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Alternative title to this post is: Too many PACK Leaders or UMNO power struggle as elections loom.

Whilst all eyes are on GE-13, the stage is being set for the next UMNO general assembly, where the signal for Muhyiddin's exit is being set.
The Mahathir camp is busy working out the strategy for this shift and the Muhyiddin camp is fully aware of this danger so both sides are preparing for battle - after the battle to wrest the government of this country.
Win or lose it is rumoured that BN will seize power, if they seize power after losing they reckon this process will be much easier in an emergency-like situation, where Najib will remove Muhyiddin in favour of his not so intelligent cousin Hishamuddin Hussein the stop gap deputy, and then get Mukhriz to step into his shoes by giving Hishamuddin a position outside the Federal Cabinet.
The recent talk about Mukhriz going for the position of Mentri Besar of Kedah was initiated by the Muhyiddin camp in an effort to force Mukhriz into accepting it to take Kedah out of PR's control, and then neutralise Mukhriz' ambitions for Muhyiddin's position, the plan seems to have backfired, because according to our sources Mahathir smelt the rat as soon as he got the news and got UMNO to immediately go into damage control and deny it before it got too big. Remember this item was reported in the government backed print media, both the suggestion and the denial.
There is talk about moving Muhyddin back to Johor as Mentri Besar, and the excuse will be that UMNO and BN is losing ground in this their strongest state. Muhyiddin will be touted as the right person to handle the job and the entire supreme council will be directed to back the plan, many of its members have already been approached.
The intrigue in UMNO today is greater than the intrigue in the forbidden city during the last days of Chinese Emperors, it is a sure sign of the decline of UMNO, it's a 'dog-eat-dog' situation according to an UMNO veteran, "never before in the history of UMNO, not since Razak went for Tengku in 1969, nor in 1977 when Mahathir went for Hussein Onn in proxy be unleashing his pet Sulaiman Palestine - the then UMNO information chief has UMNO gone into such dirty politics," said this UMNO veteran whose son is a very successful Malay and UMNO sponsored businessman.
"This will be played dirtier than when Mahathir cheated in the 1987 UMNO elections and supposedly won the elections, he knew he lost so he got the judiciary into a mess, if the appeal then had gone through unhindered and without government intervention, it would have been a totally different Malaysia today, totally different, maybe not so many foreigners in our country," said this gentleman who now resides in Penang.
"Probably we will not be sitting here for a drink it could have well been in a hotel in town this may not even have been built, and I would have been able to enjoy my scotch in the open like we used to before," he said in between sips after dinner in a place at the Straits Quay.
On the other front, Muhyiddin has asked his camp to play low key, if anything has to be unleashed against Najib and his "mentor" it has to be sudden and at a crucial time in UMNO that there will not be an opportunity for the Mahathirian camp to fight back, "it should be swift and decisive, there will be no turning back, " Muhyiddin was quoted as having said.
Muhyiddin is very uncomfortable with Mahathir, and he has to watch every step he takes, he can't have his plans leaked, he seems to be doing fine on that score, but you can never tell in UMNO as Mahathir is famous for buying out UMNO boys to get what he wants, and there are people in Johor UMNO who are willing to align with Mahathir in this war.
Mahathir has the funds or at least the sources from which he can squeeze it out, Muhyiddin has his back against the wall, normally an UMNO deputy will be able to muster funds at will, but now after the Sharizat affair it has been made very difficult for him and in UMNO today as it was during the good old days of Mike Tyson it's money that talks, not Bahasa Melayu, but money talk, in UMNO Bahasa Melayu is for showtime at the assembly, it is not understood; only money is understood loud and clear in that party.
Others may support you only on condition that they'll be given a significant part in government and money machines if he wins, so it is an uphill task for Muhyiddin, but sources say he has a good following and can turn the tables-money politics or not.
The not so intelligent Hishamuddin does not have enough money to spend so lavishly to win any position, he does not have the support of the grassroots to make himself invulnerable, so he goes the way of Mukhriz, whose father and siblings together with their cronies will outbid anyone on the scene, so Hisham will play the Mahathirian plan although he hates it, like his father he will be used by Mahathir as a stop gap premier and then moved out ungraciously.
Mukhriz has been rather quiet, he is said to be actually learning the ropes, and he is rather sure of himself in the seat of the prime minister in the next five years.
Mahathir is rushing for Najib to call for the next elections and Najib is in no hurry, if he loses he will be out sooner rather than later, but Mahathir is sure to secure the government by hook or by crook and Najib knows that, if he wins he will remain for another five year term.
On the other hand Najib is banking on the possibility that Mahathir may not live till then and Rosmah may do a number on Mukhriz and get him out so there is no real hurry on the part of Najib.
What is cooking in the Mahathirian camp is so secretive that even Najib who is being directed by it does not know the real details, all he has to do is follow instructions, and for the time being he is not, not all instructions at least, this has given Muhyiddin some breathing room, with a divided Mahathirian camp he is finding it easier to move as both Najib and Mukhriz look over their shoulders.
Trying to shut Anwar out is a Mahathirian plan through and through which has the tacit support of all camps in UMNO, with Anwar out they feel they can sweep the next elections and live to fight out their own battles another day, but in politics you can never say, will Muhyiddin look at the other side in desperation. In politics as we all know, "there are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends."
So whilst they are worried about Anwar they are busy at the same time planning their own strategies in this huge UMNO power struggle.
If UMNO wins we will have another government fighting shadows and not governing, so please cast your vote wisely, PR has proven in all states they have controlled that they are capable of serving the people, so there is no alternative.


