Monday, November 5, 2012


A  Pahang doctor Datuk Looi Hoong Wah has rubbished concerted “lies” spread by the opposition among local residents on radioactive concerns from the recently completed RM2.5 billion Lynas rare earth plant near Kuantan, saying that the anti-Lynas campaign was purely politically motivated to win votes in the coming general election.
Chan Chee Khoon, ScD (Epidemiology) from the Centre for Poplation Health, Department Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya on March 27 2011 took exception to grape-grower Looi’s views. The SUN surprisingly did not publish his response to Looi, but the Malaysian Insider did HERE.
Earlier, on 26 December 2001 in a blog posting HERE, I told the same Dr Looi to stick to growing grapes!
BERNAMA, probably adept at doctoring photos have little time to read MI or blogs and thought their latest offering, quoting Looi HERE, as a scoop for BN. Good try yah, but a bit late.


Anonymous said...


why dont you move your entire family next to the toxic factory.
how much you want as monthly pay?

Anonymous said...

You're not acknowledging the systems in place at the Pahang plant. You're comparing a spring driven wristwatch to the starship enterprise - or, for whatever political reason, Chinese ree processing standards to Lynas, which really shows how informed you are doesn't it? No mention of Rhodia's operation at La Rochelle, France also, where the concentrations are multiples higher - where are the adverse health effects there? The French protest vociferously - and take to the streets in huge numbers over issues way smaller than this, which you should know. Where are they? No? They're not there because even a processing facility like Rhodia's at +15 years older is a billion times safer than Chinese production standards. Leave it. You've lost more than just supporters this week - you've lost credibility at home, and abroad. Wake up man.

Anonymous said...

Throw in all the scientific jargons you want. In fact throw in the kitchen sink as well.

Nothing speaks louder than the fact that even Australia doesn't want to process this poison in their backyard.

Economics and business 101 tells you that it is cheaper to process raw material at your doorstep and than to ship it elsewhere for processing and then take back the processed material. Why is Lynas not doing that?

Anonymous said...

He looks oddly unhealthy. Either the photographer did him a major disservice or he should see a doctor.

Ellese A said...

This is one of the most stupid dumb write ever. Employing conjecture to counter facts and think they're still right. Go check the Australian law lah.
I want to put on record that I've never encountered anyone able to explain rationally why they're objecting to lynas. All I get was pure stupid prejudices. Be it academics etc. Without fail all change their goalposts. Again I don't understand why we have so many gullible unthinking Malaysians. I can do the debate again here.

Ps please note even prior to and despite Fukushima I'm a proponent for power plant to be here in Malaysia. Secondly don't argue with this dumb question that I would move there. Of course I would. Provide me with a better income and I'll move there you fool.

Anonymous said...

The study you refer to lists the risk of rare earth miners (they are in Australia) and underground miners (not relevant). LAMP was approved in Australia not disallowed. Try something that's real next time.

bruno said...

Because it is toxic.Period.

Anonymous said...

Ellese A

Here is a conjecture for u – have u check the RELEVANT WOz laws vis-à-vis Lynas?

Similarly, I want to put on record that I've never encountered anyone able to explain rationally why they're agreeing to lynas.

Even the ‘good’ doc Looi has personally given multiple caveats about agreeing to Lynas' operation.

So, who’s full of stupid prejudices???? Who is THAT gullible unthinking M’sian???

Oh, btw, about that ‘Provide me with a better income and I'll move there you fool.’ take, tell that to those Bhopal 'DuPont' victims, ye?

Or r u going to give another conjecture about Bhopal is not the same as Lynas, both in operation & materials?

Real crappy cypertrooper of the nth type!

Go & rant at yr own blog & see how many would ever visit u, to read yr ‘intelligent’, rational & perhaps myrmidonic rants!

forexkl said...

People mahu naik pangkat in Government sector, want kick back can say anything with their Doctor, PHD, Chairman...etc macam tu tumpang naughty....Same people who thinks the world is Flat & UMNO is great God and to suggest otherwise is Heresy....

