Saturday, November 17, 2012


 I stay clear, as often as possible, of religion in my postings. However, being a Catholic, I do take “shots” at some compromising stands taken by our religion’s hierarchy. This time around, I am making an exception because I hate bullies, who pick on women, as in Nurul Izzah. If you turn and face the other way when someone is being bullied, you might as well be the bully too, thus this posting and Edmund Bon’s revelations.

I read somewhere that when people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless. I remember a school bully living in Station Road during my early days at St George’s Taiping. He pushed everybody around, even my younger brother. We were no match as he was huge for his age. We waited for our time and used what my brother and I were good at…..our catapults. After being ball boys on the tennis court of the Kemp Club, we rested at a friend’s house in Jalan Padang. It was our day; earlier we had earned an extra ringgit each and as luck would have it we saw him cycling around the padang. One shot felled him off his bicycle and the other (we found out later on Monday in school) got him just below the temple. Dang, if it went an inch higher he would have been dead and if caught the Brothers Khoo of 729 Jalan Pauh would have been sent to the Boys Home in Tupai Road. So what happened to the bully of Station Road some ten years ago. An ambulance brought him to the Penang Lam Wah Ee hospital. He was still conscious but near death as CC described later over a few pints at the Penang Club. CC asked him, “Can you remember me CC your most favorite victim at SGI?” That would have killed him but CC’s surgical skill saved him.
Bullies usually need to make others feel insecure because they are insecure. It isn’t big to make others feel small.
It was Jim C Hines who said: “If your sincerely-held religious beliefs require you to bully children and women, then your beliefs, not your  religion,  are fucked up.”
So let’s leave bullying to bulls, blueblood or otherwise. We are humans, no?
[Updated] Some States Allow For The Renunciation Of Islam HERE


zorro said...

Sorry bogus forgot that you can be deleted as spam...kahkahkah...sorry you cannot collect any money from your handler when your comment is not posted. That is the rule I hear from an UMNO blogger friend. Good try on those familiar lines....kahkahkah!

bruno said...

Bullies only bully the weaker sex or weaker ones.They never have the balls to stand up to people of their own size.That is the reason they are called "pondans"(ackuah in Hokkien).

wandererAUS said...

Islam on the whole is a beautiful religion but, religious dickheads twisted the man made laws in that religion that it became so confusing and even at times, contradicting. Nurul Izzah was unfortunately, placed in such a position by UMNO Muslim pretenders twisted interpretation to gain political mileage. These UMNO pig arses should have their two balls castrated and roasted to feed to wanita UMNO members. Sharihat can have the honor to take the lion share of Moohuddin's.

Halo said...

Is the Virgin Mary apparition a sign for Catholics to remain vigilant during the coming GE?

Anonymous said...

Nurul Izzah for PM

Anonymous said...


Good story- have you heard the one about S'pore becoming water sufficient after Mahathir tried to squeeze S'pore

"S'pore - thanks to Malaysia's Dr M, our water industry is now worth $9 BILLION!"

Or the one about the Chinese graduate rejected from a job by his Iban interviewer because he was not a "bumi"?

He went to Taiwan to work in IT and came home rich, opened a factory and ended up employing his Iban ("bumi") interviewer who was then looking for a job after being retrenched.

He had the pleasure of reminding her what she did to him 10 years ago and thanking her for rejecting his job application but he employed her- that the difference....

What nasty things UMNO is doing to everyone including Malays is going to come back and hit it so hard one day that it won't know what happened.

P.s. the "bumi" story is not to put down the Ibans but to suggest that being a bumi does not give you special privileges anyway.

Unfortunately UMNO apartheid policies do have some support from non-Malay bumis who cannot see who is their real enemy- the Brown skin colonial masters who now occupy their country Sarawak!

Geronimo said...

Hi Bernard, glad to know another fellow Catholic like you. Today I visited the SDMC to have a look at the apparition of Our Lady. I must say it was definitely uplifting. BTW, I attend mass at St Francis of Assisi (SFA) in Cheras.

Anonymous said...

Under Najib's leadership the nation debt has gone from RM200b to RM500b. Their retort is that the economy has grown and that as a percentage of GDP it has only increased from 50% to 55% (not counting contingency)..

The point really is that given the high Malaysian growth recently, growth of debt SHOULD NOT have kept paced with GDP much less exceeded it.. Its clear indication that much of the so called ‘tranformation’ is fiscally and monetarily driven, not productivity, NOT TRANSFORMATION..