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Foo BK said...

"GO THE ABU WAY!"...yes, for sure I agree but why vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT???

I would rather spoil my vote & or just stay home come G.E. day. Doing so, am I correct to say I'm still doing the ABU way???

Anonymous said...

Wah! Power struggle in Umno!

Anonymous said...

If there's a perfect party then this world will be a eternal happy one.

So vote wisely.


Anonymous said...


Date : 9 December 2012 (Sunday)
Time : 7:00pm
Venue : Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya

Featuring : Lim Guan Eng, Gobind Singh, Nurul Izzah and Khalid Samad.

Special appearance by Juwita Suwito and Patrick Teoh.

bruno said...

One thing I know for sure.My vote is not for Umno/BN.

zorro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zorro said...

FooBK….do whatever your conscience dictates best. You could keep yourself busy now scrubbing out all the ABU graffiti and by polling day you would have worn yourself out to stay at home to improve your skills on cupcakes. If you decide to exercise your right of vote, you can ABUse your right by voting for UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan or PPP….they need your vote badly. Me, I will continue to give my Subang Parliamentary vote to Sivarasa and my Kota Damansara State seat vote to Dr. Nasir of PSM. Happy scrubbing yah?

You asked: why vote Pakatan? You have no choice but to vote for Ibrahim Ali and his associate frogs. Best you stay at home Foo.

najib manaukau said...

There will never be an end to all the shambles that are related to this grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir. He has not retired from politics, period.
The shenanigan thought he had found a puppet in AB, to avoid being indicted for the atrocities he committed as the P.M., and that as a civilian he was not responsible for any more of the crimes that are committed in the name AB as the P.M.. Just look AB he was overwhelmingly voted as the P.M. in his election as head of Umno but as soon as the shenanigan revealed that he has not retired and was and still is very much active and alive in politics, As a result AB and his team lost very badly and nearly lost the control of Putrajaya.
The people of Malaysia has had enough of this shenanigan and all his 'ideas' and suggestions, but to protect what the shenanigan and his family have stolen he remains in politics and also to avoid being indicted for all the abuses of his power as P.M.. Most people, if not all, at his age would have chosen to remain cut off from this world and especially from the world of politics and tend to the garden or play with the grand children. Instead he continues to travel extensively, especially so to or on transit to London yearly without fail to audit the billion dollars he stole and have them hidden somewhere in Europe. He might have hidden billion of ringgits but he overlooks he can't even take a single cent with him when it is time for him to meet his maker.
Whatever happens, very soon, he will always be the most hated man in the history of Malaysia and he has one very impossible things to do and that is he will not and cannot eraser the pains he has given to the millions of Malaysians.
Just like all his muslims dictators in the Arab world !