These people forgot we have Google and info is FREE.....ABU!!

Anonymous said...

This self-proclaimed expert Looi is very well regarded by pro-Lynas blogger nkkhoo who share the same stupidity.

Unknown said...

The fact is that the Lynas project is safe according to world experts. The processing plant meets all requirements.

Lynas continues to win in court because they have science and the truth on their side.

A few ignorant Kuantan residents are not experts. This is a fact.

SMSL claim that they are want clean and green Malaysia. Do they not know that to have clean and green you need rare earths?

Do you want thousands of tonnes of radioactivity and carcinogenic particles from coal power plants, or do you want a few 100 tonnes of low level radioactivity (similar to much of Malaysian soil) and have renewable energy? Choice is yours!

Also, Lynas was NEVER stopped from setting up in Australia. That is 100% lie that some people still believe. They went to Malaysia because they were invited and because it is ideally located for their product and future business.

A few ignorant NIMBY residents are no reason to stop the plant.
If the plant was dangerous or posed unacceptable risks I would agree with SMSL. But it isn't and I don't!

Unknown said...

"Or r u going to give another conjecture about Bhopal is not the same as Lynas, both in operation & materials?"


Mentioning Bhopal.

This was an accident related to chemical and poisonous gases from. Lynas does not produce fertilisers and do not have these gases . There are a few factories in Malaysia that do make fertilisers though like Dow Corning did in India. Maybe hunt these other fertiliser companies down and ask them about Bhopal. They will laugh hysterically.


If you want to draw a long bow... only comparison between Bhopal tragedy (Dow Corning) in 1980's and Lynas is that they both are a businesses, they have employees and also they are located on planet earth.

hmmmm. That is every business in the world.

Stupid ignorant fools these anti-lynas nincompoops

A Single Vote said...

Looks like all anti-Lynas' are ignorant fools, idiots and nincompoops. As smart nuclear scientists, one shouldn't waste precious time entertaining them. Only cybertoopers paid to do the job should.
By the way,we sure won't provide 'better income to move there', we've got enough parasites as it is.

Anonymous said...

anon November 6, 2012 3:34 PM,

Obviously, u know nuts about industrial process.

As a loosed screw, u obviously only think that Lynas operates purely on REO. Do u know that REO needs concentrated acid for leaching. On top of that, LAMP needs others chemical stabilizers, that's r toxic & non-environmental friendly, to 'tweak' the final REE.

So, to paraphrase u on this take of a long bow...

Now who's a stupid ignorant fool & a tail wagging nincompoop?

Unknown said...

I never thought that Lynas operate only on rare earth. Your stupid to think that!

Because I didn't write in detail you think I don't know? What a fool you are.

The process is very technical, involves several refining stages. Leaching, extraction etc etc. You can easily do the research to discover the what the process entails. Its no secret.

So as an advisor to Government on environmental issues, I think my knowledge in this area exceeds your rudimentary knowledge.

The most dangerous part of the processing in my mind is the acid leaching. However this is managed, it will be treated and neutralised before discharge. Discharge must meet licence conditions the same as any industry that pollutes to water. If any industry exceeds the limits there are penalties or revocation of the licence. This is standard for waste water treatment plants, business with emission stacks, leachate from landfill sites etc etc. GO DO YOUR RESEARCH!

As a paid Government Officer I have sampled and analysed many industrial processes. From taking samples of water, air, land, noise, to laboratory analysis and then writing lengthy reports about the findings and the effects of contaminants in the environment. You can say my knowledge blows you out of the water.

Now I think you should grab your tail and chase your own ass because I just made you look like the ignorant fool (again)

So the nuts I know is supported by a Undergraduate degree and a Masters degree in Engineering from an Australian University.

What nuts do you have? Are your nuts as big as mine?

Unknown said...

Just because I didn't write in detail about Lynas processes you think I don't know? Your just plain wrong and your stupid to assume this.

