Thursday, November 29, 2012


The usually reticent PAS vice-president Husam Musa HERE said the statements made by carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan to three alternative media this week both "directly and indirectly" linked the prime minister's family to the murdered Mongolian national. He advises Najib to travel light, unload the baggage (if he is going to continue to pilot his sinking ship.) Parenthesis mine.

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JUSTUS called this morning to refer me to one of my 2009 posting on Depak. Somebody did say something about things coming full circle. This was how I ended my Friday 13 Nov.2009 posting:

 However, I have this feeling that a time will come when Depak will reveal all but only on condition that he will be protected from the First Couple! This protector has to be Jib's RIVAL. Just one of those nasty thoughts I get ever so often now. HERE


KTWong87 said...

Hmmmm.... just who is powerful enough to protect Deepak from the unelected PM and his self-proclaimed First Lady?

Muhyiddin... cannot be. Khairy... Shahrizat... Zahid... or any of the other bit-layers? Never, even if the while bunch of them ganged up together with Muhyiddin.

Such clout would require a Black Book of Sins, no? A Devil we know?

Anonymous said...

3M (Mahathir, Muyhiddin, Mukriz)coming full circle before the final blow from Pakatan April 2012


bc said...

Wow...prophetic Bro. I guess your insight into human nature is spot on. Friendships of convenience are like that. They are like gloves to the surgeon or something like that. The laws of Karma always prevail, whether you want to believe it or not. Most of us just do not have the patience of Job to see the end.

Deepak on whose head we poured scorn by the lorry loads had better be careful now. As they say, one reaps what one sows. In this case the seeds that have grown into plants that bear potentially bitter fruit.

Has Deepak gone beyond the point of no return? Or is he just taking another vehicle?

Anonymous said...

Latest deepak has said 'he will reveal more dirt under the carpet'-FMT
Is he holding out for more money? A solution to his business problems ?
Will he reveal more? The plot thickens
Its interesting how he gave simultaneous interviews to all pro pakatan news portals at the same Normally we see this kind of stuff exposed by RPK who everybody takes with a pinch of salt

Sam said...

Brother Bernard,
The most recent time I met you was at the Thean Hau temple dinner. Hope you are recovering well health-wise.
I believe in karma. With the Scorpene lawyers closing in, Ex-IGP breaking off from the mob and now Deepak spilling the beans...I really hope its retribution time for Ah Cheat Gor.
Meanwhile, stay well as we need you to "lawan tetap lawan". May the good force be with you.

najib manaukau said...

I have always maintained that for every action there will always be an opposite reaction. Therefore Najib regardless of who you called to be your false witness a time will come when you have to pay for the actions you have committed. Especially when you call on Allah to be your false witness, now it is that time ! That also goes with the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir. Regardless of what you can do or perform you will never ever get to have your son to become the P.M. of Malaysia. That is a promise I am making to you, because very soon you and your family is going to face the revelation of your hidden wealth !

Anonymous said...

Murphy's Law in play! Anything that is not Right can always go Wrong!

passion1 said...

If I were PM, I would delegate all responsibilities to my rakyat and distribute the country's wealth to them.
They will continue to vote for me, and I will govern the country by walking about.
Life is so short.Why carry so much baggage? Having the millions, but cannot enjoy them happily, is not LIFE.

Anonymous said...

Just another Pakatan ploy to scuttle UMNO's big victory coming soon.
Typical loser mentality. Mr Deepak is being made use of.
Suddenly the hated ex-IGP, is now your friend, Uncle Zorro.
Old man like you and Din Merican tend to forget. Mudah lupa like Mahathir says.

patrick said...

Weekend laughs, "God's with utusan"(Shahrizat),
"God chose UMNO"(UMNO Youth info chief,Reezal)

Anonymous said...

Now Shahrizat is palying the May 13 racial card to scare the chinese of riot if Umno is to lose?

Anonymous said...

The PM should have the gut for Debate with PR leader DSAI about Policy for Rakyat . This is something like US and lead people decide on the vote. Until today, I have never even have chance to see this type of debate like Ombama and Romney recently. Common..lah, Mr PM don't just talk in your our party meeting. If your Policy is good and there is no hidden agenda, why worry about the debate and let rakyat decide. It is just like cheating his grassroot in UMNO and they have been cheating the members for >50 years. Wake Up Malaysian...

zorro said...

Anon1027pm, Ex IGP my friend. Show me where I even intimated that he is a friend! Who is the second rat in my "Abandon Ship" posting of Wed. 28 Nov.Din Merican and I may be old, but our heads are screwed on far at least. You need to get your head examined and your eyes aligned. Sure you don't need help?

Anonymous said...

When a person dies without her body whole, she cannot rest in peace and go for reincarnation. Hence, she stays in limbo in the netherworld lamenting her cruel fate. Her wandering spirit continues to roam Malaysia, seeking vengeance on those who bring her this fate.

Navi said...

There is an interesting take on the Finance Twitter on this. Happy reading.

Anonymous said...

Let's fulfil MB Adnan's wishes to have his ears cut off at Engtong.