Jeremy Tan said...

Zorro.....aren't you suppose to encourage people to support ABU instead of hating it? If yes, don't you think those ABU graffiti would bring more harm than benefit?

Ask anyone out there & they would sure say those AH LONG stickers at every corner of public properties is an EYESORE. It amazes me why would ABU want to make themselves a EYE SORE in public eyes? I think ABU is pouring poison into their own drinks & I call this suicidal.

Voting for BN is of course NO WAY but NOT voting for PR doesn't mean is incorrect too. 1 party is a devil & the other is a cunning snake. I can see that you lack the ability to see things out of the box becos you will either vote for a devil or a cunning snake. As for me...I'll kill them both outright. Smart, right?

Foo BK said...

I think BN will still form the next government & we might be surprised to see they would end up doing a little bit better than what we all saw in 2008. I just hate them....I just hate BN!!!

PR will no doubt give BN a tough fight especially in urban areas. However, with the internal bickering over issues such as hudud & who should be the next PM (Anwar/Hadi) could cause a backlash to the entire party. Moreover, PR is seen to have talk more than they walk since the last G.E. without even half of a shadow cabinet being formed. This is a sign they have difficulty agreeing on many things.

Since both are kinda insecure to offer Malaysians a concrete pathway....the best would to side step them & punish them with a no win & no lose situation. Fold your ballot paper to make a paper plane & throw it into a tong sampah that have ABU stickers on it.

zorro said...

Foo....whatever makes you happy. Just glad to know that we have a common enemy UMNO but differ on the methods ot show our disgust. Thanks for the visit and comment.

Tiger said...

I think more importantly, vote bad candidates out!

BN has a few candidates who are good. (note: few)
PR has a few candidates who are bad (note: few)

Hope our voters can use their brains more to vote instead of their heart or wallet

zorro said...

Jeremy, even I will agree with you that the Ah Long stickers are an eyesore! You must know that these are paid stickers, usually dropouts or lay-abouts, who earn the extra buck in between selling pirated DVDs. Visit this link and notice how ABU’s “vandalism” is tastefully presented. They are subtly positioned for impact and creative to boot. Unless you blabbermouths can come out with a better solution and strategy, the least you can do is shaddup, come down from your shaky pulpit, collect your “pay” and enjoy a toxin flush-out dump!

You wrote: “I can see that you lack the ability to see things out of the box becos you will either vote for a devil or a cunning snake. As for me...I'll kill them both outright. Smart, right?”

Perfectly right smart ASS. God can’t even get rid of the devil and smart-alec Jeremy can! And it takes a cunning guy to kill a cunning snake, no? No matter that I do not have the ability to SEE things out of the box but I rather THINK out of the box and vamoose…..How lah to soar like an eagle when you live in a box with turkeys! Smart thinking right?

Anonymous said...

Nasi sudah jadi bubur.New government will need at least another 50 years to correct the situation.Many of those in opposition now apart from DAP at one time or other were with UMNO, icluding PAS. You want ABU it will never work.As an Eglishman will say 'you will be governed in a manner in which we deserve to ghoverned'.

Malchindian said...

Talk about connecting the dots...Enlightening read and thank you for filling in the gaps, Zorro. I just disagree with your bolded concluding line. It should have been written in the plural. It's ABU and ABAI for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Zorro. You have attracted many trojans this time, with non-UMNO names too. Go slow on them, ya. They are earning their bucks and it will be mean to send them back with their tail between their legs to their handler so quickly. They won't get paid this way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

I disagree that Najib is in Dr's team. It is actually Muhideen. Check with Ku Li he can confirm this!