Most learned people understand the leaching and extraction stages of rare earth processing. This information is readily available to the public. Its not a secret.

As someone who has done many studies and reports on the industrial processes and the discharges to air, water and land , I think I am far better placed to provide comment in this area than you.

There are many chemicals in Lynas process, just as there are many chemicals in petroleum, fertiliser, water water treatment, potable water treatment industries. (Many more industries to name here)

Have you ever taken water, air, soil, leachate, noise, light samples from anywhere before? I think you have not.

How many reports have you written for Government relating to environmental issues?

How many environmental incidents have you reported on.

I have done wall of these and more. For the past 12 years.

So when you say I "know nuts about industrial process", my nuts are supported by an Undergraduate Honours degree in Engineering and a Masters degree in the Environment.

So are those nuts big enough for you? How big are your nuts?

Now who is the small nutted nincompoop ignoramus?. Answer: The person looking back at you in your bathroom mirror.

Ellese A said...

Let's see who is the idiot here. Amacam?

Let's start from the shipment of the materials since its from Australia. Then we go all the way to the processing.

Can anyone say what's the problem with the raw material being shipped to us. Can you outline the level of radiation it produced? Can any anti lynas proponent articulate the international standards and conventions that it falls under.

You can write anything as its an open ended question. You can use your own standards pun but don't forget my right to criticize. I'm opening my self to many things with an open ended question in the hope you have room to show how reasonable you are.

We do step by step coz anti lynas proponent without exception always change goalposts. When caught to the wall they give other unrelated flimsy angle. Amacam?

Ps. Never call or suggest me as a paid cyber trooper. Don't lie and fabricate falsehood. It's my view and I defend my view.

Ellese A said...

Hmm my earlier rebuttal did not appear. I'll rewrite in another way. Let's settle this once and for all so that layman can follow and don't get stupid argument about Australian law lah. We also go detail and see whether Chan argument is right or not? Amacam? I have my view and hold it.

My main problem is that anti lynas proponent change goal posts all the time. Some better argued anti lynas proponent knows certain arguments of their supporters are totally flawed but allow falsehood to flourish. This is wrong.

We start from the beginning. From the raw material. Chan mentions of this. I've not met anyone arguing that extraction of the raw material is against Aussie law. If so please state so. I can go there as well.

The real issue is the nature of raw material and shipment of it. Why is this dangerous? What's the radioactivity level? Does it breach any Aussie laws and international convention.

The public must understand the nature of raw material and the shipment. Then we go to the processing which the two gentlements are arguing above. Then we also go to waste management. Amacam? We start from basic due to the many falsehood being spread until we analyze chans argument. Some people are just so afraid of the unknown raw material and assume many unnecessary wrong concern. We seemed to have good engineers above so they can also explain on the technicalities. I'll try to make a layman's sense of this so that we can see how certain arguments are simply flawed.

Anonymous said...


‘So as an advisor to Government on environmental issues, I think my knowledge in this area exceeds your rudimentary knowledge.’

So, u r indeed a wagging myrmidon.

As far as REO processing goes, my ’rudimentary’ knowledge is definitely over the top of yr kangkong GIGO ‘research’ as indicated in ‘As a paid Government Officer I have sampled and analysed many industrial processes.’

Ever realized that whatever, ‘papers’ coming out from people like u CAN only be treated as afternoon tea read? The many ‘papers’ & the physical disasters occurred in the known circus, have testified this bolihland syndrome.

So don’t ever TRY to prove yrself, just bcoz u r a paid Government Advisor, completed with Master degree from Oz. Bolih ta? Try write something that academicians don't known, ok?

BTW, this is a WELL-known fact that many govt-sponsored ‘experts’ gain their takes on double extended probational course duration. Some, still dropped out, while others will be given the academic 'qualification with caveats', so that the university can spare the space/time for more deserving intakes while not offending the paying bolihland govt.

I’m definitely NOT trying to put u down, bcoz I’m.

BTW, basic+Master, minimum 6yrs in general. For u, might be more – judging from the England that u wrote, after so so many years in an English environment.

