Wednesday, November 7, 2012


While Mizi Rahim, Muhammad Izuan Zainuddin, Azuria Camalia Camel, Farah Koh and Jamie Tan Jia Nee - flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur while Fairul Ghani and his wife, Irma Ibrahim, flew from Auckland, to participate in the New York Marathon. Superstorm Sandy dictated otherwise and our seven UGLY MALAYSIANS  went on a whining whirlwind.  BERNAMA scavenged on the “plight” of the seven and the STAR gave it prominence, HERE.

This absence of empathy at such a difficult time for New Yorkers elicited this response from Malaysian DEBORAH AGUSTIN:
I AM a Malaysian student in New York, and I was disgusted to read the article titled, “Malaysians’ NY marathon preparations go down the drain with Hurricane Sandy” (The Star, Nov 4).
I find it in extremely poor taste publishing a report focusing on how a natural disaster inconvenienced seven Malaysians in light of the damage that Hurricane Sandy has wreaked on the city of New York.
While the Malaysians interviewed were disappointed that “nothing is functional”, they were able to leave and did not have to endure the worst of the damage.
This attitude shows a complete lack of empathy, especially in light of the death toll that presently stands at 42.
While these Malaysians are comfortably at home, millions of New Yorkers are facing loss of income and personal property, lack of clean water and food, and the emotional damage that accompanies a catastrophe like this.
What is even more shameful about this story is that none of these Malaysians thought of making the best of an unfortunate situation by volunteering in the relief efforts as many other would-be marathon runners from around the world did.
It reflects poorly on us as a nation that these Malaysians chose to complain about how they had been inconvenienced.
DEBORAH AUGUSTIN, Bronxville, New York

When a University in New York was cleared for resumption of classes  the President mobilized its students to distribute food from their cafeteria to those who were stranded and cared for the disabled and infirmed. 

I always reserve respect for marathon and long distance athletes, a very lonely exacting discipline. I appreciate their dedication and sacrifice but I believe that we as a nation have missed out on core values, one of which is empathy.


Anonymous said...

I would'nt mind if the complains were from know this not good or comfortable???but this malaysians behave like pariahs when they should have realise its mother nature unfortunate work...This morons think that fcuking race could be theirs....and never a kind thought on the suffering people of New York.This are the winners to represent bolehland thats it.They should have stayed for the kampong race.....

Anonymous said...

Ugly indeed. Have some common decency. SHAME on the 7 of you

Pak Zawi said...

I blame it on the paper for highlighting such comments from these ugly Malaysians. Don't they know such write ups could bring negative sentiment towards Malaysians?

Do it now! said...

Pak, your comments show that you condone the culture of covering up what has gone wrong. Our society should pay more attention to inculcating compassion and empathy. It's never too late. Start now. Stop thinking negatively and get on it, NOW!

backStreetGluttons said...

The fact that they can find the time, effort & $$$ to fly halfway round the world for this Xtreme form of self gratification [or issit torture] says a lot about their inner {mis}motivation.

Not surprised they blame Sandy but shud hv at least tried to show decency to offer help

Anonymous said...

tiu UMNO mentality.
next time, they cry and ask for mmore money.

bruno said...

The marathon have over 40,000 thousand participants.Runners from all over the US to Europe and around the world.Out of these 40,000 they have seven crybabies,about the cancellation of the marathon.

These seven crybabies can go sight seeing.Thats what they are here for,the same reasons other tourists are doing.Or they can go shiok sendiri among themselves in the city's backlanes..Who cares what cheap publicity they are after.Stupid dumb assholes.

Anonymous said...

Dr M admits nepotism?

Anonymous said...


shanghaistephen said...

same sicko attitude when someone drew an "Ultraman" cartoon during the Japanese tsunami. And they thought it was funny ! Sick Malaysians...and not that they can ever come in the top 10 in any marathon both here and abroad. Who sponsored these sick 7 for the trip, anyways ?