Najib and his cousin Isham is going against Dr M. PERIOD!

The recent official sending-off ceremony for Datuk Ramli Yusof (X-CCID Director) is proof that Isham endorsed the event, where Ramli BASHED both of Dr M's trusted 'legal official'!

When Datuk Ramli bashed Musa and Gani in Bukit Aman compounds with the sitting IGP smiling, we know the fight is beginning.

Datuk Ramli and Datuk Mat Zain may gang up to sue both Musa and Gani. And Dr M will be unclothed!

Najib's trumpcard is his cousin Isham who holds the ISA card. And Dr M and Muhideen knows this. However, attacks on Isham has started few months ago, albeit a soft one!!

** Umno internal-infightings will always start somewhere....this time around, it is in bukit aman!**


zorro said...

Anon1003, insightful. Like my title suggest, even Cesar Millan has lost his ten foot pole because of too many pack crabs climbing up the basket to be pulled down by another crab. Let's leave that to the Crab Whisperer.

Anonymous said...

BN was awarding contracts to cronies before 308 not knowing they will lose badly. Now BN is awarding everything to cronies and collecting commission before GE13. Should BN lost Putrajaya, the in-coming government will be sued if they tried to revoke anything no matter how unfair it was awarded initially. That's how BN has been operating the last 55 years.

Anonymous said...

BN has the might of all the mass media at their disposal. It is not a level playing field. I will give the nod to ABU brings a smile whenever I see one and is a reminder that the days of the bully may soon be over.

Anonymous said...

The evil mamakthir knows his time to kick the bucket is very near. Time is not a luxury for him. He has to unsettle and highjack the UMNO hierarchy in order to set up his useless son Mukriz to be the next DPM. If the evil mamak dies before the 13th GE, then Mukriz can say good bye to all his aspirations in UMNO politics.

The evil one can go on his usual rant and try and buy as many UMNO warlords to support his son, but he won't be able to get Najib's hard core supporters as he is also loaded with the rakyat's money. The mamak's largesse may run in billions but who knows how much Najib can muster.

The sore loser is going to be Muhyiddin. If he goes against Najib and throws his support with the evil one, his goose will be cooked if Najib happens to win the 13th GE. Najib would rather choose his dense cousin as his deputy and sideline both Mukriz and Muhyiddin.
If the southern buffalo does not play his cards well, he may not even be considered MB material.

The possibility of Rosmah doing a number on Mukriz cannot be discounted altogether. What better way of disposing Mukriz than by staging a sodomy trial ala the evil one! That would be sweet revenge for everyone concerned.

UMNO politics has become very volatile with all the wealthy warlords throwing money to fight and secure choice positions. They are not wrong in doing so as it was the evil madman who first started this money laundering scheme to stay in power for 22 years.What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander! No?

Personally I would like to see the demise of the evil one before the elections so that he will go to hell without knowing what would happen to Mukriz and the illicit billions held by his sons.

What the evil one fails to realize is that the Malays are no more in dilemma. They know they have been fooled and taken for a jolly good ride by this scum from Kerala. Only the cyber troopers in his payroll and the UMNOputras beholden to him for their current positions will support his and his cause because they have no other choice.

The longer Najib delays the 13th GE, more and more nails will be driven into UMNO's coffin because the PDRM, MACC and the JUDICIARY that the mamak corrupted are working overtime to unseat the UMNO/Bn government with a vengeance.

The evil mamak made a mockery of all the institutions of good governance for greed and power to do as he pleases. Now it is payback time. Those same institutions will by their word and actions discredit the UMNO/BN government of the day.

Ring ting ting said...

With such report, Zorro has made RPK irrelevant!

Keep it coming.

Thank you zorro!

Jeyan said...