So what u wrote, I’m not surprise.Bcoz how could u understand any indept research whitepapers when u couldn’t string a rational sentence in English!

Don’t try to be a laughing stock, bolih ta? Maru s’ja!

PS ; Ellese A , have u look for the relevant WOZ regulatory papers on Lynas yet? Let me give u a hint, accumulative radioactivity concentration + raw REO + extracted REO.

There r some very interesting answers to your transportation rant!

Unknown said...

judging from the England you wrote?

How can you out me down when I've outsmarted, out articulated, and am on the side of science, education, qualifications and experience.

Your sporadic diatribe is at best a bunch if letters lately formed into incomprehensible sentences, and at worst a load of shit.

The fact that you responded like you did supports my assumptions that you are an ignoramus, unintelligent, and have no experience in these masters and that you're comments are opinion, and misinformed and malconstrued.

So I ask again, what are your qualifications and experience please.

Unknown said...

I have done all of these and more. For the past 12 years.

Unknown said...

I live in Australia. Iam Australian. We don't buy or university degrees like international students that come here. We also don't take bribes like they do in Malaysia. My long term credibility is supported by sound advice, credible facts based on science, referenced and auditable data and texts.

So while this might not mean much to you, because you are a simpleton, the aforementioned facts blow you clean out of the water.

Why are you against lynas again? Facts please. Not Fuzzy Fuziah Facts or Stupid SMSL Statements, but real scientific arguments. You can't provide these and that is what everyone is saying and thinking about a few ignorant Kuantan activists. People like you.

Anonymous said...

Another plot by BN get nkkhoo and Dr Looi to support Lynas.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my God,

An 'Ozzie' that could not string a coherent English sentence!!!!

Mine, mine! Must tell that to UiTM not to sponsor more hp6s to 'those Oz universities'. It's more money downed the drain.

My apology to the other reputed Oz universities, where I've many a good experience.

BTW, when did bolihland govt engage an 'Ozzie', like u, to do any tempatan industrial investigations?

Or r u that unemployable type that, after running foul of the mean test for dole, then crying back to bolihland to get sugardaddy's help for token handout?

Care to open another can of worm by revealing yr true identity?

Afterall, recognised credentials r anytime more genuine than claims, more so blog write-up.

Don't worry about me. I'm just an insignificant anon with rudimentary knowledge of industrial process, unlike u, a self-claimed 'big shot' with 12 yrs of experience!

My England......wakakaka, u r really one of a kind.

PS; I think u r NOT an Ozzie. There r just that many contradictions about yr Oz & M'sian stories. Not only u write badly, yr train of thought shows that u r just one of those markah tambah giat tunas, that many of the local higher institutes r famous for.

Unknown said...

P.S. Your wrong again and again. Is it genetic or something you have learned over time? Of course I'm Aussie. Who would claim to be something they were not?. Answer: anti lynas would do this when they think they are scientific in their argument.

By the way, you don't speak or write in "England" as you have written, you speak and write in English. But I will excuse you because my predictive text on my tablet sometimes changes the words as I type.

You must be an angry bapok. From the way you attempt to write. Stay thinking the way you do, your life will be directed by your flawed belief system.

By the way, I've lived in Malaysia, have many Malay friends, even celebrities on TV. I understand the ubiquitous corruption and poor education system. You're a classic example of poor education.
Why do so many Malays go to UK, USA, Australia for their tertiary education? Are they running away from a useless degree from a Malaysian university?

By the way, I'm a business man now, I own two companies having just left government 2 months ago.

thank you for calling me a "big shot", but I really don't think that about myself. It seems you recognize my talent and are intimidated. I'm no big shot but as I mentioned before I have qualification and experience in this area. You do not.

But you said it best when you agree you are insignificant with rudimentary knowledge.

Nothing more to say. You have been cooked like a chook. That's ayam mate.

Unknown said...

just to clarify, I will correct my sentences that the predictive text on my tablet stuffed up.....just to help you a little.

