Friday, November 30, 2012


“I for one would rather have a PR that is chaotic than live under a BN rule where bodyguards kill without motive, or where witnesses are forced to leave the country to save themselves. No democratic government anywhere in the world could have survived the kind of scandals we have witnessed under Najib’s rule. There is no greater ill than the obstruction of justice, especially when it is perpetrated by those in the higher echelons of power.”  - Zaid Ibrahim.


joehancl/PRAY, it works said...

RIGHT ON Zaid, now you are talking. Let us not be afraid of change. Life itself is always changing. God willing (Inshah Allah) we will have a better Malaysia, a better life for the rakyat.

bruno said...

BN will be creating history next year.By being the longest ruling gomen on this planet,to hit the floor,out cold for the count.TKO?No,a total KNOCK OUT.

Anonymous said...

Ha Zorro, I see you have ran out of things to write and have to resort to hosting your fren, Zaid.

Too bad, your fren Zaid no longer has any credibility. Now he will write how bad BN is but I betcha, pretty soon you will see him kissing Najib's hand in a public function.

Be careful he may turn around and not be your fren some day.

new fart said...

Fully agreed with Zaid! Give PR a chance as they can't do any worse, can they? It's time for a change!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Zaid. Not to be trusted. I respect the Alam Flora man better.
Zahid Umno, Pakatan, Umno, Kita, partyless, anything goes.
Who cares what he says. No credibility.

Mek Kelate

Ellese said...

This guy is funny. Wasn't he kicked out by pkr due to fraud manipulation forgery and deceitful election by the maestro. He has forgotten these injustices ke?

Zaid has no political credibility anymore. And it says a lot for people who hang on him. We should not be so desperate in our fight to follow any stumps especially the deadwood.

zorro said...

Anon1150pm....Zaid smells better than you...and moreover he has a are faceless, why? Anyway go collect your silver pieces and be happy.

zorro said...

Ellese, you got facts wrong. He left PKR and was not sacked. I was present when he announced that. I admire Zaid, I'll have you know. I like his fighting spirit. He trips and falls like we all do.... but he gets up. The Hokkiens says it well...Pak See Beh Toh. You say he has no political credibility, but one thing he has is HONESTY and INTEGRITY, a rather rare commodity....he goes by a name and not a pseudonym, LS eh? Jingle, jangle, jingle!

najib manaukau said...

At least this Zaid Ibrahim has the audacity to say and admit what millions of those still staying in Umno dare not. Worse still asleep because of the crumbs and hand outs that the big boys like the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir have given them to shut their mouth and above all put them in an illusion. Even after 55 years the nation not only has not moved forward, instead Malaysia is struggling in the third world and in debts to the tune of billions or trillions. Yet so many millions are still living in these shambles not a single day would go by without a scandal of some sorts happening. These Umno morons are still clinging on to the false believe that the morons are implementing the NEM (not enough money) to help the poor Malays. When in actual facts people like the shenanigan Mahathir has hijacked the aims of NEP for his own benefits. Why is it since the start of NEP in 1969, after 43 years of the formation of this policy there are still so many poor Malays when the morons within Umno have become multi millionaires or even billionaires ? Yet they are still begging to be given another term to continue to rob and still. Haven'y the Malaysians had enough of their lies, deceits and frauds ? The opposition captured five states in the last election and not a single one of four states now in the control of the opposition has gone bankrupt as claimed by Najib. In fact it is even gathering momentum and no doubt the opposition party will capture even more states in the coming GE.
This thought of being kicked out of the ivory towers is no only giving these morons in Umno night mares and they are now trying to frighten the Malays using all sorts of reasons to do so.
The truth is it is time, even though it is late but it is better late than never so just make sure you cast your vote to have these scumbags and parasites removed in the coming GE !

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

What party he represents is not crucial.
There are some BN's own people that are saying the same thing as Zaid.
Zaid is speaking from the justice point of view .
Can't we agree on this?

Anonymous said...

Very well summarised najib manaukau! If only this short message can get into each and every kampong in the country!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Z, Enough is enough! Our citizens deserve much fresh air rather than too long (55yrs) of stale and stinking foul air. It's better late than never.Cheers!!

Ellese said...

Dear Zorro, you're right. It's incorrect of me to use kicked out. Perhaps a better word for Zaid was colloquilly phased out or butt out. He had to resign coz he was losing big time already by then. Anwar and Azmin played a most hideous fraudulent election in our history.
Anyway please check his credibility among those in the legal fraternity before his elections. Check out his history. Yes he build the biggest law firm, but check out his individual reputation. He's not so much a principled person as you had thought.

Anonymous said...

Screw BN

Malchindian said...

funny, the legal eagles I fraternise with say otherwise. Well said, Zaid. Now lead the change starting with the AG.
And on a different note it was educational watching the umno GA Zorro. Never mind content. The clever camerawork caught the insolent few, the chewing herd, the sleeping duo, the nose digger, rocks-mah the litterbug and the the octogenarian perched up high from his production roost.

Ahmad Sobri said...

MCA/MIC/GELAKAN all depended on our 1Malaysia PM to win votes for them, but, what happened in the last few days plus the lack lustre UMNO Assembly had made Najib realized that it is an insurmountable task for him to win the election for UMNO/sycophants!

Now is the time to bring in Mahathir, but, can Mahathir do it? Mahathir is not even contesting, and how many Mahathirs are there in Malaysia? What is Mahathir's influence over present days voters? What about the 2.9 youths who are first time voters?

While Mahathir will be able to influence the voters slightly, it is not enough to offset the anger in Sabah, where Project M has become a rallying point for all Opposition. That is the worst of the Mahathir regime? Where PTI is more than locals? Where our citizenships, passports are given away so freely to anyone who wants it as far as the vote for BN?

Malaysians MUST vote for change in PRU 13! We cannot possibly continue with a Government where its top officials are all so embroiled in corruptions? Even Mahathir once said, "UMNO is rotten to the core"? Do we have a chance with UMNO folks?

Selamatkan Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

'Red Tomato' is MCA newsletter distributed free to influence young voters. Read for fun and recycle the paper for $.

Anonymous said...

Zaid may not know how to play politics but his sense of justice and fairness is commendable.

He will go down in history as the Law Minister who has redressed the injustice done by the government in the sacking of the Lord President Tun Salleh Abas in 1988 after which our judiciary came under the control of the executive.

He will have my vote any time.


Ellese said...

Zaid sense of justice?? He capitalized fully being bumi and got rich by that and now condemns it. Come on we're not born yesterday.
If you're principled you must be from day one. It's not about being selectively principled or principled when you're at a position of comfort. Someone who puts rm above else cannot be called principled kan? If that is the case then many Umno leaders are principled.