Some people go around telling is to vote for the good candidate . They say that there are good candidates in BN as well. Maybe at one time . But subsequently , years of cronyism , govt contracts and rent seeking had led to BN attracting people who want to know what's in it for them than to serve the people or ideology . 'Good people ' will never join a racist corrupt party like BN. It is like saying vote for the good people in Mafia ! If Ong tee Keat and razaleigh, Saifuddin and a few others mentioned as 'good' truly are good , they will never be associated with such a corrupt party on the first place . Voting for them will only give more seats for BN and ensure another 5 years of plunder . Not all candidates in Pakatan are going to be altruistic . At least they have shown they are capable of kicking them out like they did with zul nordin and Hasan Ali . To boot they have done a reasonably good job inthe states they are running . There are no guarantee how Pakatan will run this Country if they come to power . There are no guarantees in life . The only guarantees are death , taxes and the guarantee that another 5 years of BN will mean another 5 years of plunder while the people live in misery

Anonymous said...

This article is by toffee's turn..wonder why zorro did not give him credit?

zorro said...

Anon640pm...this was sent to me thru email with author unknown. Now that you tell me it is from T Rozario, I will acknowledge this. Thanks for the heads up. Some articles I receive are of the nature that the author prefers to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...


DOnt talk cock. ABU?? ...with UMNO gone are we going to see an end of race politics?

Ellese said...

My god. This story has no value at all and should be consigned to it's rightful place: the Garbage dump. This story is so full of unproven conjectures. I thought kids come up with this write but for zorro to print this I think many people are just gullibles on politics.

You know what. This story is totally debunked when I say dr m and tsm are in the same camp. Tsm respect and revere Dr M. And if I say its from many people within higher circles of Umno, by virtue of this write, no one can challenge me. Then this whole piece of childish write is debunked.

By the way. If you're referring to Anwar as PR leader. He is rotten and to many to the core. (we can debate here and based on substantive facts) Hadi is much much cleaner as a leader but the problem is his competency is in the like of equal to or worse than AAB. As for DAP leaders they are not Malay nor muslims and thus pkr and PAS would not support them.

Politicians are the same. We must change the incentives and disincentives in politics. We must change our systemic problems in political financing and internal election system. The values they created are rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, you are brutally frank, brunt & direct but a lot of times, that's what it takes to get the message across, especially to many numbskulls out there who, amazingly, are still blissfully unaware of the state our beloved nation is in and if it continues at this rate, how bleak it would be for the future generations. All said, many thanks for trying tirelessly to wake us up with all your extremely well articulated write-ups.

zorro said...

Ellese, boleh kah pinjam you tong sampah. Expect a followup article dedicated to you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

TWO years ago, during umno's Johore Convention in JB, Muhideen's gang challenged the MB Ghani-Hisham gang openly.

Hot topic then was the FELDA settlers said to be going beserk against the government. Najib's rep in Felda matters is a neighbour of mine. He knew Felda sentiment like the palm of his hand.

He came back from the convention aghast saying the Muhideen gangs knew nuts about Felda's sentiment! Today, what that Datuk says has been proven. Johore umno is being sidelined by the Malays with Felda settlers making the big chunk!

Last year and this year, never heard of such convention anymore!

With Muhideen's poster wanting to UNSEAT Najib BEFORE the GE 13 are out in the open, no sane mind can believe that Muhideen is NOT with Dr M!!!

By delaying the polls, Najib is defying Dr M and Muhideen.

Let's see how this two warlord will act on Najib when the time comes for them to act!

(Never forget, Musa hassan's statement last year warning regarding TWO bomb blast that will rock Batu Caves and a Chinese Temple in Penang. Said to be done by a group of religious fanatics!)

Musa gave a press conference then, when he knew his position was already shaky.



Anonymous said...

Ellese can get tong sampah from chor Chee Heung.

Anonymous said...

Umno failed the Malays in so many ways and yet the Malays were forgiving of Umno until Najib Tun Razak allowed even the prostituting of Felda – the same Felda that his late father worked so tirelessly to make a success of.