"judging from the England you wrote?" What kind of sentence is this?

How can you put me down when I've outsmarted, out-articulated, and am on the side of science, education, qualifications and experience.

Your sporadic diatribe is at best a bunch of letters loosely formed into incomprehensible sentences, and at worst a load of shit.

The fact that you responded like you did supports my assumptions that you are an ignoramus, unintelligent, and have no experience in these masters and that you're comments are opinion,misinformed and malconstrued.

So I ask again, what are your qualifications and experience please.November 7, 2012 9:42 AM 

Does this help your feeble mind?

So will you be at Kuantan High Court tomorrow?

zorro said...

To UNKNOWN and ANONYMOUS. I will not accept and publish future comments from both of you as your comments have deteriorated into personal attacks against each other. However I thank both of you for your earlier inputs on the post subject.

Ellese A said...


It's obvious you're not as qualified as unknown. But this should not matter had you concentrate on the subject matter rather than making it personal. Your write thus far does contain any substantive element. So please put down your argument rationally for the anti lynas movement. Many here are dependent on you.

So let's go back to the raw material being shipped. From published report the rare earth concentrate contains up to 0.19 % thorium and 0.0029% uranium. The sum of radio activity concentration is up to 6 Bq/g. All these findings are avalable in IAEA report. So what's you contention? What is the figure that you have that makes it dangerous/unsafe? Then we explain in laymen term what this figure means. Then we look at the international standards. Amacam?

I hope zorro can allow comments from both anon and unknown which are substantive.

Ps. To anon, I hope you're not going to argue any level of radiation is dangerous coz that's foolhardy. You should then ask all Malaysians not to take X-ray fly any commercial flights (to kuantan???) or even eat banana. In fact don't live on this earth. I've assumed you know the issue from your condescending write and thus my focus above on the substantive matter.

Ellese A said...

It always end like this. Still no one able to justify the stand of anti lynas movement. I think anon is still ban. So I will conclude on shipment then. The level of 6Bq/g is very low that it need not be regulated at all under international standard or convention. The lies that the raw material itself is very dangerous should stop.

Since no one is able to defend anti lynas movement position I stop here. I will repeat my statement again that so far no one has been able to defend the anti lynas movement rationally. Almost all anti lynas proponent are like anon who is not able to provide substantive argument and result to pure personal attack without more. It's a shame again.

Unknown said...

Yes Ellese A,

I don't understand the motivation of the anti lynas bunch.

There is a factory run by Petronas refining petroleum who emits carcinogenic, toxic, poisoness, and hazardous waste into the air, water and land, and its just up the road from lynas factory and its closer to the south China sea than lynas is.

There is also two new coal fired power plants being built on the peninsular that will emit much more radiation to the air. coal is radioactive and is classed as NORM just the same as lynas waste. The coal plant emits to air all the contaminants, but lynas will be storing it and then using it as road base. totally safe to do this.

Ellese A said...

Dear Anon,

Precisely on point. Can you imagine they have absolutely no issue with petchem and coal fired power plants.

The issue is pure political. Pr thought the so called radiation issue on lynas is a slam dunk issue. But as they found out its pure untrue and has been changing goal posts ever since. With this we then have many gullible unthinking partisan supporters who seem to follow PR whatever the case may be. They are the one who will resort to many name calling and ask ludicrous irrelevant question like will I move there.
And when they are confronted with irrefutable facts they simply shut their mind out. We have a valid transparent source in IAEA report and somehow they refuse to read simply because they are afraid of the truth. I call them "malas membaca".
This partisan politic has reared it's ugly head. People somehow lost the ability to think and it's compounded with "malas membaca". And worse they believe they are out to selamatkan Malaysia. Funny fellows.

Ellese A said...

My apology. The above is addressed to unknown and not anon.

wongty robert said...

