Saturday, November 3, 2012


HSBC has reportedly come under fire from activists over its alleged support of companies suspected of unsustainable logging and other environmental transgressions in Sarawak.
According to an article in The Economist today, an international campaigning group Global Witness has released a report that puts the bank in the spotlight for doing business with a number of companies that have allegedly failed to meet the bank’s green policies.
Global Witness has identified six HSBC loans totaling $25m to non-compliant Sarawak loggers, made since the bank introduced its forest policy announced in 2004 that it would not do business with companies who do not make “reasonable efforts” to comply by 2009 the REPORT stated.


Anonymous said...

Produk AYAMAS Mengandungi Chloramphenicol!

The Sarawak Government last Thursday, to ban the import of the product with immediate effect, following tests which detected the presence of chloramphenicol. The antibiotic is used to treat bacterial infection which could be harmful to health.

wandererAUS said...

Can anyone expects to see bankers having conscience and high morals?...that will be the day. Like they say, "If you owed the bank one million, you are in trouble. If you owed the bank 100 million, the bank is in trouble" So screw them...if you can.

Victor Lim said...

Which country has had only one political party in government for more than half a century?

Which country allows the government to use public funds for political purposes?

Which country uses the Police to beat up peaceful protestors and corner them when they have already dispersed?

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Which country but Malaysia!

Daisy said...

As far as BN's leaders are concerned, corruption is the norm.They breathe in corruption, eat in corruption and sleep in corruption.They do not know how to survive without corruption.It is their way of life.If there is no corruption for them and if the relevant authorities don't sing to their tune, these god-forsaken group of corrupted people will make life miserable for those concerned. That's the message they proclaim loud and clear. They are unprincipled and a shameless brood of beings that even those on death-row are angels compared to them! Let's not fail to boot them out at GE13!