Friday, November 16, 2012



 I  don't know about you, but this would certainly slow me  down! 
People slow down and actually try to "straddle" the hole.        
This  is an actual speed control device  that is currently in use. 
 It  is MUCH cheaper than speed cameras,  radar guns, and “paying” our police officers.  











Anonymous said...


That 'device' is no different from AES. It will still cost RM300K each to purchase and another RM200K to install when the government tender out the contract.

Do you not get it after all these years???

passion1 said...

Is it being used in Penang?

The Marketing Scribe said...

Anonymous, may I know from which source did you obtain the RM330k and RM200k figures? Maybe, instead of buying 'bulk', we should invest in one or two initially to test the reactions of the road users. If it is effective, than a negotiation can take place to buy more at a cheaper price.

zorro said...

Anon657am....that will happen if purchased without open tender from a crony contractor. Do you get it?

Price,after discount ranges from rm30 to rm100 a piece according to size of potholes. I am sure you are getting it now!

Fixing is just flat rate of rm10 a piece and done by school kids now on vacation! Howzat? If you still cant get it, you might finally, by volunteering to join the kids.

elizabeth said...

In Bolehland, being cheap and effecitve are not the criteria. In fact, because this device is so cheap, it would not be considered at all. However, if the contractor propose this item and price it at say, RM50k each, it would stand a better chance.

Anonymous said...

Yes Zorro...very effective...and costs almost nothing. Another cheap option is using dummies of road kill (the size of dogs) in the middle of the road.

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

It's effective i tell you and even those on Feraris, Limbos and jags will slow down....
good and cheap instead of those fcuking millions cameras that needs TLC all the time .....
Stupid umno scums with the AES are in for a hard time if this is workable !

Anonymous said...

Natural potholes are common in Johor.

Anonymous said...

The greater danger lies in the police station.

What is wrong with this country.
Our police force is getting out of hands from beating up Bersih 2.0 participants raping detainees.

Now the police cannot be trusted just like the 1government .

Stained Window Mary said...

Honestly, I view the AES thingy as a good move. I'm confident it would help reduce the statistic of road accidents due to speeding. However, some quarters are arguing it's not how beneficial this AES thingy is but instead it's a matter of cronyism profiteering. Well, I can truly understand this.

Put it this way....politics is about 'power & money' & I'm damn sure even if PAKATAN RAKYAT become the Govt., such thing would also take place. After all, politicians need to feed in view to garner support. This apply to bith BN & PR. Do you think DAP will be that strong in Penang if Lim Guan Eng hadn't feed his crony contractors for all the mega project in Penang???

wandererAUS said...

"Speed Trap" to collect more money,
a source to feed the corrupted swines!...more "road users' donations" used as funds to purchase more untendered AES from UMNO cronies. Very convenient way to screw the rakyat indirectly.

malchindian said...

Wakakaka! really fooled me! The only limitation I can see is these need to be "planted" under a light source/lamp pole so that drivers can see them from far at night too!

Talking of speed, the boys in blue are taking to driving (2-3 unmarked and patrol cars at a time) on the opposite side of speed trap zones to catch "flashing" motorists.

Anonymous said...

must have adequate prewarning of speed limit. cannot travel for a few kms still do not what speed. know what i mean?
one example: if two lorries in slow lane you cannot see the speed limit sign. there must be a few speed limit signs at regular intervals.
example 2. i fear the speed limit "110 tamat" because what is the new speed? no one knows until you travel some kms. this is no good if the aes is here.
third example if you leave the ayer keroh toll and enter the highway. go north is 90 kph go south is 110kph. but there is no speed limit sign until some kms up or down. those unfamilar would not know the allowable speed. cant toll people show us speed limit as we collect the ticket?

Anonymous said...


Yer right! I guess I should add that Barisan Nasional people will charge hundreds of thousand for each unit of that stuff, if they are to implement this.

ANON @ 6.57 am

wandererAUS said...

It is much better to fore warn motorists where speed traps are placed in "popular" speeding roads. In Australia statistics have proven they were successful in discouraging a good number of motorists from speeding...except, speed maniacs!
The whole idea is to control speeding on the roads and not to make money for the Transport ministry...perhaps, Bolehland have a different concept!

Anonymous said...


You are disconnected with Bolehland. Your style may work in Australia but here there is a very sizable group of drivers who have no regard to traffic laws. A lot of motorists paid for their driving licence instead of passing the driving test, remember?