After reading the views and concerns expressed by these two gentlemen, now I understand why in the developed countries, medical doctors are only allowed to prescribe medications. And pharmacists are required to check the doctors' prescriptions before dispensing. Perhaps, Dr. Looi has been too busy practising in Kuantan and read only what was put in front of him. Nevertheless, hopefully, Dr. Looi remembers his oath as a medical doctor.

Unknown said...

To Wongty,

The IAEA also has many decades of scientific studies and experiences that also support lots of what Dr Looi is describing.

Like most professionals they are liable for their advice.

I keep reading anti lynas posts who have not presented valid scientific arguments.

could you imagine what kind of world we would live in without science, but it seems SMSL have been arguing points that have over and over again been disproved.

We all know that SMSL had earlier this year and last year been informing its sorters that lynas is Nuclear power. What a disgusting approach.

Maybe next time they will learn to argue with facts and they may have had a stronger argument and they may have been taken seriously.

Their continued loss in this issue is directly related to their credibility and the information they promote.

wongty robert said...

Put it this way Unknown, no Malaysians will object to the importation of the Australia rare earth by Lynas for possessing and refining in Malaysia into end products if the source country, Australia, guarantees the acceptance of the returned residues for disposal! After all, you would not disagree if I said Australians have better laws, facilities, skills, knowledge, technologies, maintenance culture than Malaysians in the handling of these "cleaned" residues.
IAEA may have conducted many studies and experiences, then this led me to ask a stupid question, why did the Western world, especially USA, Japan, Korea or Australia, allows China to dominate the world rare earth products market and their prices? This is not their "culture" Actually, all these uneasiness would just go away overnight. All that is needed from Lynas is to secure a guarantee from their Australian government to accept the return of the "cleaned" residues for storage or disposal! To top it all, Australia has plenty of uninhabited lands to boot!

Unknown said...

I cannot speak for the Western world why China has a monopoly, it may be because they previously had the largest known deposit of rare earth and also they have cheaper labor than any western country. You should really know these facts. China is also being taken to court WTO for limiting rare earth exports and manipulating prices.

You should also know that Petronas is not required to have its waste products returned to Malaysia when they export. Other ores from other countries are not required to be returned to its source. In fact, I know of no country in the world that requires its waste to be returned to point of origin. Uranium mining is a classic example of this.

By your rational and logic would you expect the electronic goods produced in Malaysia to be returned to its origin? You might need to understand the environmental and health effects if E-waste and then tell me if its ok to return this to Malaysia.

The wastes from tin mining ores that Malaysia also exports are not required to be returned to Malaysia, they are also radioactive and contain carcinogens.

You have written very well but I am surprised by the questions you have asked as they seem very lacking in basic understanding. I would recommend you doing done more research but please make sure the information is from credible and authoritative sources.

Note: smsl is not an authorative source. Try the united nations or a similar international organization.

wongty robert said...

Unknown, thank you for sharing your knowledge, an eye opener. Never realised that Petronas after exporting its crude oil, also processes/refines them in their overseas companies! Whosh, no wonder their balance sheets were never available to the Malaysian public! Good to know that you are privy to this top secret! If you are a Malaysian from Pahang or Selangor I am certain you will be well remembered. For me, just an ordinary bloke who lives by the rule of common sense and truth (for that matter my name is real), that is, if the Australian government do not accepts the "cleaned" returns, sorry, "waste" as you put it, well, it makes me wonder, that's all! Keep smiling otherwise, it's bad for health.

Ellese said...

Sometimes the question posed is simply ridiculous. Similarly with wongty's question. Let's follow through his logic. Does that mean any country which export raw materials must take back its produced howsoever used. So exporter of coal must take back the ash waste used in other country notwithstanding the coal is used for power plants or even used for barbeque party. Why in the world the export country must take back after others used it. Similarly with our rubber, petrol or previously tin. So we sell and they use as they like and we must take back the waste!!! Sorry this is a totally stupid question. See how people change goal posts and lose all sense thinking.

wongty robert said...

