some teeth, dentures allowable. But Sukaham must monitor one of their associates who are darkly and closely associated with things UMNO. My mention of Sukaham is relevant because past reports are suspect and frivolous. You have to READ THIS *to understand my concern and why we demand the heads of the evil two below

* it's a long read, but the information is invaluable and pertinent to the subject-post - DEATHS WHILST IN POLICE CUSTODY.



-naga- said...

Uncle, there is catch when the AG announced it as a murder case. The police have denied the family the right to second post-mortem.

And knowing Hindus can't hold the body for too long, the police is gonna play the waiting game now. They will keep refusing permission to second post-mortem till the parents are overcome with the guilt of performing burial/cremation duties.

Anonymous said...

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shankar~selina said...

If this happened in US…

Dangerous country Malaysia

Anonymous said...


the cacing is very good at worming into your till and before you know it, the tress have less fruits for the public. PKA and Pempena, sounds familiar?
oh, remember the poor indian girl who died elsewhere and sent to Klang for an autopsy? smell a rat after the kugan post-mortem-died from water in the lungs? either he drown in the drains or there's more than meets the eyes. was it water boarding? or maybe its really true he fell into a drain and died as a result of water seeping into his lungs. remember the poor NS fella who fell into a coma after falling into a drain?
X-file, please you have no more oomph. Malaysian-X trumps you anytime! Agree, Zorro?

wandererAUS said...

The faults of our Police brutality and corruption, fall heavily on Botak's shoulders. He created a beast police force for his political ambition. He dug the hole, he fills it in!
As for the Chinese bastard, he qualifies to be a pimp...the lowest tier of the Chinese community.

The distasteful things aside.
Zor, A very Happy Lunar New Year to you and family. May you have good health and continue to fight the evils like a bull!

Anonymous said...

anon 855pm

apt description. a slime who will sell his soul for a few dollars more. worse, he tries to deceive by disguising as working for his community. gosh, he is a disgrace.
MCA, is that the best you can offer?

Anonymous said...

ex-timbalan mentri : " lu tak suka polis kita, tausa mari lah !!"

Anonymous said...

botak : " ...CHARGE the 2 indian timbalan ministers !"