Najib used that same Felda not for the benefit of the Malays that were within Felda but for the benefits of those within Umno when he allowed the listing of Felda Global Ventures. Najib lost many Malay votes for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Ellese is just a UMNO die hard supporter and always jump to defend UMNO even though Dr M already said UMNO is rotten from top to bottom!

All his comments are to defend UMNO and attack PR, nothing more than that. By the way, he hates Anwar!

He said many bad things about MT and RPK spreading lies and never trust MT. Yet , you can see him visit MT and read RPK's articles and made comments there! Hypocrite??

sampalee said...

For me it is ABU and Also ABA [A for anwar]Every politicians cheats,the successful one are those that are not caught

zorro said...

SampaLee! Was just wondering where you disappeared to. Of course you dont have to support Anwar. That leaves you with little choice unless you fancy frolicking with Ibrahim Ali and the froggies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Blood flows in 2013?? Due to numerical theory? and Illuminati?

Ellese said...

Up to you zorro. You have been caught to spread lies and falsehood. You've not been able to justify such position. Lynas was a clear example. There were before, previous bloggers who have not been able to justify their stand and written on me before. I'm ok for you to attack me and my stand. I have defended my stand and will do the same. Personal attack will be rebutted with personal remarks. I will reply in kind.

Truth of the matter, I can and will support PR if they're willing to change for the better. Make clear what they wish to do. Differentiate their policies. But to date it's the same almost in all respect. Too much empty verbose (lying?) that convince me that we're going only to have a change in personality only. Some PR objections have been disastrous for our benefit. The etps, nkras, pengerang, the southern corridor etc etc including lynas are to name a few and these objections are absolutely shameful in wantonly disregarding our needs and welfare. The move towards generating domestic growth as opposed to dependance on external growth must be defended at all costs to me. This is imperative. PR is blur on this.
Instead, PR is actually now relying on hate as seen from above to move their agenda. This is absolutely wrong and mentally retarded. History has shown hatred politics as disastrous. And thus all wrongs being done is justified. We should be ashamed of hate politics.
The value of bn and pr are the same. Admittedly bn is far far worse in their records. But pr values from the last internal elections condoning manipulation cheating fraud etc etc says it all. And Anwar leading them will only make worse. The 98 fiasco when he pushed us to suffer so much for his and foreign interests showed how incompetent he is and even willing to betray the interest of the nation and rakyat. Bloody fool. The macro policies he promoted was absolutely bodoh. No one country now in recession (see US, UK etc) would adopt a contraction economic policy.
Whether you like it or otherwise, I can argue, BN has delivered many significant improvements in the quality of life. This is competence and people see this. PR has this opportunity. Articulate why they're better competently. Don't take us like a fool. Don't tell us you're against this and that but don't reflect in the actions. Eg. don't tell us you're against corruption and took consideration of that in your proposed budget and yet produced a deficit budget which you despised as bankcrupting the nation. I really hate this lies and deceit. Stupid moronic fools they think we are. Give something better lah. Hatred doesn't solve anything. At least a commitment to surplus budget is sensible. We are no longer stupid. There are just too many of these. Lynas another example. So is Felda, ptptn, PLUS toll issues, Islamic secular state issues etc etc.
What I want are political parties competing against each other for our benefit. Not For their benefit as we see now. This is the way forward.
I'm fine for you to support pr but don't be a blind dumb partisan supporter. Ask them to deliver. Ask them to differentiate. Ask them how they want to make us better. For example commit all to declaration of assets including family. We know bn doesn't want to do this. But pr startlah. One term already and we have no clue on pr top leaders assets. These are crucial in the fight against corruption. Show it to us. No more deceitful verbose.

zorro said...

Hold your goat (horses not appropriate in this here climate) Ellse, who said anything about attacking you? Relax boy.There was no intention to get your goat, son!