Hi Ellese, Agreed, waste should not be returned to the country of origin. Just like discarded plastics, computers, cell-phones. The rules of the game, i.e. waste disposal, were decided long ago by the developed world leaders or politicians in association with their financial backers, the big corporations. And we are taught to follow these rules. But I thought the Australians-owned Lynas is only sending their soil to Malaysia for processing, refining and cleaning into rare earths product. After these final processes, these soil would be 100%cleaned. To me, these are totally "cleaned" soil. Never thought of them as waste.
Well, Lynas shareholders are kind Australian souls, they meant well by providing employment to some Malaysians, keeping us healthy and our rivers uncontaminated. Blokes like me, growing up in villages, are simple people and at times, we raised simple questions that may sound stupid but are meaningful for survival in a complicated environment.

Ellese said...

You miss the whole point. You cannot ask something unreasonable and then when people fail to do that you condemn them. This is utterly wrong.

The contention that the rules of not returning waste product are set by developed countries are not only flawed but a deceitful diversion argument again. No undeveloped country which exports raw material willingly agree to accept the waste material after its being used. You know why? It's stupidity of the utmost. So even when we export oil palm, we don't take back any waste product after its used. Not because we follow developed country's rules. It's because it's sheer stupidity to allow others use how ever they deem fit on the raw material, benefit from it and then we take back the waste. Indonesia another not developed country does that as well. They will not take back the ash we used after our BBQ or ash fly from our power plants. Comprende?

Worse of all you are now asking what happen to the Rare earth after being used by lynas. You have the audacity to condemn but don't even know what happen to it. Ini typical anti lynas rubbish. Typical malas membaca. Go read the IAEA report. Then we debate. I can understand that some people are ignorant but please how come these people are malas membaca. You go and read the IAEA report. Understand what they do in the extraction process and see what's the waste product. Sorry Robert. You write nicely but I've encountered too many anti lynas propenents who heaps expletives on me and when we go to slight detail they are ignorant simply because of malas membaca. Show me you're better than them.

wongty robert said...

Hold it, don't get all work up. We Malaysians especially the younger generation must stay healthy and uncontaminated to be the judges of today's government decisions. Agreed, science has shown us how not to fool ourselves. But nevertheless, no one should blame Malaysians for being jittery over Lynas expertise, equipment and technologies. Look, additional funding was only raised after the Malaysian court decision and this indicates that even Australia Lynas does not deem LAMP Kuantan an ordinary business!

Ellese said...

Youre moving goalpost.I will refrain still from commenting on this now.

Youve argued that based on science your queries are justifiable. I'm saying your science must be disastrous. This is because all these have been answered in the IAEA report and yet you repeat the unjustifiable and unreasonable position. But wait. May be you've not read it. Have you actually read it? This is the second time I ask. If you want, I'll take it through including the process and the waste disposal. Please own up and not divert.

Unknown said...

Robert, your argument seems to be based on politics, and the future as you see it.

Do you honestly think lynas came to Malaysia to wreak havoc and kill babies and ruin your future?

Stop politicizing the issue, understand with lynas your future will be better because rare earths are needed for a sustainable and green healthy future.

I'm not telling you this just to amuse myself, I am hoping you will start you understand this issue. I love this little blue planet we live on, that is why I am pro lynas and why I am biased to anything that benefits society for our future.

If you really want to make a difference in Malaysia, stop the palm oil plantations and deforestation of your beautiful country. This is killing the biodiversity, polluting the rivers and harming many communities.

The other thing is that you could speak out against corruption, its the primary cause of all Malaysians problems, and its ubiquitous. You must have a monumental change for the people to break this bad corruption behavior that has become endemic in your society.

Leave lynas alone, they have only done what has been asked of them and the anti lynas crew has deliberately led community astray through complete fabrication of truth, lying about science and scaremongering people who don't know any better.

Lynas is just like if you went to get a car license. You passed the test, then someone said you must do the test again. You do the test a third time and some people don't want to give you the license still even though you passed. Of course there is the risk you will crash your car or kill someone, but you have done all that is required, why won't they give you a license to drive? Sound familiar?